Building Robust Online Communities with Pinterest, Foursquare and Instagram


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Building Robust Online Communities with Pinterest, Foursquare and Instagram

  1. 1. Developing Robust OnlineCommunities with Pinterest,Foursquare and Instagram Raul Pacheco HB Strategies/ Http:// Http:// Http://
  2. 2. Communities that RockCreating kick-ass onlinecommunities Arieanna Schweber (@arieanna) & Raul Pacheco (@hummingbird604) Available at: 
  3. 3. What is a community?
  4. 4. Communities have manyshapes and sizes
  5. 5. - $ 1 billion acquisition byFacebook.- 10 million users sign upAFTER acquisition byFacebook.BEYOND THE STATS:- Potential for storytelling- Visual content- Builds connection and trust
  6. 6. - Pinterest appeals to college-educated females between theages of 25 to 44.- The average Pinterest user ison 89 minutes a month whilean average Twitter user is on21 minutes a month.- Pinterest is the third mostpopular social media platformin the United States. (140million visits/mo)BEYOND THE STATS:- Tells a full story- Highly shareable, visualcontent- Builds connection and trust
  7. 7. BEYOND THE STATS: - Gamification and community building - Competition - Builds connection around a trusted brand or individual- Foursquare has more than 15 million users (includingBarack Obama)- Altogether these users have checked in more than 1.5billion times (Globe and Mail)
  8. 8. What are the attributes of robust onlinecommunities?- readers visit your site daily (if you write daily)- your average time-on-site is over 35 seconds- you have a high proportion of traffic coming from direct URLs (people typing inyour URL / using a bookmark)- you have a high click-through rate on posts promoted to outside social networks- you have comments on most of your posts, usually many comments per post- you get a lot of votes in your polls- people send you tips via email, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest,Foursquare or Instagram Schweber and Pacheco (2011)
  9. 9. The 3 Cs of Online Community BuildingContent Context Connection Pacheco and Schweber (2012)
  10. 10. Content- Make sure your contentis relevant to youraudience- Post good content.- Post content often (anddo NOT abandon theplatform).- Create shareablecontent.
  11. 11. Context - Make your content relevant for a larger, broader audience. - Ensure your shared content has context built- in. - If you post the same content across platforms, ensure each post has content that translates across contexts.
  12. 12. Connection - Cross-post across platforms judiciously. (Avoid simple cross- post like the plague) - Connect with your follows. - Connect with your followers (that is what the Comments function is for!)
  13. 13. Tip # 1: Build in on yourbrands community Tip # 2: Respond to negative feedback!
  14. 14. Tip # 3: Attribute and creditALL YOUR SOURCES.
  15. 15. Tips # 4 and 5: Be authentic withinthe brand. Provide content thatusers will want to follow.
  16. 16. Tip # 6: Post content that tells an integrated story.
  17. 17. Tip #7: Always make your website and/or blogthe hub of all your social media activity.
  18. 18. Tips # 8 and 9: Post originalcontent in a timely manner.Cross-reference yourplatforms as you see fit.
  19. 19. Tip # 10: Do not be purely a broadcaster.
  20. 20. Questions? Raul Pacheco @hummingbird604