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Hi TL friends, I'm Sandra.

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Tl hello

  1. 1. Teaching and Learning: Fulfilling a dream of being a science teacherSandra Jacques, Empire State College, Spring 2012
  2. 2. I am in awe of nature and scientific inquiry atoms are mostly empty space people are right now trying to figure out dark energy and dark matter mitochondria are at work in each of the billions of cells in my body allowing me to do workI want to translate the excitement I feel into effective science education in and out of the classroomTeaching science as a means of social justice I want to participate in a process that takes young people with limited prospects and transforms them into individuals with opportunities and aspirations for bright futures.
  3. 3. How canteachershope toprepare kidsANDprovidethe besteducation for a new generation?
  4. 4. Teachers are vital part of a child’s world Safe HomeNeighborhood Community: Clean a feeling ofEnvironment security Facilities Positive World View Self Confidence Dedication Good Coping Strategies Family Relationships: Friends a feeling of self worth Teachers Teachers must be well informed, patient and have high expectations
  5. 5. Getting Started: Doing a print screen
  6. 6. II
  7. 7. Setting up Second life Should I feel weird that I have a big cat head and no hands?!Sandra and her first trek intoSecond Life
  8. 8. Here is Sandra feelin’ a little bit more confident about stuff You know (NOTE TO SELF: Where am I?) what? I kinda like my big cat head!
  9. 9. OMG! I gotta get back into school mode!After many weeks ofbreak things are startingto really get busy again!
  10. 10. Looks like Sandra is ready to learn moreabout teaching science effectively and is wanting to make new friends! Don’t worry! I don’t bite!
  11. 11. About Me, Sandra:-Wife of twenty years to a fantastic person! Family is what its all about!-Graduated from UMass Boston 2010 with a degree in Biochemistry-Hope to teach Biology and Chemistry-Worked for 19 years in human services with emotionally/physical/ mentally challenged children and adults-I think Science is Awesome!! But I need to know more about howreally reach out to kids and help them to realize how fun sciencecan be.
  12. 12. 4 great reasons towake up in the morning
  13. 13. Paramecium Feeding! Cool! !!Can’t wait to get started