Word camp victoria 2010 raul pacheco vega - professional and personal blogging
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Word camp victoria 2010 raul pacheco vega - professional and personal blogging

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  • 1. Creating and Maintaining Personal and Professional Websites (using the same WordPress platform) Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega http://www.raulpacheco.org (research) http://hummingbird604.com (personal/social media)
  • 2. There is a main reason, I think, why you blog (and why I do) – to COMMUNICATE with others
  • 3. This talk is about half-and-half... about the mechanics AND the content I will talk about how to use different strategies on different types of blogs (personal AND professional) and how to use WordPress functionalities to that end
  • 4. The main tenet of my talk TELL A GOOD STORY
  • 5.
    • Personal
    • Your own voice
    • Focus on your existing AND potential readers
    • Content that is relevant
    • Professional
    • The voice of your professional life
    • Focus on your potential readers
    • Valuable content
    Be a great storyteller
  • 6. What makes a great blog
    • Being real
    • Being honest
    • Being trustworthy
    • Being transparent
    • Being clear, concise, punchy
  • 7. Live Demos
    • Let's go into WordPress so that I can show you live how to use each one.
    • Remember, most of what I'm going to show you is possible on a self-hosted install of WordPress (.org)
    • I will try show some stuff that can be done with WordPress.com, though.
  • 8. List of live demos
    • Re-theming your blog
      • Using different themes for different types of blogs
    • Upgrading and choosing plugins
      • Deciding which plugins work for the kind of work you want to portray
  • 9. In conclusion
    • Your WordPress blog is your home base. Everything should point out back at it.
    • Each blog should have a specific voice. Make sure that both voices are coherent and cohesive.
  • 10. Thanks for listening!
    • Raul Pacheco-Vega, PhD
      • How to contact me:
        • Via email
          • [email_address] for social media matters
          • [email_address] for my enviro research
        • Via contact form on my blogs
          • http://hummingbird604.com social medial/personal
          • http://www.raulpacheco.org research
        • Via Twitter
          • http://www.twitter.com/hummingbird604 social media
          • http://www.twitter.com/raulpacheco research