2011 02-01 the sustainable city - presentation


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2011 02-01 the sustainable city - presentation

  1. 1. The Sustainable CityGlen Bickers, Seong Cheah, Cho Chua, Aimi Roslan, Rob Williams
  2. 2. The Sustainable City : BristolCase Study: Why Bristol ?Bristol - Forum For the Future Green Capitol 2008Green Capitol 2008Peak Oil Report - 2nd Place in 2009Effected SectorsTransportEducation - 4th Place in 2010Enabling - Highest Score for Quality of LifeTransferability:Plymouth - Low Unemployment LevelsPublic Transport - Highly Skilled PopulationWater WaysCycling & WalkingSustainable Schools - Improving School StandardsCreate CentrePrecedent Buildings - Highly influenced by other Sustainable CitiesVoluntary Sector (EG. Trondheim, Stockholm, Copenhagen & Hamburg)Small BuildingsThe Architect More Info: www.forumforthefuture.org
  3. 3. The Sustainable City : BristolCase Study: Why is Bristol Tackling Peak Oil?Bristol - Global Oil Crunch Likely Within a DecadeGreen Capitol 2008Peak Oil Report - Peak Oil Review Comprised in 2008Effected SectorsTransportEducation - Responsibility as Green CapitolEnabling - Bristol’s Infrastructure Relies on Cheap OilTransferability:Plymouth - Disruption to Petrol & Diesel SupplyPublic Transport - Plastics, Medicines & Fabrics DisruptedWater WaysCycling & WalkingSustainable Schools -Current Alternatives Are Not ScalableCreate CentrePrecedent BuildingsVoluntary SectorSmall Buildings More Info:The Architect www.bristol.gov.uk/ccm/content/Environment -Planning/sustainability/file-storage- items/peak-oil-report.en
  4. 4. The Sustainable City : BristolCase Study: Which Sectors will be effected in Bristol?Bristol - Social CohesionGreen Capitol 2008Peak Oil Report - Emergency PlanningEffected SectorsTransportEducation - FoodEnabling - Transport & AccessibilityTransferability:Plymouth - HealthcarePublic Transport - Public ServicesWater WaysCycling & WalkingSustainable Schools - Key Economic SectorsCreate CentrePrecedent Buildings - Power & UtilitiesVoluntary SectorSmall Buildings More Info:The Architect www.bristol.gov.uk/ccm/content/Environment -Planning/sustainability/file-storage- items/peak-oil-report.en Existing Technologies
  5. 5. The Sustainable City : BristolCase Study: - Rapid Transit Routes & Free Bus SchemeBristol - Increasing Bus AccessibilityGreen Capitol 2008 (Providing Stops Within 300m of All Homes)Peak Oil ReportEffected SectorsTransport - Smart Card Schemes For Public Transport (Similar to London’s Oyster Card System)EducationEnabling - Encouraging Cycling To All AgesTransferability: - Cycle Training Hour Bike OutletPlymouth - New Cycle Paths - ‘Hour Bike’ Flexible Bike HirePublic Transport - Bike Security SchemesWater Ways - Community GrantsCycling & WalkingSustainable SchoolsCreate Centre - Electric Vehicles- 25,000 Charging PointsPrecedent BuildingsVoluntary Sector - Waterways Utilised by Water Taxis & FerriesSmall BuildingsThe Architect - Ships in Ports Offered Discounts for Green Efforts - Introduction of 1000 New Gas Powered Taxis Pedestrian Ferry Boat
  6. 6. The Sustainable City : BristolCase Study: - Educating the public in how to beBristol sustainableGreen Capitol 2008 - Create CentrePeak Oil Report - Sustainable Bus TourEffected Sectors - Eco HomeTransportEducation -Carbon Smart City By 2020Enabling (Using Carbon Smarts Programme as a Framework)Transferability: - ‘Carbon Smarts’ ProgrammePlymouth - Eat smart – grow own/ buy local Carbon Smarts Exhibition - Build smart- sustainable buildingsPublic TransportWater Ways - Live smart – living near work createCycling & Walking communitiesSustainable Schools - Energy smart – solar panelsCreate Centre - Travel smart – foot, bike, train and bus.Precedent BuildingsVoluntary Sector -Promoting Green Building ThroughSmall BuildingsThe Architect Sustainable Public Developments (Council Buildings, Schools Libraries Etc.) Eco Home
  7. 7. The Sustainable City : BristolCase Study: - Empower People and Foster Participation and InterBristol Generational EqualityGreen Capitol 2008Peak Oil Report - Recognise and Build on the Characteristics of CitiesEffected Sectors Including their Human, Cultural, Historic and NaturalTransport SystemsEducationEnabling - Expand and Enable Cooperative Networks to Work Towards a Common Sustainable FutureTransferability: (E.g. Ashley Vale Action Group & Greener Living Event) Ashley Vale- Self Build ProjectPlymouthPublic Transport - Enable Communities to Minimise their EcologicalWater Ways FootprintCycling & Walking (Funding provided as grants from Council)Sustainable SchoolsCreate Centre - Enable Continual Improvements, Accountability andPrecedent Buildings TransparencyVoluntary Sector (Green capital grant provided by Council)Small BuildingsThe Architect - Recognise the Intrinsic Value of Biodiversity and Natural Ecosystems and Their Protection and Restoration Greener Living
  8. 8. The Sustainable City : PlymouthCase Study: Issues:Bristol - Network is unreliable and congestedGreen Capitol 2008Peak Oil Report - Train station is inaccessible for manyEffected SectorsTransportEducation - Bus Station is uninviting & Deters usageEnabling Solutions:Transferability: Plymouth Bus NetworkPlymouth - Free Bus scheme (Paid for by council subsidies, voluntary donationsPublic Transport & retails)Water WaysCycling & Walking - Better connection to wider citySustainable SchoolsCreate CentrePrecedent Buildings - Guided Bus tracks to Relieve CongestionVoluntary SectorSmall Buildings - Link bus, train, water travelThe Architect (Linking to one single transport company)
  9. 9. The Sustainable City : PlymouthCase Study: Issues:Bristol - Rivers & Coastline under usedGreen Capitol 2008Peak Oil Report - Water Pollution by Boats & FactoriesEffected SectorsTransportEducation Solutions:Enabling - Barrage to Increase Usability of EstuariesTransferability: (Also beneficial for tidal power generation)Plymouth - Take Advantage of Declining Naval SpacePublic TransportWater Ways - River Based Water Taxi NetworkCycling & Walking Proposed Water RoutesSustainable Schools - Ferry Boats to Devon & CornwallCreate CentrePrecedent BuildingsVoluntary Sector - Integration with Other Public TransportSmall Buildings (One ticket to cover water, rail & bus travel)The Architect - Regular Maintenance of Water Ways (Secure future for shipping & transportation)
  10. 10. The Sustainable City : PlymouthCase Study: Issues:Bristol -Congested RoadsGreen Capitol 2008Peak Oil Report -Hilly city discourages walking and cyclingEffected SectorsTransportEducation Solutions:Enabling -Use of Old Railways To Provide Flat RoutesTransferability:Plymouth - Trondheim Style Bike LiftsPublic Transport - Flexible & Cheap Bike Hire SchemeWater WaysCycling & WalkingSustainable Schools - ‘Walkit’ Scheme Extended to PlymouthCreate Centre (Routes specifically designed to avoid hilly areas)Precedent BuildingsVoluntary Sector - Promotion of Cycling and Walking BenefitsSmall Buildings Through SchoolsThe Architect Bike Hire Docking Stations Trondheim Bike Lifts
  11. 11. The Sustainable City : PlymouthCase Study: Issues:Bristol - Existing Schools CurrentlyGreen Capitol 2008 Unsustainable in DesignPeak Oil ReportEffected SectorsTransport -Expensive to Run for the CouncilEducationEnabling - Limited Teaching of Sustainable Technologies for ChildrenTransferability:Plymouth Solutions: Example Site of Existing Primary SchoolPublic Transport - Install sustainable features onWater WaysCycling & Walking existing schools in PlymouthSustainable SchoolsCreate Centre - Allow for Sustainability to bePrecedent Buildings Incorporated into School curriculumVoluntary SectorSmall Buildings - Use of Sustainable Materials andThe Architect Recycled Products in School Buildings - Lower Running Cost For City Council Proposed Technologies for Schools
  12. 12. The Sustainable City : PlymouthCase Study: Issues:Bristol -Lack of Sustainable Education For AdultsGreen Capitol 2008Peak Oil Report - No Advise for Home OwnersEffected SectorsTransportEducation Solutions:Enabling -New Create/Sustainable CentreTransferability: (Create a central focus of learning)Plymouth -Possible site Green Bank PrisonPublic Transport Proposed Sustainability Centre (Green Bank Prison) (Derelict building, privately owned, failed to gainWater Ways planning by developer numerous time)Cycling & WalkingSustainable Schools - Home for all Sustainable OrganisationsCreate Centre (Existing and proposed)Precedent BuildingsVoluntary SectorSmall Buildings - Run by City Council as a Promotional ToolThe Architect - City Council Could Reduce Energy Use & Use Buildings more Efficiently in the Future Location for Proposed Sustainability Centre
  13. 13. The Sustainable City : PlymouthCase Study: Issues:Bristol -Expensive to Run Council BuildingsGreen Capitol 2008Peak Oil Report - Fossil Fuels Wasting Tax Payers MoneyEffected SectorsTransportEducation -Lack of Inspiration For Private SectorEnabling Solutions:Transferability:Plymouth - Installation of Sustainable Technologies to Existing Buildings A Sustainable Renovation of the Civic CentrePublic Transport (Bristol Council chamber saves £20,000 a yearWater Ways due to a cooling system from the exterior moat)Cycling & WalkingSustainable Schools -New Public Buildings to ShowcaseCreate CentrePrecedent Buildings Sustainable DesignVoluntary SectorSmall Buildings -Example of Civic CentreThe Architect (Upgrade glazing system, electric opening louvered windows, solar panels , cooling from existing ponds, recycled insulation in wall cavity) Bristol Council Chambers
  14. 14. The Sustainable City : PlymouthCase Study: - Develop a Green CapitalBristol SchemeGreen Capitol 2008 - Provide Funds forPeak Oil Report Community Projects toEffected Sectors Support Their Work inTransportEducation Making a Green CapitalEnabling - Grants of £1,000 toTransferability: £10,000 availablePlymouth - Suitable Organisations inPublic Transport Plymouth; Energy Watch,Water Ways Existing organisations in Plymouth The Drake Foundation,Cycling & WalkingSustainable Schools Green PowerCreate CentrePrecedent Buildings BENEFITS:Voluntary SectorSmall Buildings - Activities Contribute toThe Architect the Aim of Being a Low Carbon City with a High Quality of Life
  15. 15. The Sustainable City : PlymouthCase Study: - Provide Advice/ Information toBristol Self BuildersGreen Capitol 2008 - Adopt Bristols Information PacksPeak Oil ReportEffected SectorsTransport - ‘Sustainable Development andEducation Construction- Advice for SmallEnabling Builders and Householders’Transferability: - ‘Renewable Energy and YourPlymouth Home’Public Transport - ‘The Sustainable Home’Water WaysCycling & WalkingSustainable Schools -Thermal Imaging SurveysCreate Centre (Provided by the council)Precedent BuildingsVoluntary Sector BENEFITS:Small BuildingsThe Architect - Building More Sustainably Will Reduce Carbon Emissions, Bring Down Energy Bills and Promote Improved Health and Wellbeing Thermal Survey Image Plymouth’s Existing Housing
  16. 16. The Sustainable City : PlymouthCase Study: - Advice/ Information to ArchitectsBristol and DevelopersGreen Capitol 2008 - Adopt Bristols Series ofPeak Oil Report Publications:Effected SectorsTransportEducation -‘Sustainable Building Design andEnabling Construction - SPD5’Transferability: - ‘Sustainable Urban DrainagePlymouth Pack’Public Transport - Encourage Eco- RefurbishmentWater WaysCycling & WalkingSustainable Schools BENEFITS:Create CentrePrecedent Buildings - Building More Sustainably WillVoluntary Sector Reduce Carbon Emissions, BringSmall Buildings Down Energy Bills and PromoteThe Architect Improved Health and Wellbeing Demolition in Plymouth Eco-Refurbishment in Bristol