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Catalase lab sj

  1. 1. ProteinDenaturation:an examination of the critical enCatalase
  2. 2. London, November 29 2010 - UK Meteorological Office researchers haveshown that the world could warm by 4 °C by 2060, devastating much of theAmazon rainforest and changing living conditions throughput the world
  3. 3. Climate change and an EXPLOSION in human population fueled by the rapid consumption in fossil fuels (7 billion people On Earth estimated this 2012) are Inexorably linked
  4. 4. agree that increasedScientistsEmissions from carbonbased fossil fuels into the atmosphere will result in devastating ecologicalshifts throughout the globe Polar ice caps are melting Sea levels are rising Oceans are becoming more acidic Extreme weather events such as heat waves, hurricanes and, most perniciously, drought are becoming more common place
  5. 5. Photo taken on Feb. 24, 2012 showscracked land in a pond at FanglangVillage in Malong County of southwestChinas Yunnan Province. A brutaldrought has wracked the province sincelate last year, leaving at least 3.15million people without sufficientsupplies of drinking water as ofMonday, according to governmentstatistics. (Xinhua/Lin Yiguang) DROUGHTwill become more frequent and commonplace
  6. 6. Extreme DROUGHTn Kenya has displaced more than two millionpeople, put 12 million more inneed of immediate food ssistance and has killedmore than 30%of the county’s cattle- ompletely devastatingribes whose main source of wealths measured in heads of attle These cattle died when biological functions could no longer be sustained because of extreme conditions
  7. 7. .Metabolic enzymes function best in aqueous, bufferedsolutions with a constant body temperature of 37degressCelsius.Their viability under extreme conditions is important tounderstandThe process of protein/ enzyme breakdown is calledDENATURATION… The reactivity of catalase is highly visible
  8. 8. Objective: Students will examine the effects of extreme conditions on biological molecules They will formulate their own experimental designs and submit their reports for peer review. Process: Students will examine the reactivity of the enzyme Catalase a critical enzyme involved in removing toxic hydrogen epoxied – a poisonous metabolic by product.2(H2O2)----catalase---- 2H2O + O2
  9. 9. Students will have the opportunity toexamine catalase reactivity using potato(a rich source of the enzyme and muchneater to work with than beef liver another rich source) of theThey will pick 3 of the 4 conditions to examine Temperature extremes (freezing vs. hot) Hypertonic (salt) solution vs. control Dehydration vs., control Acidic or basic conditions Reactivity of catalase under different extremes
  10. 10. Students will work independently while being ‘linked up’to a group of 3-4 studentsThey submit lab reports for peer reviewwhere theirmethodologyexperimental designconclusionswill be assessed in a manner similar to the process thatScientists engage e in.