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Dcap pr strategy 1


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Social media strategy for DC Autism Parents:
-As a result of the strategy DCAP was featured on ABC7 Harris' Heroes segment.

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Dcap pr strategy 1

  1. 1. Situation Analysis DCAP is in need of funding to continue services for the autistic children involved in the program. DCAP lacks a comprehensive communication campaign that would provide the organization steady volunteers.  The possible obstacles to my project are engaging parents to participate.
  2. 2. Goal Formulate a strategic plan that that helps increase donationsfor DC Autism Parents.
  3. 3. Measurable Objectives To create a and page by January 24.To change the format of the DC Autism Parents website by January24, to promote & .To have over 40 followers on and by February24.February 25 create a DCAP channel to use for solicitingdonations.
  4. 4. Target Audience Primary Target Secondary Target Publics Public Parents with autistic children in  Volunteers in the D.C. Maryland and the D.C., Maryland and Virginia Virginia area. area.  Autism Society of America DC Chapter Georgetown University Center for Child & Human Development  Empowered Parenting research Assistants  Lollipop Kids Foundation National Institute of Health Trainees  Our Kids  Arc of DC Inc.
  5. 5. Stakeholders
  6. 6. How to Reach our Primary & Secondary Publics?NBC4 WTOPFOX5 WNEWWUSA9ABC7DC Urban Mom and Dads YouTubeAdventures in AutismA Parent in SilverspringAutism Community
  7. 7. Key Messages Reach Primary & Secondary Publics! “ Where children “Where parents with autismempower parents” grow.” “ Where every child has a talent and a future.”
  8. 8. Strategy A -PressRelease “Mother of AutisticSon Sues DC SchoolSystem & Starts NonprofitOrganization”
  9. 9. Strategy B-Press Release “DCAutism Buddies ProgramsTeach Independence”
  10. 10. Strategy C-Create a DCAutism Parents Facebook andTwitter page
  11. 11. Strategy D- Create a “DCAutism Parents”ChannelTactics Registered DC autism parents through theYouTube Nonprofit program online videocommunity. (Process takes 30 days)Temporarily set up through personalYouTube account.Subscribe to Autism Related YouTubeChannels to build up potential publics andstakeholderCreated three promo videos using keymessages to promote donating to DCAP:-“Where parents empower parents”-“Where children with autism grow”- “Where every child has a talent and afuture.”(Go to Kent State University personalwebsite to see links)
  12. 12. Strategy E- DC Autism ParentsWebsite Reformatted topromote Press Releases &Social Media ActivityTacticsUse homepage of DCAP aspromotional tool for all organizationevents.Links leading to the FB andTwitter pages were placed at thetop of the homepage.PDF files of press releases ofvarious annual events were alsolisted on the homepage.Registered DCAP website to DCCares for recruitment ofVolunteers.Key message “where parentsempower parents” is placed at thetop of the webpage.
  13. 13. Timeline of PR Plan January February Day 24 created Facebook & Twitter Page.  Day 17 solicited local news reporters, news focused radio stations with press releases of founders story. Day 24 changed the format of website to promote donation efforts.  Day 11 secured a free event space for fundraiser in May.  Day 13 competed for a nonprofit sponsorship by the Art. Inst. of Washington by creating a press release on founders story  Day 19 targeted local and national Autism bloggers.  Day 25 created a DCAP YouTube channel.
  14. 14. Budget Print Online & Advertisement Broadcast Website New Media s Media Advertising Production Costs: $0  Production -Post upcoming DCAP events on autism - DC Autism Costs: $0 bloggers sites.| Free Parents-Craigslist’s posting for YouTube communication -Radio PSA’s -Press Releases of channel | Free volunteers.| Free promoting upcoming events on buddies program DCAP website.| Free-Press Release to local & donations.| news stations and -Changes to website| Free Free News Radio stations | Free -FB solicitations to -FB & Twitter reporters | Free volunteers Ads to George Mason Univ. and Trinity Univ. | Free
  15. 15. Web Hits on DC Autism Parents MONTHLY TOTAL HITS-December 569START OF PR CAMPAIGN- January 990 an increase of 34 hits per day.-February 24, there was a total of 807 hits for the month. With an averageof 34 hits per-day the total for February is 977.VARIABLES: DAILY HITS PER-DAY IN FEBURARY SPIKED!February 19: 32-hitsFebruary 20: 31-hitsFebruary 21: 47-hitsFebruary 22: 54-hitsFebruary 23: 52-hitsFebruary 24: 74-hits
  16. 16. Results from Managed to accomplish measurable objective of having over 40- followers. Reaching over 300-people on a weekly basis.Prominent Publics & Possible Stakeholders from Facebook Fan Page: M&L Special Needs Planning President Autism Teaching Strategies President
  17. 17. Results from Retweets from followers mentioning DCAP events and promoting services offered our constantly going up. DCAP surpassed measurable goal of 40 followers with73. Five DC residence followers are now in DCAP’s communication database.Prominent Publics & Possible Stakeholders from Twitter Fan Page: Chief Science Officer of Autism Speaks Inventor of the IPAD Close2HomeApp for children living with autism. Executive Vice President of Autism Speaks
  18. 18. Feedback fromConnecting with Examples of Successful our “Follow BackFollowers! Twitter Interaction! Autism Week”!
  19. 19. Local Publication Coverage!
  20. 20. Stakeholders Gained & Sponsorship Stakeholders Sponsorship for a Gained fundraising eventLounge 201: agreed to Selected charity for agive DC Autism Parents fashion event on Aprila free event space for 28, 2012. Expected totheir 1 st annual receive $2,000 infundraiser. donations.The Ar t Institute ofWashington.Blacq-Lux Studio’s