Gssd student id for intensive supports procedures
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Gssd student id for intensive supports procedures






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Gssd student id for intensive supports procedures Gssd student id for intensive supports procedures Document Transcript

  • GSSD Intensive Supports Committee Procedures 2011-12 Increases in EA Allotment Based on Student Need:If a school determines that additional support is required to meet theneeds of any particular student it is recommended that the schoolreassign existing professional or paraprofessional support to meetthose needs. Intensive supports should always be directed towardmeeting the needs that are considered to be the highest priority at theschool. 1. The SSC and Principal will confirm the accuracy of the EA staff list and Intensive Needs numbers within the school. 2. The SSC will schedule an observation of the student and discuss the student’s needs with the SST and school administration. 3. Emergency EA support can be assigned on a temporary basis by the SSC at this time. The Sup’t of Schools, Sup’t of Student Services, and HR Manager will be notified. 4. SSC will present the need to the Intensive Supports Review Committee at the next scheduled meeting. 5. The Sup’t of Student Services will send a written summary of the actions being taken. 6. The SSC will follow-up and monitor the case. 7. If a posting is required, the Sup’t of Student Services will make that request to HR. 8. The procedures for fill EA positions will then take place. 9. The school’s staffing list will then be updated to reflect the change.Reduction in EA staff Allotment Based on Students Leaving or NeedsChanging:Throughout the year, adjustments will need to be made to previouslyapproved EA staffing allocations when Intensive Support students areno longer enrolled in a school.Some of the recommended reductions may not be easily managedwithin a school’s EA staffing component and as a result may be carriedforward as a surplus for a period of time.
  • GSSD Human Resources Manager will be responsible to identify theindividual staff members whose positions will be affected by thereductions and notify the Principal, Student Services Co-ordinator, andSup’t of Student Services and advise them of options.