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Curriculum vitae rie

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Rinanti Susbandayani, B.A. Villa Melati Vista - Block V-11 no.1 Tangerang , Banten – Indonesia Phone: +62 819 32 945 945 E-mail: Qualifications Bachelor of Arts from University of 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya Language and Literature Faculty, Majoring in English Literature Graduated in October 1999 Work Experience • Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang, Teacher Librarian and resource integration specialist, July 2013 - present • Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang, Indonesian Teacher For Beginners in Elementary (Non Native Indonesian speakers), 2012 – 2013 • Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang, Indonesian Teacher Coordinator in Early Years, 2011 – 2012 Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang, Partner Teacher and Early Years Indonesian Language Coordinator, 2010 – 2012 • Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang Homeroom Teacher for K2 (5-6 years old) 2008 – 2010 • Sekolah Ciputra, Surabaya, Team Leader in K2 (5-6 yo), 1 term – 2007 • Sekolah Ciputra, Surabaya, Classroom Teacher in pre elementary level, 2004 – 2008 • Sekolah Ciputra, Surabaya Teacher Assistant in pre elementary, December 2003 • Kids Club Fun Languages International, BSD, Tangerang, Teacher and Teacher coordinator, 2000 - 2001 Professional Development • Build eBook (Advanced), by Tricia Friedman, Apple Distinguished Educator, Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang, Indonesia, April 2013 • Digital Story and eBook, by Jane Ross, Apple Distinguished Educator, Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang, Indonesia April , 2012
  2. 2. – 2 – August 27, 2013 • Digital Citizenship 101, by Jabiz Raisdana, Apple Distinguished Educator, Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang, Indonesia January – February 2012 • IB PYP In-school Workshop, Concept-based Curriculum. Sinarmas World Academy, Tangerang, Indonesia 11-12 November 2011 • IB PYP Play-based learning Category 3, Bali, Indonesia, 07-09 October 2011 • IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference, Singapore, Singapore, 24-28 March 2010 • Primary Years Programme In-School workshop, Making the PYP Happen in the classroom with focus on Collaborative Planning, Sinarmas World Academy, 5-6 October 2009 • IBO Early Years Program for the IB PYP, by John Harper, Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya, March 2007 • Putting Theory into Practice in The Early Years, by Association of National Plus Schools. Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya, January 2007 • IBO Global Language Convention, by IB Asia-Pasific. Singapore, April 2006 • IBO Assessment Workshop for the IB PYP, by Don Payne, Maureen Vinge, Sarah Thomas, PYP Workshop Leaders. Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya, March 2005 • Character First! Seminar, by Character Training Institute, Oklahoma City, USA in corporate with Bangun Karakter Bangsa Foundation. Surabaya, December 2005 • Theory into Best Practice, by Association of National Plus Schools. Sekolah Global Jaya Jakarta, February 2005 Note: Presenting and Attending the workshops • Observation and Assessment Procedures, by Kerry Jones, The Early Childhood Education Consultancy Director. Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya, August 2004 • A Regional IBO Introductory Workshop for the IB PYP, by Alexandra Silitonga, PYP Workshop Leader. Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya, July 2004 • Effective Teaching Techniques for Primary Students and Modern Teaching Techniques for Teens, by Christopher B. Allen, MA, Widya Mandala University Surabaya, May 2004 Unique Skills, Attributes and Experiences • In-School Committee member: IT-2004/5, Literacy-2005/6, Language- 2006/7, Bahasa- 2007/8. • Ensure that not only local government standards and benchmarks in language are being
  3. 3. – 3 – August 27, 2013 met, but also that the IB Aims and Objectives, as set forth by IBO in the Subject Area Guides, are being fulfilled for all of required Indonesian language strands. • Lead a weekly meeting with Indonesian staff in Early Years section Extra-curricular Offerings and Community Involvement • Coaching Badminton for Beginners, grade 2-3 • Teach Drama/Play, grade 2-3 • Teach Drama for early years, grade K1-K2 • Teach Scrapbooking, grade 4-5 • Teach Cooking, grade 3-5 • Involved in organization of Independence Day Celebration and Kartini Day Celebration annually • Involved in ‘Buka Puasa’ (Breaking Fast) during Ramadhan, organized the food drive for supporting staff and orphanage • Involved in ISP (Innovative School Program) Presenting workshops about language and Math with integration approach for local schools Personal Statement of Education: I believe that each child is unique with different learning styles, pre-existing knowledge, experience and abilities. Therefore, providing them with an environment where they can optimize their potential is crucial. A teacher's role is to guide, facilitate, and provide access to appropriate educational experiences and information to facilitate authentic inquiry. This enables students to be independent and life-long learners. Being an educational professional means that you must be committed to lifelong learning and seek to understand new philosophies, new strategies and understand current best practice. Learning from parents and community, colleagues, and especially learning from the children is vital to enable teachers to provide the best possible experiences for their students. Involving all the stakeholders at school environment; having parents involved where possible, and work collaboratively with the grade level team in order to create units that demonstrate the interrelatedness of disciplines and encourage students to have a holistic view of knowledge following the established IB guidelines.
  4. 4. – 4 – August 27, 2013 Children have taught me to open my mind and my heart to the joys, innocence, and diversity of ideas in the world. Because of this, I will never forget how to smile with the new, cherish the old, and laugh with the children. Languages English, Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese Referees: Jacqui Patrick, The Vice Principal and PYP Coordinator Melanie Agustina, she was the EY Coordinator in SWA Bruce Ashton, The Elementary Principal