Shipping Mobile Applications Using Qt for Symbian
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Shipping Mobile Applications Using Qt for Symbian



Presentation by Espen Riskedal held during Bossa Conference 2010 in Manaus. ...

Presentation by Espen Riskedal held during Bossa Conference 2010 in Manaus.




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Shipping Mobile Applications Using Qt for Symbian Shipping Mobile Applications Using Qt for Symbian Presentation Transcript

  • Shipping mobile applications using Qt for Symbian Espen Riskedal Teamlead - Qt for Symbian Company Confidential 1
  • Agenda • Developing applications using Qt Creator • Building and deploying to your phone • Signing the application with Symbian Signed • Getting it on the OVI store and more Company Confidential 2
  • About me • Trolltech since 2002 • Qt developer (Linux mostly) • Qt release manager (3.1.x – 4.1.x) • Teamlead Qt for Windows CE • Teamlead Qt for Symbian • Enjoyed the pool yesterday Company Confidential 3
  • Who is Qt and what is he doing on my mobile phone? Company Confidential 4
  • Who is Symbian and what is he doing on my mobile phone? • Symbian smartphone market share • APAC 80% • EMEA 60% • Latin America with 40% • US nothing :D • Canalys Smart Phone Analysis, 2008 and Q109 shipment estimates. • Yes it's «old» numbers but I couldn't be bothered to google more Company Confidential 5
  • Installing Qt • Install needed tools for normal S60/Symbian development • Install Qt SDK for Windows • Includes Qt Creator • Includes Qt for Windows • Install Qt for Symbian Company Confidential 6
  • Developing with Qt Creator • <do simple app dev in Creator> Company Confidential 7
  • Compiling for your phone • Setup the S60/Symbian SDK (if not auto-detected) • Change the Default Qt version • or • Add another build configuration Company Confidential 8
  • Deploying to your phone: CMD • Open Qt for Symbian Command Prompt • set QT_SIS_OPTIONS=-i • make sis Company Confidential 9
  • Deploying to your phone: IDE • Enter Projects Mode in Qt Creator: •Experimental •USB only •App TRK needed Company Confidential 10
  • Debugging on your phone • Use Carbide • or • Wait for Qt office in Berlin to fix it in Qt Creator :D Company Confidential 11
  • BossaTetrix • Stolen from examples/widgets/tetrix • Massaged it to fit a smaller screen • Added a some simple gesture hacks • Coming versions of Symbian will have multitouch and Qt already supports this Company Confidential 12
  • BossaTetrix: Gesture hack void TetrixBoard::mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent *event) { if (event->button() == Qt::LeftButton) { QPoint movement = event->pos() - mousePressedPosition; int length = movement.manhattanLength(); int angle = atan2(qreal(movement.y()),qreal(movement.x()))*180/PI; ... show in Qt Creator ... Company Confidential 13
  • BossaTetrix: In action Company Confidential 14
  • The Symbian security model • Capabilities • Encoded in the .dll or .exe • Around 20 of them • A calling .dll or .exe must have the same or less capabilities • Certificates • Digital pair of a key and a certificate that can sign a .sis file • Examples: Self-signed, RnD Signed, Symbian Signed, Nokia Signed • Phone • Has a mapping between certificates and capabilites • Self-signed usually only grants 5 capabilites • Symbian Signed can grant many more across all Symbian devices Company Confidential 15
  • Express Signed: Why bother? • The good • Less prompts • Proves the software is genuine • Grants more capabilites • Works on all Symbian devices • The bad • Costs money • Hard to automate Company Confidential 16
  • Express Signed: Set the UID3 • Sign up at • Free • Reserve a UID for your application (0x2... protected range) • Free • Edit your .pro file to use it • symbian: TARGET.UID3 = 0x2... • Rebuild project • qmake • make release-gcce Company Confidential 17
  • Express Signed: Publisher ID • Get a PublisherID at • Costs 200USD • Convert the .p12 to a .cer and a .key • Sign the .sis file with the PublisherID • QT_SIS_CERTIFICATE=c:fooyour_publisherid.cer • QT_SIS_KEY=c:fooyour_publisherid.key • make sis Company Confidential 18
  • Express Signed: Uploading • Zip the .sis together with a readme.txt • One line explaining what the .sis is • Buy a ContentID • Costs 10USD • Upload the .zip and Express Sign it • Fill in the form • Say «PASS» on all answers • Wait 5 minutes Company Confidential 19
  • How the Smart Installer works Company Confidential 20
  • Smart Installer and Qt • Install the Nokia Smart Installer 0.9 (beta) on top of Qt 4.6.2 for Symbian • Change UID of foo_installer.pkg to: • #{"foo installer"},(0x2002CCCF),1,0,0 • Create the wrapper .sis: • make installer_sis • Zip the wrapper .sis file with a readme.txt and Express Sign it • Costs another 10USD at the moment Company Confidential 21
  • Content of «Smart» application Company Confidential 22
  • «Smart» Qt application in action Company Confidential 23
  • Getting on the OVI store • Sign up as an OVI Publisher • Costs 50€ • Wait for approval • Upload application • Must be Express Signed • Add thumbnails • Set price/free • Check the «Qt» button (coming) • Wait for approval • Praying is optional • Profit and/or fame! Company Confidential 24
  • I want to get on all the stores! • • Ovi Store by Nokia • Samsung Applications Store • AT&T’s Media Mall • China Mobile • Handango • Orange • Sony Ericsson’s Playnow http://horizon.symbian.or g Company Confidential 25
  • BossaTetrix download Company Confidential 26
  • Summary • Install Qt SDK for Windows • Install Qt for Symbian • Get both at: • Install Nokia Smart Installer (still in beta) on top • Express Sign it • Upload to OVI • OVI Store is ready for Qt apps once Smart Installer is completed Company Confidential 27
  • Thanks! Any questions? •Email: •Twitter: @snowpong Company Confidential 28