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40 tipsforsalesleaders

  1. 1. amazing40Tips for Sales Leaders
  2. 2. Based onKyle Porter’s101Tips ForThe Next Generation Sales Leader
  3. 3. oneEvery lead you eliminate from your list is avictory, because it means you won’t bewasting your time.“
  4. 4. twoIf you’re not getting rejected, you’re not reallyselling.“
  5. 5. threeBe pleasantly persistent; be respectfully blunt.“
  6. 6. fourThere are people right now on LinkedIn whoare right for your offering, but you’ve neverheard of them.“
  7. 7. fiveSales analytics and sales intelligence will bethe hub of any sales organization.“
  8. 8. sixEvery minute spent sifting through searchresults is one minute not spent selling.“
  9. 9. sevenThe greatest product your company has tooffer is a well informed employee.“
  10. 10. eightA smart salesperson listens to emotions notfacts.“
  11. 11. nineDon’t be a crocodile salesman,“big mouthand no ears.”“
  12. 12. tenGet all your negatives on the table. Omittingthe negatives is no longer a viable salesstrategy.“
  13. 13. elevenObjections are a gift. It’s the customer tellingyou something that will help you sell tothem.“
  14. 14. twelveOpen a sales call with a smart question.“
  15. 15. thirteenThere’s no sales message so perfect it can’tbe improved.Try to make yours better,shorter, and more effective.“
  16. 16. fourteenCustomer loyalty, it turns out, is more afunction of how you sell than what you sell.“
  17. 17. fifteenNothing gets sold until trust is establishedbetween buyer and seller.“
  18. 18. sixteenLet your customers know you prize referrals,which you’ll earn by providing excellentquality products and services.“
  19. 19. seventeenPeople won’t give you referrals unless youdeserve them.“
  20. 20. eighteenIf you can make them laugh, you can makethem buy.“
  21. 21. nineteenA mediocre idea that generates enthusiasmwill go further than a great idea that inspiresno one.“
  22. 22. twentyDo SOMETHING that makes you stand out.“
  23. 23. twenty-one“Identify which companies are growing, then sell tothem.
  24. 24. twenty-two“Spend less personal time on each sales cycle soyou can balance more cycles at once.
  25. 25. twenty-three“Don’t disqualify ideal prospects until you get a“no” from the decision maker.
  26. 26. twenty-four“Delighting customers is knowing who they areand what they like.
  27. 27. twenty-five“ Use Rapportive. It rocks.
  28. 28. twenty-six“Salesmen will need to adopt new tools andprocesses that eliminate bottlenecks and leadthem to success.
  29. 29. twenty-seven“Communication and rapport never happen withoutan investment of time and research.
  30. 30. twenty-eight“Minimize the cost by breaking it down todollars per day.
  31. 31. twenty-nine“When handling objections be careful not topounce, be glib, argue or “score points.”
  32. 32. thirty“Most companies focus more on featuresand less on benefits.
  33. 33. thirty-one“Customers seldom buy unless they perceivethey have options.
  34. 34. thirty-two“Start small by sharing your knowledge of theindustry, providing what’s best for the company, andstaying in touch with them.
  35. 35. thirty-three“Make sure your presentation is superb in eachmedium- practice and research are vital.
  36. 36. thirty-four“Communicating deep product and industryknowledge helps navigate prospect objections best.
  37. 37. thirty-five“Knowing the obvious: the person’s company, position,url, and product is only the beginning.
  38. 38. thirty-six“Times are changing rapidly, the buyer’s different, theinformation about your perspective customeropportunity has exploded.
  39. 39. thirty-seven“Staying positive allows all other skills todo their magic.
  40. 40. thirty-eight“Determining who will buy your product is arguablythe most important step to great selling.
  41. 41. thirty-nine“A perfect demo tells a story, with a beginning,middle, and end.The prospect is the hero, not you,and not your firm.
  42. 42. forty“Truth is the most persuasive form of marketing.
  43. 43. incredibleuse these tips and become anSales Leader
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