Pencils of promise


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Pencils of promise

  1. 1. Make:Education
  2. 2. Education gives us the power to unlock ourindividual and collective potential.Education empowers us to rise above theoccasion, to engage with others to solveextraordinary problems, to play outside ofthe sandbox and challenge convention.Education gives us the key to the world.
  3. 3. Education In Guatemala• 75%: The illiteracy rate in many rural areas of Guatemala• Nine out of ten: The proportion of schools in rural Guatemala that lack books• One out of ten: The proportion of rural Guatemalans who attend middle school
  4. 4. Imagine if… • 75%: The literacy rate in Guatemala • Nine out of ten: The proportion of schools in rural Guatemala have books • Nine out of ten: The proportion of rural Guatemalans who attend middle school
  5. 5. The Brief Raise $1,000,000 in 6 months to help fund urgently needed schools in Guatemala.
  6. 6. What do wenow know?
  7. 7. We have a big brief.And we have even larger educationchallenges in Guatemala.Who’s going to help us reach our goal andtransform the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschooland Primary School?
  8. 8. YOU.It starts with everyone in this room, first.Then we move outward, with might.
  9. 9. Our Audience We heart Millennials. For two reasons: 1. Pencils of Promise enjoys a rich and natural connection with Millennials and Tweens (thank you Adam Braun and Justin Bieber). 1. Millennials are relational, story-centric, digitally- savvy and becoming increasingly more generous donors as they continue to climb of the income ladder.
  10. 10. Our Good Friends We’ll team up with a core collection of influencers to support and substantiate our marketing efforts. 1. Sophia Bush (Humanitarian) 2. Sean Carasso (Founder of Falling Whistles) 3. Jason Pollock (Documentarian) 4. Anneke Jong (Business leader) 5. Scott Harrison (Founder of Charity Water) 6. Scooter Braun (The man)
  11. 11. Key Media Partners We’ll team up with a core collection of influencers to support and substantiate our marketing efforts. 1. AOL/ Huffington Post 2. GOOD 3. New York Times
  12. 12. Strategic Advertising Channels We’re going online, and we’re targeting. 1. Facebook Ads – A mix of ads and sponsored stories 2. Twitter – A mix of ads and promoted tweets 3. YouTube – In-stream and in-search 4. Google Ads – CPC focused
  13. 13. Who can welearn from?
  14. 14. Case Studies We’ve taken notes. And we’re impressed. • Invisible Children • Movember • TWLOHA • Charity Water • Save Darfur
  15. 15. What Did We Learn? Each of the aforementioned organizations created remarkable global movements. How? 1. Issue - Provide context. And a sense of urgency. 2. Content - Create dynamic, multi platform storytelling. 3. Structure - Build in added-value campaign elements. 4. Brand – Be honest. Be transparent.
  16. 16. Now, what dowe do?
  17. 17. Make:Education
  18. 18. Make: Education - Design Principles It’s important to have a north star. So we created 4 of them: • Transparent • Collaborative • Playful • Empowering
  19. 19. Make: Education - Overview Make: Education is a personal crowdsourcing initiative designed to bring people together to fundraise for new Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School classrooms. Together, we are better.
  20. 20. Make: Education – How It Works • In June, we’ll launch ‘Make: Education’, and announce a goal of funding 100 classrooms in Guatemala. • A ‘Make: Education’ section within the Pencils of Promise website will be the central destination for the campaign. The main experience and call to action of this new destination will be a personalized, user-friendly Pencils of Promise ‘Make: Education’ fundraising page. • Through this fundraising page individuals will be able to crowdsource the funding of their personal classroom! Users will be able invite their friends and family into a digital room of chairs, desks, walls, chalkboards, computers), books and teachers hours. Each item will have a donation amount associated with it – All the items will ultimately add up to $10K. • The funder’s impact will be measurable, clear and direct; not arbitrary, general and gradual. If they fund a chair, they know that chair will be a part of the classroom. And the best part is they’ll be able to watch as others join in the effort, and will be emailed updates on the classroom’s funding progress.
  21. 21. Make: Education – How It Works • As soon as the friend or family member funds the object(s), it will shift from a ‘fund me’ state to a ‘funded’ state. Upon completion of the funding process, the funder can choose to make the donation anonymous, in someone’s name or in his or her own name. They’ll also be prompted to share the opportunity with their friends and family across their social networks. • In addition, the individual will be able to adopt a ’Make: Education’ digital badge, which can be displayed on their social avatar, to create a sense of solidarity and pride amongst the community of ’Make: One participants. Once the item has been funding the donor will be prompted to share it on their personal social networks. • If the individual is unable to fund an item in the classroom, but wants to support their friend or family’s classroom, they can share the item on their personal social networks. For example, "Want to help Pencils of Promise reshape the future of education in Guatemala? Help Mark Pollard build a classroom by funding this collection of desks for the students at Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School. Fund it here:" • Once the classroom has been funded, the individual will be entered into a pool of other users for a chance to go to the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary school in Guatemala.
  22. 22. Make: Education – How It Works • And as an additional way to increase the breadth and depth of our reach and fundraising capabilities, we’ll align with several brand partners to naturally integrate their products into the ‘Make: Education’ campaign: • Google – Chromebooks • Top Architecture Schools - Sci-Arc, RISD, University of Kansas, Syracuse University and University of California, Berkeley • Barnes & Noble
  23. 23. Make: Education – Timing May • Build web experience and fundraising experience • Finalize influencers, media partners and brand partners • Finalize ads and confirm buy June • Launch ‘Make: Education’ June – November • Run ads • Influencer and media broadcasting • Campaign measurement December • Final buys and broadcasting January 2014 • Award ‘Make: Education’ winner with trip to the Paculam Ixtahuacan Preschool and Primary School • Press event to announce a record 100 schools funded in 6-months
  24. 24. Make: Education – Budget Web & Creative: $60,000 Search: $20,000 Social Ads: $80,000 Media partners: $30,000 Influencer partners: $20,000 University Events: $20,000 Kickoff Donation: $10,000 Total Costs: $250,000
  25. 25. Cheers!