Unlocked Nov 2013: Cloud principles track


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Slides from the Cloud Principles Track at Unlocked: the hybrid cloud in London on 19 November 2013

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Unlocked Nov 2013: Cloud principles track

  1. 1. Cloud Principles track Lindsay Cassidy Senior Technology Strategist Garry Prior Rackspace Academy
  2. 2. IT Challenges
  3. 3. ……The Next Revolution 3
  4. 4. A New Way of Thinking Virtualization is a TECHNOLOGY … Cloud Computing is a BUSINESS MODEL #RSUnlocked
  5. 5. …. but there is a problem 5
  6. 6. Major business failed to Innovate….. Entertainment #RSUnlocked Photography Retail
  7. 7. Business driver for FASTER AGILITY Market expectations Continuous Integration & Deployment Typical Change Management You are behind your competitors Time 7 #RSUnlocked
  8. 8. Business IT Challenges REDUCE REDUCE AVOID DELIVERY TIME TO BUSINESS USERS INTERNAL COST & COMPLEXITY VENDOR LOCK-IN • Innovate faster by removing red tape • Eliminate the need for shadow IT • Lower admin overhead by allowing customers to self serve • Maintain visibility into your customers usage and spend • Spend less time doing upgrades • Move workloads to an open source cloud platform • Lower switching costs and reduce risk – multiple vendors will support OpenStack #RSUnlocked
  9. 9. Cloud Supports the Agile Business #RSUnlocked 10
  10. 10. Collaboration Delivering Agility and Innovation Remove the CAPEX Blockade • Lower Approval Threshold • Eliminate Missed Opportunity • Lower Barrier to Entry How Many Projects Have You Killed Because You Couldn’t Justify CAPEX Spend? #RSUnlocked
  11. 11. Return on Agility (ROA) vs Return on Investment (ROI)
  12. 12. ROI / ROA / MC • Return on Investment - Return on investment (ROI) is the concept of an investment of some resource yielding a benefit to the investor. • Return On Agility - Operational advantages that can be easily measured such as ... • • • • Setting up infrastructure in minutes rather than months Completing massive computational projects with a large number of resources quickly Scaling architecture up and down to provide the needed IT resources only when you need them, Deliver targeted IT solutions fast for individual business units • Marginal Cost - The change in the total cost that arises when the quantity produced changes by one unit - or the cost of producing one more unit of a good #RSUnlocked 13
  14. 14. Utility Portfolio Pricing Fanatical Support® makes us the most trusted partner for business Seamless Portfolio of hosting and cloud computing services Open Technologies at Web Scale ensures value and reliability Monthly Daily Hourly Security Devices, Data Base Clusters, Dedicated ESX Hosts Private Cloud VM’s Compute, Network, Storage Simple, Scalable Services – No lock in
  15. 15. On-Demand Cloud Traffic Own The Base Rent The Spike Dedicated Cloud Public Cloud Burst Time #RSUnlocked 16
  16. 16. Workload Best Fit
  17. 17. Cloud is for EVERYONE not EVERYTHING DEDICATED • Public cloud + private cloud + dedicated servers • Working together as one • More familiar environments, less need to re-architect • Run apps where they run best • Better performance, reliability, security and economics PUBLIC #RSUnlocked PRIVATE
  18. 18. Hybrid Cloud Hybrid Cloud: The Right Fit PUBLIC CLOUD PRIVATE CLOUD DEDICATED SERVERS Security Enhanced Security Customisation Higher Performance Reliability Reliability Per Unit Cost Per Unit Cost Utility Billing Utility Billing Provisioning Speed Provisioning Speed Lower Total Costs? Depends on your needs. #RSUnlocked
  19. 19. Industry Experts on Hybrid Cloud ““Hybrid IT is the new IT and it is here to stay….Hybrid IT creates symmetry between internal and external IT services that will force an IT and business paradigm shift for years to come.“ "Hybrid is the end-state. A lot of people say ‘the end state is cloud’ I don’t buy that at all… It is about creating the right architecture to support the application and the evolution of the application over time.” - Chris Howard, Managing VP - James Staten, VP & Principal Analyst Gartner Source: http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/1940715 Forrester Source:http://www.rackspace.com/blog/why-hybrid-cloud-is-a-must-have-for-the-enterprise/ #RSUnlocked 2 0
  20. 20. Beware Of Technology Switches Cloud Applications Application App Transformation App Servers & Networking SAN Servers & Networking Transformation SAN Storage Current Enterprise Virtualisation #RSUnlocked 21
  21. 21. Spotting Application Demand Patterns PERIODIC CYCLICAL BURSTING THE DAILY CYCLE #RSUnlocked
  22. 22. Which Apps Should Move to Cloud? • Built for Resilience & Error Tolerance • Loosely Coupled Components • Preserved & Recoverable Application State • Parallelism CLOUD-AWARE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT #RSUnlocked
  23. 23. RIGHT FIT FOR APPLICATIONS BO DB BO Web SP DB SP Web App 3 App 4 App 5 App 4 App 7 App 4 SOP DB SOP FE ERP DB ERP FE On-Premise Data Centre On-Premise Private Cloud Dedicated Hosting Hosted Private Cloud CONTROL #RSUnlocked Public Cloud IaaS AGILITY *All material and content provided is privileged and confidential
  24. 24. Culture Change…. The New DevOps Model
  25. 25. The eternal problem of IT How do I go faster? #RSUnlocked 26
  26. 26. A New Way of Thinking Virtualization is a TECHNOLOGY … Cloud Computing is a BUSINESS MODEL #RSUnlocked
  27. 27. Transforming to a cloud business PEOPLE & CULTURE APPLICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE #RSUnlocked 28
  28. 28. Agile People Enable CI/CD Model Dev/Ops Creates a Continuous Delivery Release once per day Release once per month DevOps is about people, process, and technology producing outcomes RACKSPACE® HOSTING #RSUnlocked | W W W.RACKSPACE.COM 29 Source: DriveDev
  29. 29. What got us here? Google Search Trends Red Hat #RSUnlocked IIS Apache MySQL
  30. 30. Won’t get us there Google Search Trends PowerShell #RSUnlocked GitHub NginX MongoDB
  31. 31. Rackspace DevOps Experience 1300 PATCHES IN 6 MONTHS 1 MILLION NOVA INSTANCES 99.97% API AVAILABILITY #RSUnlocked 32 120 M API HITS
  32. 32. What You Should Be Asking… What are YOU going to DO with Cloud? #RSUnlocked 3 3
  33. 33. MANDATE for DEV/OPS Enhancing Development Skills: – Platform-Based Development – Scalable Applications – Stateless Applications Enhancing Operations Skills: – Scripting or coding – Automation – Infrastructure via APIs Standardized Platform: – Not infinitely customisable Cross-Functional Team: – Developers – Operations – Marketing CLOUD – Finance SQUAD #RSUnlocked
  34. 34. Our DevOps Advisory Services #RSUnlocked 35
  35. 35. Case studies Garry Prior Rackspace Academy
  36. 36. MASS ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN • Consumer TV marketing campaign, driving huge, time-critical demand • Existing application based on dedicated infrastructure • Dedicated F5 load balancer with Rackconnect to re-route to cloud-based solution • 220 Cloud Servers (200 web servers, 20 DB) • Actual load of ~430 MB/sec for an hour with 260,000 simultaneous users (load-tested up to 808MB/sec) #RSUnlocked 37
  37. 37. PEAKY DEMAND • Online football game • Highest customer demand in August (start of football season) • Peaky traffic during rest of season (weekends) #RSUnlocked 38
  38. 38. PEAKY DEMAND 12 12 10 10 8 8 6 6 4 4 2 2 0 0 June July August September October November December Monthly Cloud Servers #RSUnlocked Weekly Cloud Servers 39
  39. 39. ENABLING NEW BUSINESS MODELS • DDoS attack replication • 4 hours, 2 HTTP floods • 500 4GB Cloud Servers across 4 Rackspace DCs • 100,000 requests per second #RSUnlocked 40
  40. 40. ENABLING NEW BUSINESS MODELS • Penetration & stress testing for high traffic sites & apps • ~1 hour tests • 100-180 8GB Cloud Servers #RSUnlocked 41
  41. 41. HubSpot Outgrew the Public Cloud #RSUnlocked
  42. 42. The Hybrid Cloud Delivers Optimisation #RSUnlocked