Using Qt to Build Mobile Applications Featuring Social Networking and Monetization Models Beyond Advertising


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The telecom, internet and media industry is converging and the value chain providing basic telecom services is now rapidly being challenged in the new emerging eco-system. New business models are breaking up the traditional value chain and each player takes on a new, or slightly different, role as the centre of their own value-web to secure a niche in the digital media space. This new emerging eco-system is a result of consumers changing their media and communications consumption and new players entering the arena. Today, social networking is one of the aspects especially important in device application development. However, to generate a valid business a new revenue source must be recognized such as advertising. The focus of Tieto’s presentation lies on Social TV concept which means that interactive TV services could be used on mobile devices and desktop. This also includes social networking during which end-users could exchange actual broadcasts or interact in the running program. This concept is especially interesting for network operator as they could efficiently merchandise advertising space by means of targeted advertising.

Presentation by Jouni Laine held during Qt Developer Days 2009.

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Using Qt to Build Mobile Applications Featuring Social Networking and Monetization Models Beyond Advertising

  1. 1. Using Qt to Build Applications Featuring Advertising and Social Networking 10/14/2009 Jouni Laine, Digital Media, Tieto
  2. 2. Content • Introducing Tieto • Digital Media and Trends • Targeted Mobile Advertising – Live Qt demo : MMS Editor • Context and Social Networking – Qt example : Ad-funded Social –TV Concept 1
  3. 3. Introducing Tieto • 16 000 IT professionals in close to 30 countries • One of the leading IT service companies in Northern Europe and global leader in selected segments • Net sales approximately EUR 1.8 billion • Listed in NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and Stockholm • Founded in 1968 2
  4. 4. Tieto in Telecom & Media • Tieto is a leading supplier of R&D services for the telecom industry. • Telecom & Media is the largest business area at Tieto, providing over 1/3 of the net sales • Over 6,000 experts and operations in 15 countries globally • Unique competence mix of media, devices and networks 3
  5. 5. Digital Media Trends • Media consumption is changing – Consumer driving the change – Anything, anywhere, anytime, on any device, instant, intuitive, and for free! – User generated content and social networking • Advertising moving to digital channels – Targeted – Interactive – Real-time measurement • Profiling and personalization more and We must accept the fact that there is no ’mass’ in mass media any more and leverage more targeted approaches.” more important - Jim Stengel, CMO, Procter & Gamble 4
  6. 6. Development in mature telco markets Advertising Content and Community Connectivity Inevitable decline of Increased consumption of media Advertising funded business models revenues of commodity services and community services supporting traditional subscription – limited end-user wallet share over new channels models 5
  7. 7. Digital Advertising Platform • TE advertising management solution enables monetization of service provider’s all media assets via multi-channel campaign and inventory management • Provides easy and fast campaign creation with easy-to-use web based user interfaces for service providers, advertisers and agencies • Increases effectiveness of advertising with comprehensive targeting features • Integrated approval process and workflow management gives service provider a full control of published advertisements protecting its brand 6
  8. 8. Qt Example : MMS Editor • Easy-to-use MMS composer tool is included to create MMS campaigns. • Different content elements can be combines, including – Text – Images – video – Audio • MMS message can consist of multiple slides. • Supports both SMIL and non-SMIL compliant devices • Basic image editing including: rotate, crop and brightness tools • The tool allows previewing MMS message before sending it the phone 7
  9. 9. Why Qt for MMS Editor? • Ajax –based Web application didn’t perform well enough – The client based approach was chosen • The Benefits – Easiness Some facts: – Intuitive • 20.000 lines of code • 50+ QT classes used • Modules used core,gui, xml, network, phonon – Fastness • Development time 4 months 8
  10. 10. What is Context? User Submitted Registered and Public Information Content item, Page, Keyword Profile Rich media (e.g. videos) Collected Content category information Page rank Browsing patterns 3rd party User Content metadata/context Information Single Response Context Usage x View Interaction Device/Terminal Collaboration Location, Time Sharing Environment Recommendation Activity, Physiology Purchase Presence Rating Like-Minded Context Friends Social Networks and Roles 9
  11. 11. Ad-funded Social -TV Social Networking For operators providing 1st generation Presence Mobile TV and IPTV services Chat Watch-on-Demand TV Content Recommendations Targeted Advertising For operators providing 1st generation Mobile TV and IPTV services 10
  12. 12. How it works 1 2 Collection 3 4 5 Targeted Users receive Users use Users network, and Analysis of advertising personally video service chat and Behavioral and campaign relevant via check what Social Network booking content multiple media buddies watch data and banner ads
  13. 13. Logical Architecture Social-TV client (Qt) Access and Discove Front-end IMS Network Collaboration Advertising Streaming Live Social Services Platform Services Broadcasting Networks Subscriber Profile Content Partner and Network CRM Management Content Management content Profiles Videos 12
  14. 14. Qt Example: Client for Maemo and Symbian • The client running on Series60 5th edition phones support Nokia Qt technology and Maemo devices (N900) • Provides VoD and Live mobile TV streamed from operator streaming platform • Presence and buddy list that can be integrate with IMS platform • Online chat with other viewers on same channel • Targeted advertisements delivered from Tieto Ad Platform
  15. 15. Why Qt for Social-TV concept? • We need to attract the consumers by introducing an easy-to-use client that enables access to video and rich media content • The benefits – Speed to do prototyping and trying out concepts – Portability – Mobile Device support 14
  16. 16. The End • Check Tieto’s stand, more demos there! 15