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PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking
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PHP 2 8 2011 Social Good Social Networking


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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  • Combine and make 3 sentences with supporting points Add from the survey
  • Magazine - apostrophe
  • y? Most of us do that quite often. Designing a Twitter campaign that both promotes a brand effectively and fits the platform can be challenging. Instead of trying to change the way that people use the platform, a team of two devotes its full-time efforts to seeking, responding to, and relieving irritation across Twitter, much of which is conveyed using Edge’s #soirritating hashtag. Edge responded with the gift of a Spanish/English dictionary. In about three months, @EdgeShaveZone has gathered about 1,500 followers, the #soirritating hashtag has been used about 6,800 times, and attention from numerous media outlets has contributed to mounting buzz — all of which likely contributed to Edge’s decision to continue the campaign throughout 2011.
  • NonprofitsCauses provides the most comprehensive and effective tools for nonprofits and activists on Facebook.  Using the tools on the Causes application, nonprofits can build communities of supporters, conduct fundraising campaigns, circulate petitions, build volunteer capacity, and more.  These tools are free and allow nonprofits not just to build a big list, but to empower everyone in your cause community to take actions, get friends involved, and expand your reach as an organization through your supporters’ social networks.  Read on to learn how nonprofits can use Facebook to its fullest potential as an organizing tool.  If you have a specific question, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us at 1. Sign into Your Nonprofit Partner CenterSign into your Nonprofit Partner Center at to access the free tools we’ve built just for nonprofits on Facebook.  If you’re not a partner yet, just fill out the quick application at  Learn what’s in your Partner Center and how to thank donors, see donor contact information, create fundraising campaigns, and more.Step 2.  Start a cause!Once you are a partner, don’t forget to start a cause.   The cause is your community of supporters on Facebook – it’s what you use to recruit supporters, fundraise, post videos and pictures, and more. Make sure to check out our Get Started on Causes best practices help for tips on how to create a good cause.Step 3. Link your Facebook profile to your nonprofit accountWhen you’re in Facebook under your personal profile, we don’t know you’re a nonprofit employee!  Help us make sure that you have all the tools you need when you’re in Facebook by linking your profile to your Nonprofit Partner Center by going to 4. Create a project-based fundraising campaign and feature it on your causesThere has been over $30 million donated to nonprofits through the Causes application; and you can use this tool to fundraise too.  Facebook users are compelled to donate to urgent campaigns or projects where they can see their impact.   Read about Fundraising on Causes and how to run a fundraising campaign to get all the best practices on this new fundraising platform.  To get started with a campaign, go to your Nonprofit Partner Center, click on the “Fundraising” tab then the “Start a Project” button.  You can feature your project on multiple causes to spread the word to as many people as possible.And/or create a petitionPetitions on Causes have been effective at generating a lot of new signatures (one petition has over 3.7 million signatures and counting!) and recruiting new people to cause communities.  Go to your Nonprofit Partner Center to start a free petition. And don’t forget to read more about advocacy campaigns on Causes and how to run an effective petition campaign.Step 5.  Send regular (at least once a week) bulletins to your cause members asking them to take actionTo send a bulletin, make sure your personal Facebook Profile is linked to your Nonprofit Partner account here.  Once your Facebook Profile is linked, you can go to any cause that benefits your nonprofit and click on the “Send a Bulletin” to email all the members of that cause.  The most effective bulletins are ones that reflect the real impact of your campaigns or petitions, so be specific.Step 6.  Build relationships with individuals and ask them to help youTo find the individuals on your cause that are most passionate and have done the most to help you, look to your Hall of Fame in the Members tab of your cause.  There you will find a list of Top Recruiters, Top Donors, and Top Fundaisers.  Click on their names to write them a message on their Care Wall (which they will be notified about by email as well).  Writing personal messages to them, people who post on the Cause wall frequently, or people who have recently joined the cause can be very effective at jump-starting a campaign. Ask them to donate to the campaign or sign the petition and, most importantly, to tell their friends! Then, follow-up with your members about the impact of the campaign.  Send a few bulletins about the campaign’s success, and ask for input from your cause members and most active supporters to get a discussion going on the cause wall about what’s next for the cause and how they can continue to be involved.Step 7.  Stay active and work with your cause members to change the world!Of course, it takes real work and organizing insight to be successful on Causes, which is why the Causes Team and other nonprofits that use Causes are here to help.  Check out our best practices and other tools below and if you have any questions, email partner@causes.comBest PracticesIntro to Causes for Nonprofits:  What is Causes?  Why would I use it?Get Started on Causes: Your first step to becoming a Causes expertManaging Causes: What do to if someone else has created causes for your nonprofitCauses Strategy – 1 vs. Many:  How do I get my nonprofit off on the right foot?  Should I start more than one cause?Building a Community: How to recruit more people to join your causeAdvocacy on Causes: How to use your cause to change minds and make things happenFundraising on Causes: How to raise money on CausesMedia on Causes: How to use videos, photos, and articles to educate your members and inspire them to take actionWebinars12/09/10 – Holiday Wish09/22/10 – How to Use Causes for your Year-End Fundraising Campaign07/27/10 – Expanding Your Network: Outreach and Collaboration on Causes: How to find allied causes on Facebook and work with them to achieve fundraising or advocacy impact06/23/10 – Communicating with your Supporters: Best practices and specific steps for sending effective communications05/19/10 – Fundraising on Causes Tutorial: Steps to creating and managing a successful fundraising campaign04/14/10 – Building a Community on Causes: Recruiting and empowering supporters to take action03/17/10 – Fundraising on Causes: Tools, tips and successful fundraising campaigns10/13/09 – America’s Giving Challenge Week 2: Updates and Q&A Session10/08/09 – Recruiting, Fundraising and Running Effective Campaigns on Causes10/07/09 – Special Launch Training for America’s Giving Challenge10/02/09 – Causes’ New Nonprofit Partner Center: An overview of the new features and tips on how to use them for your nonprofit09/09/09 - Getting Started on Causes: Setting up a cause and your Nonprofit Profile08/05/09 - Growing your Cause Webinar: How to recruit more members from inside and outside FacebookNonprofit NewslettersEvery month, the Nonprofit Team sends a newsletter to our nonprofit partners announcing new features, featuring great causes, explaining how to maximize your cause, and more.  If you would like to receive the newsletter too, subscribe now. If you are already a nonprofit partner and don’t know who in your organization is receiving the newsletter, log-in to your Nonprofit Partner Center at and click “Account.”February 2011
  • Update Guidestar - Nancy
  • In order to accept donations through Causes, a nonprofit must be a 501(c)3 that is also registered with GuideStar (, which is the database from where we pull our beneficiary information. Online donations must also be enabled in your profile with GuideStar; to review or update your settings you can login on their site here: Once a donation is made on Causes and processed by Network for Good, payment for donations made to your nonprofit are sent on the 15th of each month to the address listed in GuideStar and will include all donations made on Causes during the previous month. For more details, please visit If your organization does not meet these requirements, you can still support it through Causes; simply click "Skip this Step" when prompted to choose a nonprofit beneficiary for your cause and include a link to its website in the description, mission, or positions of the cause. The fundraising features of the cause will not be enabled but you can use the cause for things like creating a community of supporters, communicating with them, raising awareness, etc.
  • Network for good= get them a receipt and a thank you!
  • HTML tip sheet :
  • Put us on
  • Transcript

    • 1. PHP MARKETING/PR REVIEW 2/8/2011 Presented by Robin Frank
    • 2. Messaging and Positioning
      • New Tagline
        • Building Bright Futures for Children with Special Needs
      • New Elevator Pitch
        • Parents Helping Parents is a parent-directed non-profit resource center offering educational programs, health related services, and support networks for children and adults with special needs. PHP empowers families to become effective advocates and helps both children and adults with special needs reach their full potential and find their valuable place in society
      • Rollout thru PHP - done
      • Rollout thru collateral?
    • 3. Top Benefits – what are the top 3?
      • Parent to parent contact /support, relevant information
      • High quality trainings, peers to ease the sense of isolation,
      • One stop shop for a wide variety of resources
      • Language and cultural competency/sensitivity,
      • Parents who “get it” who have “been there”,
      • Programs for parents, sibs, grandparents, the entire family,
      • Understanding and support at all levels of contact, drop-in center in a welcoming warm environment, care and attention through the lifespan
      • Continuous operation in Silicon Valley 35 years,
      • Staff are knowledgeable and most are parents themselves, we have experience in the trenches,
      • Hope for the future seeing other parents who are doing well
      • Specific information as well as practical support, expert trainings and quality resources
    • 4. PR Strategy: Overall Goals
      • Gain awareness in greater SF Bay Area
      • Educate potential donors about the challenges that families of children/adults with special needs face and how exactly these families are helped by the services PHP provides
      • Communicate values/mission of PHP, and differentiate PHP from other/similar organizations
      • Increase attendance at events
    • 5. How?
      • Press Kit
      • Press releases – regular schedule – free
        •,, prleap,com (social media release), etc.
      • Outreach - Media target list
      • Create program of outreach, and tracking spreadsheet
      • Newsletter signup – in all outreach, on homepage
      • Social Media Tuneup
      • Speaking/awards lists
    • 6. Press Kit
      • Fact sheet – done
      • Mgmt/Board Bios – done
      • Messaging and Elevator Pitch – done
      • Review FAQ - done
      • Elevator Pitch for 3 divisions Itech - Janet, Education - Jane, Family Services – Trudy will send – add supporting points
      • Article pitches - 4 ideas
        • Top 5 ways PHP can help you – Joan?
        • Myths about parenting a child with special needs – Trudy
        • How to help a family with a special needs child – Joan?
        • iTech low cost/no cost – Top 10 Freebies for kids ?
        • Its their life – topics on life with disabilities – publications and
    • 7. Press Kit
      • Press releases
        • United Way – completed but no release yet
        • Which one next?
          • Itech Center – partnerships
          • New board members (mary ellen/carol)
          • Awards – Joanne
          • SC county Pscyh - is this an award?
      • Tips for working with PHP – writeup?
        • You have a diagnosis or suspicion of diagnosis
        • Come to a support group meeting
        • Call or email and we will contact you by the next business day
        • Attend a training - click here for lists -need this link
        • Come to the library – online or in person – before you buy books
        • Become a member
        • Make a donation
    • 8. Press Kit
      • Customer anecdotes/stories – who should I work with on this?
      • “ I have long felt that there was some county or state or non-profit help for my son, but it was “over there”, on the other side of a wall, and we just didn’t know how to scale the wall or unlock the door. Parents Helping Parents was the key. Your guidance and support have helped us immeasurably. What an asset to Santa Clara County and the Bay Area!”
        • Action: gather more of these
        • Stories – we have them
    • 9. Press Kit
      • Photos
        • Training session photo
        • Mom/child
        • Library
        • Itech center
        • Logo
      • Articles - To be included to outreach of local professional orgs
        • Joanna – 800 words
        • CCS – Trudy
        • Yahoo’s accessibility blog
      • Press section of website
        • In the news
        • Press Kit
          • photos
        • Press Releases
    • 10. Target Media List
          • Create target list
            • Local and national editors and publications that cover special needs - professionals, and families
            • Local and national editors that cover families
            • Mom/Parent Blogs
      • Create a program of regular outreach to local parent groups (Mothers' Clubs, Dads' Clubs, & Parent Support Groups Santa Clara County) and local parent publications (dandelion, etc.)
        • Develop pitches, schedule, and tracking mechanisms
      • Create awards list
        • Develop abstracts for select awards opportunities.
    • 11. PR Strategy: Local Professionals
      • Develop outreach and information materials available for local professionals that work with PHP children and families, hospitals
        • Includes pediatricians, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, social workers, special education advocates and attorneys, direct service providers for children and adults with disabilities, teachers and other education professionals and paraprofessionals
        • Define collateral pieces
        • Create short articles that might be included in professional newsletters or other materials/websites, etc.
    • 12. PR Strategy: Community Events
      • Community Events
        • Develop target list
          • Health fairs
          • High school sport events: The West Bay Athletic League; Santa Clara Youth Soccer League and Santa Clara Sporting Club; Local Baseball Leagues for youth within San Jose area
          • Community events: Wee Me Arts Day for Young Children & Their Families; Take Flight for Kids
          • World and national days
            • International Day of People with Disability on December 3rd; World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 nd
    • 13. Top Programs
      • Highlight the top services/programs in outreach (and website)
        • Joanna: IEP trainings (Eng, Span, Viet) Sharing the Journey Workshop, Support groups for a wide range of disability/language/geographic; Parent 2 Parent peer counseling & direction, Integrated Playgroup, Sibling program, Parent /Prof. Collaboration workshops, LD Simulation, Assistive Technology Consultation& Training, Intimacy & relationship training for young people with DD.
        • Nancy: Family support services from expert peers, support and information groups focusing on a specific condition, culture or other demographic, training on special education rights and educational advocacy, CIRCLES social skills training for youth with developmental disabilities and autism, Sharing the Journey series to educate and support families with a new diagnosis, iTECH assistive technology demonstration and information center, special needs lending library
    • 14. Online Fundraising
      • Fundrazr
      • Social Media examples and ideas
    • 15. Fundrazr: Created by Individuals
      • Create a FundRazr with your story, picture, video, and style.
      • Share on Facebook, Twitter, and email. Wherever they see your FundRazr, your friends can donate instantly and help you spread the word.
      • FundRazr has partnered with PayPal to provide easy and safe payments by credit card, debit, and PayPal account.
        • From every FundRazr payment, PayPal deducts their standard fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 USD and the FundRazr fee of $0.30 USD.
    • 16. How FundRazr works
    • 17. Using Social Media for Fundraising
      • Five successful examples of brands/charities using social media to not only engage donors but also to make transactions
    • 18. Free the Children
      • Get a sponsor and ask them to donate $1 for every LIKE
      • Free the Children is an organization that helps empower children in North America to improve the lives of children elsewhere, hosts an annual event called We Day.
        • The event brings together youth in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal for a day of motivational speeches and performances.
        • This year, sponsors like The Keg Spirit Foundation, CTV, and Me to We agreed to donate $1 for every “Like” that the We Day Facebook Page received.
    • 19. Tyson Hunger Relief and Monterey County Food Bank
      • Tyson Hunger Relief, which regularly makes donations to food banks around the country, added a Facebook twist to its food donation to the Monterey County Food Bank this September.
        • For every new “Like” Tyson donated 100 pounds of food. Monterey County Food added about 900 new members who will potentially become further engaged in the organization’s activities.
    • 20. Stand up to Cancer Telethon Facebook Credits
      • The Entertainment Industry Foundation’s second national Stand Up To Cancer telethon accepted Facebook credits as donations this year.
        • Facebook users simply visited the SU2C Facebook Page, which hosted a live stream of the pre-show and broadcast event, in order to place their donations.
        • They could then share their donations through wall posts, spreading the word about the charity.Facebook helped promote the cause on its Facebook Page and the Facebook credits page, and although SU2C doesn’t reveal how much it collected on the page, it did receive 150,000 new “Likes” during the campaign.
    • 21. Timberland Earthkeepers Virtual Forest App
      • Creating Virtual Forests with Timberland’s Earthkeeper app helps plant real trees. The original version, which launched in 2008, helped plant 1 million total trees in China, Haiti and Nepal.
      • A new version that launched in October teams up with Trees for the Future and the Yéle Haiti Foundation to focus on planting trees in Haiti.
        • For each set amount of virtual trees planted, Timberland commits to planting a certain amount of real trees. For every five virtual trees planted, for example, Timberland commits to planting one real tree. After a user has planted 25 total virtual trees, another two real trees are planted. Users can plant trees in either their own forests or in their friends’ forests. In the new app’s first month, users’ tree planting has committed Timberland to planting about 3,000 new trees in Haiti.
    • 22. Kohls Cares for Kids Facebook Contest
      • To celebrate the 10th anniversary of its philanthropic program Kohl’s Cares, Kohl’s department stores decided to let Facebook users decide where to spend a donation to education. The company gave away $500,000 to each of the 20 schools that solicited the most votes on the company’s Facebook Page. Facebook fans could vote up to 20 times, but no more than five times for one school.
        • Voters were also encouraged to leave ideas for what the schools could do with the money, and every school needed at least one idea contribution in order to be eligible for the contest. The campaign ended on September 3. More than 2 million people submitted more than 12 million votes. Although Kohl’s had committed to the same donation amount regardless of participation, the Facebook component successfully spread the word and earned the company 1.6 million new Facebook fans in six weeks.
    • 23. @EdgeShaveZone: Twitter + random acts of Kindness
      • Most people use Twitter to rave or complain about a product they use every day - the #soirritating campaign builds on on that!
        • “ We picked Twitter because we noticed that a truth about Twitter was that people were always talking about how irritated they were about things, and we have a product that matched that truth, which was anti-irritation, so that was a good place for us,” says Katie Facada, the copywriter who composes tweets for @EdgeShaveZone.
      • Edge’s Anti-Irritation Campaign – 2 people seek, respond and relieve irritation – and they have given out everything from iPads and computers to dancing panda YouTube videos in their efforts to “solve irritation.”
        • One woman tweeted that she had voices in her head that were speaking in Spanish — Edge responded with the gift of a Spanish/English dictionary.
      • Results: 1500 followers, 6800 hashtag uses and media buzz
    • 24. Endorse for a cause: Online shopping + Social Giving
    • 25. Endorse for a Cause
      • Turns online shopping into a fundraiser for the cause of your choice.
      • How it works
        • Visit one of Endorse for a Cause’s online retailer partners
        • Send a tweet or Facebook update with an endorsement of brands or products that you like. You decide exactly what to say in the message, though starter tweets that begin with phrases like “I’m a fan of…”, “Shopping for…”, and “Help me help…” are provided.
        • When your friends click on your endorsements and make purchases, Endorse for a Cause receives a portion of the money and allocates about 70% to your cause.
        • You can track how much money you’ve raised and earn badges for participation.
        • Right now there are only about 10 cause choices, and they are primarily large charities like the American Cancer Society and the Humane Society. You can, however, vote to add a cause if yours isn’t yet included.
    • 26. Recommendation + Social Giving
    • 27.
      • Create a “Rec” for a product you love by telling exactly what you like about it.
      • The site will generate a short URL that you can share on your Facebook or Twitter profile.
      • When your friends click on it, they are taken to a site with more details on the product.
      • If they choose to buy the product, receives a payment from the retailer and more than 50% is passed on to the charity of your choice.
      • You can also add a tab to your Facebook profile that shows your friends all of your “Recs” in one place.
    • 28. for Good
      • Lets people create charity endorsement widgets called “fundraising badges.”
      • These badges can be placed on their social networking profiles, blogs and websites.
      • People who visit their sites can donate to the endorsed charity via the widget.
    • 29. Badge
    • 30. Facebook Causes
      • Causes – a Facebook app that allows individuals to raise money and start their own funds that are tied to a non-profit.
      • Because of great integration into Facebook, it makes getting the word out and raising awareness and funds for your cause that much simpler.
      • Challenges: not great email capture, other apps allow for lower fees and more donation capabilities
      • Causes can process donations to any registered 501(c)(3) in the United States.
    • 31.  
    • 32. Causes: Tutorials, Advice, Features
    • 33. Causes – Birthdays and Holidays
      • Going through Valentine’s Day, you can ask your supporters to give you a $10 donation with each purchase of flowers or chocolates through participating national and international retailers. 
        • Mother’s Day!
      • Donate your birthday and raise funds for the charity of your choice. You'll get to spend your special day making a difference.
      • Causes gift card - Give a card to the special people in your life. They choose from over one million nonprofits at
    • 34. Birthday Wish Page
    • 35. Static FBML
      • Static FBML is the most important App on Facebook to master. 
        • Allows you to add new boxes to your page that can include text, links, and images
          • Need a basic working knowledge of HTML
        • Allows you to create fancy Facebook Tabs, such as “Get Involved!”
          • Need access and working knowledge of Dreamweaver and Photoshop.
        • Allows you to add a “Donate Now” button to your page and an e-mail newsletter sign up box, mobile sign up box, and Web 2.0 icons.
    • 36. Email Signup/Other Social Sites
    • 37. Tabs: New Visitors/Get Involved
    • 38. Donate Now Button – Facebook (and web, email signature, newsletter)
    • 39. Other Great Apps
      • Involver
        • Social marketing platform with many apps
        • Free to install and if you want to later upgrade they do offer nonprofit and multi-account discounts.
        • Add Twitter and YouTube Apps to your page and then create tabs.
        • Add polls, Flickr, badges, virtual gifts, contests, promotions, and many more
      • Networked Blogs or Social RSS
        • Pulls in your blog – updates daily
    • 40. Links App
      • Links
        • Native – which means it is already installed on your page.
        • Basically it allows you to attach a link to a Status Update. This is where the vast majority of ROI [Return on Investment] comes from on Facebook
        • You can link videos, your website, your Twitter profile, other websites, blogs, videos, and songs, as well as content on your Facebook page, like profiles, photos, notes, groups, and events.
        • Anything you post then shows up on your Page and in the News Feed of your fans.
    • 41. Facebook Pages vs Groups
      • Over the past couple years the  Facebook  Pages and Groups products have moved closer together, forcing marketers to ask themselves: which one should they use?  My belief is that the best strategy for PHP is a Fan Page. You can have interactions on your fan page, and so much more.
        • Fan pages are visible to unregistered people and are thus indexed -- way better for SEO!
        • Fan Pages are better for LONG TERM relationships with your fans/readers/supporters/users of your services; groups are better for a quick, active discussion
        • In addition to being able to publish to fans’ streams, Facebook Pages also have the ability to target stream posts based on location in language.
        • One of the most significant differentiators between Facebook groups and Pages is the ability for Pages to include applications. The point is that custom applications provide you with infinite customization opportunities.
        • One of the greatest values of Facebook Pages is a feature called “ Page insights “. Page Insights provide administrators with information about the demographic break down of their fan base as well as engagement information. Whether it’s the number of people viewing media (photos and videos) on your Facebook Page or the number of likes and comments, Page Insights provides administrators with a lot of detail about user interactions.
        • Groups are for members of groups to connect, share and even collaborate on a given topic or idea and have a cap at 500 members.
        • On a Page you can organize the photos you add into albums, and create an almost unlimited number of albums. In a group you can add photos, but you ca not create albums, so all of the photos are dumped into one large area, with the most recent ones at the top of the pile.
        • Groups do not publish updates into the stream. Posts from group admins show up from a personal Facebook account and not the Group itself. 
    • 42. Beth Kanter –
      • One of the leading blogs in marketing, social media, and non profits
      • Worth subscribing/reading/referencing
      • See her preso – we can review this together:
      • How Networked Nonprofits Use Facebook Effectively
    • 43. The Ladder of Love: Growing Facebook Fans
    • 44. Nonprofit Technology Conference
      • DC March 17 -19; 2010 April in SF
      • Can register to attend it online (no travel)
    • 45. Website
      • Create a proposal for Sheri
      • Interested in working with Firespring?
        • Recommend Constant Contact for email
        • Use them for Website strategy
    • 46. Website – Goals (as part of your PR Strategy)
      • Convey a successful image through its website especially to people and the media who are not familiar with PHP
      • Allow visitors to learn about PHP quickly – what PHP is, its services, events, and how they can get involved with PHP
        • Establish easy to navigate home page that directs visitors to information they are looking for effortlessly or to specific visitor profile pages (i.e. donors, corporations, volunteers, families)
          • Parents – learn about PHP and services, events, resources
          • individual donors and corporations – learn about services, success, history, and donating
          • Volunteers – learn more about the organization
          • partners
      • Make it seamless to donate to PHP through website
      • Support and integrate PR strategy
        • Media Kit on website
        • Articles, awards, programs, events, news
    • 47. Review: Website Challenges/Strategy
      • PHP website is not visible to Google and other search engines
        • Better SEO
        • Incorporate meta-tags to improve visibility
        • Investigate Google grants for Adwords
        • Blog, social media?
      • There are several other organizations called “Parents Helping Parents”
    • 48. Review: Website Challenges/Strategy
      • Difficult to know what PHP really is through the home page and even after traversing other pages – not easy to find mission, values, and vision
        • Integrate new mission statement and elevator pitch to home page, and “Who We Are” section
        • Domain name - investigate changing to .org – adds credibility
        • Create robust Stories and History pages – these are important indicators of an organization’s success for corporations, donors, and other visitors – and can convey/support PHP value offered (the hope for the future, parents who have been there, one stop shop, navigation help, gaining back control, so many types of support, etc.)
          • Stories page to display some of organization’s success stories and videos (PHP videos on YouTube are really great for this page and Mission/Vision page)
          • Quotes can go on home page as well as Stories page
          • History page can clearly outline the organization’s long serving history and all the successes along the way.
    • 49. Review: Website Challenges/Strategy
      • Website is targeted mainly to families of children with special needs – and is not friendly to other visitors (potential donors, volunteers, and corporations) who are not familiar with PHP in general
        • Use home page to engage visitors who are not familiar with PHP and potential donors or volunteers who may want to contribute to the cause.
        • Join Us Page
        • Donate Link – integrate same look and feel as the site, fix broken links, communicate privacy of information shared
      • PHP offers many wonderful services – they can be better categorized to help visitors learn about PHP easily
        • Our Services
          • Education
          • Families and Community Services
          • Health Services
    • 50. Review: Website Challenges/Strategy
      • News/Events section
        • News section - announce any information that is targeted for not only PHP parents, but anyone who is visiting the website such as seminars, events, awards.
        • Upcoming events can be targeted for PHP families and will mainly remind them of any upcoming events in the near future – show 3-4 events on homepage
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