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Beast a


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Beast a

  1. 1. We all agree… It’s time for thinkin’ outside of the box…. Tariq had a plan…… Let’s use fantasy……
  2. 2. By: THE X-FACTOR GROUPTariq, Nancy and Sandra
  3. 3. He answers our call to DEFEND the human race WHENEVER he is need
  4. 4. People judge him…. The first thingthey seeIs his faceand his skinAnd they areafraid
  5. 5. Before he was born his father was exposed to nuclear radiation from thepower plant where he worked… His Dad was lucky to survive
  6. 6. His parents told him the story…... In fact, there had been some “abnormalities” But it didn’t matter they loved him no matter what. He was a genius. He developed a superior intellect despite his bizarre physical traits
  7. 7. As he grew older he changed….. A Lot!
  8. 8. He can find PEACEno where Now, he is tired- He wants to know why he is this way Let us help him understand The biological reasons he Is the THE BEAST….
  9. 9. The Cell : Contains genetic material known as DNA
  10. 10. There are two kinds of cell division Mitosis and MeiosisIN Mitosis cells make copies of themselves ( think of cancer or growth) If you were born with a mutation what would happen with mitosis?
  11. 11. DO IT NOW:Using modeling clay pretend you have one DNA strand undergoing mitosis
  12. 12. Meiosis is different1. It involves only sex cells (gametes) like sperm or ova2. Genetic information gets switched around two times. Once during a process called crossingover and again when chromosomes line up during replication to split into two distinct cellsCrossing over helps ensure genetic diversity in a community which, in turn ,improves chances for viability
  13. 13. Meiosis: Step by StepSomewhere in this process Hanks Dad’s genes were altered .These changes were captured within one of his sperm as a genetic mutations.These genetic mutation are what is responsible for the strange traits the
  14. 14. Do it now