Samantha Maxwell Senior Project Work Log Photos

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  • 1. Project PhotosSamantha Maxwell
  • 2. This was the day that I asked John Cutsinger (left) to be my project facilitator. We discussedideas and certain design elements that I might use in creating my projects.
  • 3. In this photo, I was working on some preliminary designs. My facilitator is seen in thebackground.
  • 4. This is a picture of me at theArt Institute of Chicago where Ilearned about the influence ofcertain visual artists on thedevelopment of graphic design.
  • 5. This is the first project Icreated. It is a poster for afictional coffee shop that catersto young, busy patrons.
  • 6. This is the first business card I designed. The biggest challenge was finding out how to make itthe correct size for printing in InDesign.
  • 7. I created a poster for the fictional coffee shop. My focus was on clarity and product recognition.
  • 8. This is the second poster Icreated. Tea staining thebackground took several tries.
  • 9. This is the second business card I designed. The background is lighter to make the small typeeasier to read.
  • 10. This is a ticket to match the “Roots” project. Once again, the background is lighter to make forenhanced clarity.
  • 11. This is the third poster Icreated and the one Iultimately decided would lookthe best printed.
  • 12. The last business card I designed took significantly less time than the other two due to the factthat the technology had become easier for me to use.
  • 13. This is a picture of the cup I designed for a fictional fast food restaurant. It was very difficult tocreate this template and it was definitely the most challenge project I worked on.