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Art for Work's Sake


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Fostering Creativity and Developing Leadership in the Workplace Using Artistic Practice

Published in: Business, Education, Technology
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Art for Work's Sake

  1. 1. Art For Work’s Sake Fostering Creativity in the Workplace Using Artistic Practice -----A Workshop Facilitated by Doug Shaw
  2. 2. Creativity is Hard In preparing this workshop, and exploring why companies want creativity and innovation but most don’t get it, I’ve drawn on research from: Brene Brown Sir Ken Robinson Gordon MacKenzie And more
  3. 3. Drawing For The Bin A simple way to help people gain the confidence to draw and paint is to encourage them to draw for the bin. Once the workshop is finished, all the drawings and paintings get thrown away, unless you really want to keep them of course. This helps people get over their learned fear of drawing and get on with making useful stuff happen.
  4. 4. Starting With Doodling Hand sketching is an aid to many essential skills including: Concentration Idea Regeneration Problem Solving Memory Enhancement Sketching and doodling often takes a different path than words on a page, opening up more possibilities.
  5. 5. Spontaneity As we discussed doodling in the workshop – the subject of trees randomly came up. I drew the tree on the left then pressed it against the paper to get an impression from which to draw another tree. Using one image to inform another. Other drawings and threads in the conversation emerged around roots and branches supporting successful businesses and teams.
  6. 6. Overcoming Fear The conversation continued and the offer was made to draw at a large scale, on a huge roll of paper. We decided to overcome our ‘Fear of the Long Roll’ and give it a go. We also decided to contrast big with small and make some postcards too. These smaller images would help us recall some of our ideas from the day, at future dates. This fear painting was destroyed, no more fear today!
  7. 7. The Big Picture Collaborating and sharing Using a wide range of materials, some familiar, some less so. Use the best tools for the job.
  8. 8. Postcards Portable and personal images from the workshop designed to trigger memories and actions.
  9. 9. Mark Making As we worked, we briefly explored mark making, a simple way to help visualise ideas. Using symbols and shapes to help represent your business is an interesting way of helping get clarity around your brand and strategy.
  10. 10. Abundance In three hours, we generated an abundance of ideas to help make work better. We experimented with materials we had not used for years, and in some cases never used before. We created a safe, supportive space to explore ideas. We challenged each other. We had fun.
  11. 11. Feedback The opportunity to try out new things I hadn't used before made it exciting. I had such a great day, got me thinking about how I would use art in a work situation - team meetings, 1:1 coaching, vision / strategy sessions. It seems I can draw. Despite 20+ years thinking I couldn’t, it only took 60 seconds to realise I can! Thanks for a very enjoyable workshop.
  12. 12. Art For Work’s Sake Fostering Creativity in the Workplace Using Artistic Practice -----Contact Doug Shaw for your workshop What Goes Around -