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Cloud Native, Cloud First, and Hybrid - AWS Summit Bahrain 2017

The advent of highly scalable, easy-to-deploy technology is transforming both private and public entities – but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each organization has its own cloud journey to share. Some start with pilot projects, while others jump into mission-critical programs. Adopting the cloud doesn’t mean starting over – it’s about enhancing your existing infrastructure. This session explores how organizations are using the cloud to build on their existing technologies and learning valuable lessons along the way.

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Cloud Native, Cloud First, and Hybrid - AWS Summit Bahrain 2017

  1. 1. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Blake Chism, Global Practice Development, AWS Cloud Native, Cloud First, and Hybrid How Different Organizations Are Approaching Cloud Adoption
  2. 2. What to expect from the session • What is Cloud? • Cloud Adoption Journey • Cloud Adoption Framework • Action Plan • Elements of a Successful Journey
  3. 3. What is Cloud?
  4. 4. Cloud adoption is more than just technology… Why? Cloud Strategy Business strategy Enabler of the Business DevOps What are others doing? How? Industry Cost Control Reporting Operational Effectiveness Talent Optimization IT as Utility Application Transformation Security Compliance and Governance Measure Continuous Deployment On Demand Fail early & Iterate When? Cloud Adoption Roadmap What?
  5. 5. How are Customers Using Cloud? City Planning Sanitation Parks Voting Street Maintenance Disaster Preparedness Public Websites Job Creation Air Transportation Open Data Utility Monitoring Healthcare Route Planning Public Safety Sensor Monitoring Archives
  6. 6. Government: Embracing Innovation, Engaging Citizens, Smart Cities § Recognizing hubs of innovation in three categories: ‒ Best Practices ‒ Collaborators in Innovation ‒ Dream Big § Winners receive AWS promotional credits to start or continue their projects City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge Helping local and regional governments innovate by simplifying IT workloads such as geographical information systems, content management systems, open data portals, and more:
  7. 7. Chicago’s Open Grid Chicago’s OpenGrid is a real-time situational awareness platform that lets citizens explore what’s happening around them using 600 public data sets hosted on AWS.
  8. 8. Financial Services: FINRA estimates up to $20 million in savings We chose AWS because we wanted to be able to deliver innovation at a much larger scale and much more rapidly to our core business. – Saman Michael Far, SVP Technology To respond to rapidly changing market dynamics, FINRA moved about 75 percent of its operations to AWS: § Created a flexible platform that can adapt to changing market dynamics while providing its analysts with the tools to interactively query multi- petabyte data sets § Using AWS to capture, analyze, and store a daily influx of 75 billion records ” “
  9. 9. Education: Reducing Costs, Improving Outcomes in the Cloud Saved $500,000 while improving the performance of analytics platform 20x Predict student outcomes within 2 weeks of a semester with 81% accuracy Reduced upfront costs of MOOC by 99%, making it .07% cost of similar projects
  10. 10. Cloud Adoption Journey
  11. 11. The Cloud Isn’t an “All-or-Nothing” Choice… On-Premises Apps § Active Directory § Network configuration AWS Cloud Apps/ Cloud Native § Users and access rules (IAM) § Your private network (Amazon VPC) Hybrid AWS/On-Premises § Encryption § Backup appliances § Encryption (Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Cloud HSM) § Backups (Storage Gateway) …it’s a journey.
  12. 12. Cloud Adoption Path DEVELOPMENT & TEST ALL TOGETHER NEW APPLICATIONS DIGITAL ANALYTICS MOBILE DC MIGRATION MISSION CRITICAL APPS ALL IN 1 2 3 4 The journey to AWS begins today; continues through strategy and planning, proof-of- concept migrations, team enablement, data- center migration; and extends into innovative net new cloud deployments.
  13. 13. Organizations typically follow a four-stage path as they adopt cloud, with additional value being delivered at each stage Project Foundation Migration Value Time Optimization
  14. 14. AWS is used on a project-by-project basis Solves specific need(s) for the customer Few AWS skill sets in-house Customer is proving to themselves that cloud is a viable option Stages of Adoption #1: Project
  15. 15. Stages of Adoption #2: Foundation AWS extends existing data centers Opens up many new projects Training and establishing a Cloud Center of Excellence Establish scalable security and compliance models Between 3-5 enterprise- grade production applications on AWS
  16. 16. Stages of Adoption #3: Migration Groups of production applications and/or data centers migrate Cloud Center of Excellence is established IT roles redefinedPreparing for long- term cloud operations
  17. 17. Stages of Adoption #4: Optimization Cloud becomes default choice New business models explored Switch from “Why Cloud?” to “Why Not Cloud?” More comfortable with cloud operations than on-premises model
  18. 18. If organizations can accelerate adoption, they realise greater value earlier in the journey and help foster greater innovation RETIRE TECHNICAL DEBT Value Time Project Foundation Migration Optimization FOSTER INNOVATION (CLOUD NATIVE)
  19. 19. Cloud Adoption Framework
  20. 20. The Cloud Adoption Framework
  21. 21. Business Common Roles: • Business Managers • Finance Managers • Budget Owners • Strategy Stakeholders
  22. 22. People Common Roles: • Human Resources • Staffing • People Managers
  23. 23. Governance Common Roles: • CIO • Program Managers • Project Managers • Enterprise Architects • Business Analysts • Portfolio Managers
  24. 24. Platform Common Roles: • CTO • IT Managers • Solution Architects
  25. 25. Security Common Roles: • CISO • IT Security Managers • IT Security Analysts • Compliance Leaders
  26. 26. Operations Common Roles: • IT Operations Managers • IT Support Managers
  27. 27. Action Plan
  28. 28. AWS Premier Consulting Partners Helping customers of all sizes design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS.
  29. 29. Advanced APN Technology Partners Providing software solutions that are either hosted on, or integrated with, the AWS platform.
  30. 30. AWS Professional Services Partnering in Your Journey Technical Specialists Specialty practices for AWS skills transfer, security, infrastructure architecture, application optimization, analytics, big data, and operational integration Advisory Services Portfolio strategy and planning, cost/benefit modeling, governance, change management and risk management as it relates to implementing the AWS platform Collaboration Working together with you and APN Premier Partners you already trust to provide you with access to all resources needed to realize breakthrough results Proven Process Best practices and patterns to help your teams get the foundation right, deploy and migrate workloads, and create a modern IT operating model to support your business
  31. 31. Elements of a Successful Journey
  32. 32. Executive Sponsorship Cloud-First Strategy Principles & Standards Experiment Cloud Center of Excellence Organizational Change Adoption Roadmap Align on business requirements; bring all stakeholders with you Define architectures, patterns, governance; measure, monitor, iterate Publish guidance and guard rails for how to adopt cloud successfully Provide centralized expertise; guide decentralized innovations Define new operating models, policies, processes, economics; provide training Start small and iterate, measure, manage and update plan Create your vision; incentivize team members to follow your lead Elements of a Successful Journey
  33. 33. The AWS Cloud Adoption Journey § It requires planning and an adoption roadmap § Your AWS Cloud adoption strategy should be aligned closely with business goals and objectives § It can be disruptive and will drive significant change § Most customers start small, learn, iterate, and accelerate § Value can be achieved quickly
  34. 34. Blake Chism