The 5 ws of ecm slideshare presentation


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The who, what, where, when, and why of Enterprise Content Management.

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The 5 ws of ecm slideshare presentation

  1. 1. The 5 W’s of EnterpriseContent ManagementWhat is it? Who is it for? Where is it? Whenshould you start? Why is it important for yourbusiness?
  2. 2. What isEnterpriseContentManagement ?
  3. 3. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) issoftware used to capture, store, manage and trackelectronic documents and images throughout thedocument’s lifecycle.ECM allows businesses to securely manage theircritical information in order to improve efficiencyand lower costs.
  4. 4. Additional components can be integrated withthe ECM software, such asworkflow, mobile, message, and reportmanagement capabilities.Some ECM systems also come equipped withdata backup functionalities to further round-out the solution.A good ECM service provider will customize acomplete solution to fit the needs of each andevery business.
  5. 5. Who isEnterpriseContentManagementFor?
  6. 6. Initially, ECM was left for large corporations due toits high cost and need for IT support to implementand manage.Not anymore! New technological developmentshave made many ECM systems very affordable forsmall and medium-sized businesses and havevirtually eliminated the need for IT resources.
  7. 7. ECM is appropriate for all industries, including:• Healthcare• Finance• Insurance• Education• Accounting• Legal• Manufacturing• Government• Public Utilities• Retail
  8. 8. Where iscriticalbusinesscontent kept?
  9. 9. Content is either kept on the business’s owncomputer system (an on-premise ECM solution) orcan be conveniently stored and accessed online(cloud ECM).On-Premise ECM:• Software installed oncompany computer• Up-front capital costsCloud ECM:• No investment inhardware• Pay-as-you-go
  10. 10. A house is likeOn-Premise ECMA hotel room islike Cloud ECMYou purchase and own it with100% responsibility for upkeepYou rent it for as long as youneed and only pay for what youneed with zero responsibility forupkeepOn-Premise ECM Cloud ECM
  11. 11. When is anECM SystemNeeded?
  12. 12. Anytime is a good time to start thinking aboutimplementing an ECM system but here are someindications that you would benefit from one soonerthan later:• If you or your employees spend more than a 5minutes a day searching forrecords, invoices, customer and vendorinformation etc.• If you keep critical business records in off-sitestorage facilities, adding to your operatingexpenses.
  13. 13. • If you keep your business documents on-site, reducing office space. Keeping paper recordson (or off-site, for that matter) increases the risk ofloss, damage, and theft.• If you’re missing out on capturing early-paymentdiscounts from vendors due to inefficientinformation filing and retrieval processes orfrequently get hit with late-payment charges.
  14. 14. • If you or your employees spend time recreatinglost or misplaced documents.• If you spend too much money on stationary, forinstance, paper, ink, toner etc.• If you or your employees miss deadlines andbudget targets due to poor communication andcollaboration.
  15. 15. Why botherwith ECMat all?
  16. 16. Benefits of implementing an ECM:• Affordable• Easy to implement and manage• Increases user and department productivity• Reduces human error• Decreases operating expenses
  17. 17. • Improves vendor and customer satisfaction• Increases security through audit trails• Maintains regulatory compliance(PIPEDA, HIPA, Sarbanes-Oxley etc.)• Easily integrates with existing computer systems(SharePoint)• Eliminates the risk of damage and loss
  18. 18. More and more companies are turning to EnterpriseContent Management systems in order to controland manage their critical businessinformation, regardless of their size.If you have large amounts of information cominginto your business and you want to save time, moneyand frustration, then it pays to investigate what anECM system can do for you.
  19. 19. This presentation was developed from thewhitepaper, “The Five W’s of ECM”. Downloadyour copy for more information.Download the whitepaper, “Six Critical Features toLook for in an ECM Solution”.Don’t forget to visit our Resources page on ourwebsite for more great information!
  20. 20. About Polar Imaging Inc.With over 30 years’ experience,Polar Imaging is a leader inEnterprise Content Management solutions and scanning, delivering a broadspectrum of ECM solutions, fully customized to fit the needs of itscustomers. Polar Imaging also specializes in cloudbackup and recovery, unlike any other provider in the region. Its uniqueservices offer a customer experience that surpasses all others. Polar Imagingis a reseller of Digitech Systems software, PaperVision Enterprise.Core products and services:Document Scanning Services, Electronic Content Management (ECM)Solutions, Business Workflow Automation, Mailroom Services, CloudBackup and Recovery, Software as a Service (SaaS), Microfilm & ScanningEquipment Sales and Services, Professional Services.