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Beast b

  1. 1. By: THE X-FACTOR GROUPTariq, Nancy and Sandra
  2. 2. He answers our call to DEFEND the human race WHENEVER he is need
  3. 3. People judge him…. Because Thefirst thing they seeIs his faceand his skinAnd they areafraid
  4. 4. Before he was born his father was exposed to nuclear radiation from thepower plant where he worked… His Dad was lucky to survive
  5. 5. His parents told him what had happened…... Indeed there had been some “abnormalities” … But it wasn’t important they loved him no matter what. He was a genius. He developed a superior intellect despite his bizarre physical traits
  6. 6. As he grew older ….. people saw him as a FREAK!
  7. 7. What happened to him? As with anyone, each andeveryone of his cells has a unique blue print known as DNA THE NUCLEUS : Contains genetic material or DNA
  8. 8. DNA makes us each unique Our DNA generally exists loose diffusely spread out in the nucleus. When there is cellular replication it coils into a tight structures called a chromosomes.Your DNA (genotype) is the blue print that tells your body what it will look like( phenotype)
  9. 9. DNA consists of Base pairs linked by weak bonds A=T C=T Is enough to define the physcial structure of any living creature
  10. 10. The Beast Isolated his DNA he found mutations in his it that unlocked with in him Unique and strange abilitiesToday YOU willextract your own DNA using simplematerials Just like he did….
  11. 11. DO IT NOW: Using materials before you EXRACT YOUR OWN DNA ZHP4Prepare the 0.9 percent salt solution (2 teaspoons of table salt dissolved in 1 quart/liter ofwater)Pour 10ml of salt solution in Dixie cups; one for each studentPrepare 25 percent detergent solution (1 volume of detergent mixed with 3 volumes ofwater)Fill large labeled test tubes with 1 teaspoon (5ml) of detergent solution; one for eachstudentFill labeled test tube with 2 teaspoons (10ml) of rubbing alcohol and seal; one for eachstudent. Store in the fridge. The alcohol needs to be cold for the extraction to be successful.Prepare a tray with materials for each pair/table or set-up another procedure to hand-outmaterial to students.
  12. 12. Questions Experiment with other DNA sources. Which source gives you the most DNA? How can you compare them? How would finding out about the Beast’s mutations help him?