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SIP Eco-City

  1. 1. 生态文明示范区 Eco-civilization demonstration zone - 苏州工业园区的绿色生态之路 — Green Eco-Journey of Suzhou Industrial Park
  2. 9. Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), an important cooperation project between the governments of China and Singapore approved by the State Council in February 1994 and launched in May of the same year, is located on the shores of Jinji Lake to the east of the old city proper of Suzhou with a registered population of 314,000 and an area of 288 square kilometers under its jurisdiction, including 80 square kilometers of China-Singapore cooperation area and three townships.
  3. 10. “ Thanks to the strong support of the central government and concerted efforts of the Chinese and Singapore sides, SIP has adhered to a comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development, and persisted in scientific development concept of “building an environmentally and ecologically sound industrial park”, leading in speed and quality as well as benefits. SIP has become an important contributor of regional economic and social development, and also a window of China’s reform and opening to the outside world, as well as a model of Sino-foreign economic and technological cooperation. “
  4. 11. “ While accelerating construction and economic development, SIP attaches great importance to the protection of eco-environment. With the environmental protection plan as the core and the construction of environmental infrastructure as the pivot, SIP has established an environment protection system giving attention to both source control and whole process treatment. That has created a favorable investment and living environment marked by economic development, social advancement and harmony between man and nature. Since 2004, when SIP took the lead in building a pilot Ecological Industrial Demonstration Zone, it has implemented an eco-construction and protection plan to improve eco-industrial system and popularize recycled economy. “
  5. 12. “ Pushing forward from industries and enterprises to communities, SIP has achieved initial progress in practicing new thoughts and models of developing circular economy and building an eco-park. The park now takes lead in major eco indexes and is striding forward on the road of a new type of industrialization characterized by “technological innovation, recycled economy, resource conservation, and environment-friendly zone”. In March 2008, SIP became one of the first National Eco Industry Demonstration Zones after the joint inspection and approval by Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Science and Technology. “
  6. 13. “ On the base of successful construction of the National Eco Industry Demonstration Zone, SIP will persist in intensive and harmonious development and attach importance to eco construction, water source protection, energy conservation, emission reduction and recycled economy. SIP will also work on new demonstration projects in comprehensive resource utilization, building eco-society, environmental management and Sino-Singapore cooperation in environmental protection. SIP will also strive for advanced international standard in environmental management and related indexes so as to take the lead in becoming an eco-civilization demonstration Zone. “
  7. 14. “ Adhering to scientific development concept and striving for an internationally competitive high-tech industrial park, SIP goes for “resource-saving and environment-friendly” park while actively fostering eco civilization and building a society of eco civilization.”
  8. 15. Adhering to overall, concerted and sustainable development policy, SIP has achieved fast and sound regional development with major economic targets rising by an average of 30% annually.
  9. 19. With 3.5% of land, 5% of population and 7% of industrial electricity consumption of Suzhou municipality, as well as 1% SO2 and 2% COD emission, SIP has created 15% of GDP, 20% of local budgeted revenue and fixed asset investment; as well as 25% of foreign investment and imports & export volume.
  10. 20. Water and energy consumption rates in SIP are only 2% and 35% of the national average respectively, reaching the international top rankings. Energy consumption, water consumption, per RMB 10,000 GDP, below province and national levels
  11. 22. Energy consumption, water consumption, and pollutant emission per RMB 10,000 GDP have reached the advanced national levels. 0.05 0.32 0.73 Solid Waste Generated 0.31 6.1 12.4 SO2 Emission 0.35 4.3 7.8 COD Emission 5.8 284.4 307.7 Water Consumption 0.37 0.8 1.2 Energy Consumption SIP Jiangsu National Index ( Ton/RMB 10000 )
  12. 23. In 2007, 326 days were rated with excellent air quality. Water quality of all SIP water areas conforms to relevant standard. 24-hour noise value also conforms to relevant national standard. Electromagnetism and ionization radiation level is superior to corresponding national standards.
  13. 24. <ul><li>One of the first National Eco Industry Demonstration Parks in China </li></ul><ul><li>National IS01400 Demonstration Zone </li></ul><ul><li>The first development zone in China with all townships being environmentally sound </li></ul><ul><li>Development zone with the highest concentration of ISO14001 certified enterprises in China </li></ul>
  14. 25. <ul><li>Environment philosophy in SIP’s master plan </li></ul>
  15. 26. Professional environmental protection planning  Professional environment planning and EIA guide development and construction.  Retrospective Regional EIA Analyzes current situation and guides subsequent development. Eco demonstration zone planning guidelines  Eco society objectives: energy conservation and emission reduction, environment construction and eco civilization
  16. 27. Eco industrial park construction planning  Green government, green commerce, green logistics, green enterprises, green buildings, green communities, green schools
  17. 28. Environment protection is a precondition for project approval, construction and operation. “Five defense lines” are set against pollution. SIP has so far vetoed down over 300 pollution-incurring investment projects of 2 billion US dollars. Strict Control Over Projects
  18. 29. <ul><li>Efficient Supervision , Complete Management Network Coverage </li></ul><ul><li>Round-the-clock Environmental Protection Enforcement </li></ul><ul><li>Remote Monitoring and Control </li></ul><ul><li>Up-to-date Monitoring Measures </li></ul>
  19. 30. Investment in Advance <ul><li>Waterworks with a daily supply capacity of 450,000 tons </li></ul><ul><li>Sewage plant with a daily treatment ability of 200,000 tons </li></ul><ul><li>Blue Sky Thermo-Power Plant supplies 250 tons of steam/hour </li></ul><ul><li>Gas plant with an annual supply ability of 400 million cubic meters </li></ul><ul><li>450 km-long Sewage pipelines, 40 sewage pumping stations, </li></ul><ul><li>100% sewage interception rate </li></ul><ul><li>360km-long gas pipelines , 100% clean fuel usage </li></ul><ul><li>100km-long central heating networks with 70% coverage </li></ul><ul><li>Infrastructure investment exceeds RMB 40 billion </li></ul>
  20. 33. SUCCESS!
  21. 37. Recycled Economy Demonstration Enterprises
  22. 38. Through industrial chain investment promotion, SIP has attracted clusters of IC and TFT-LCD designing and manufacturing projects. As a result, SIP has become a world-renowned manufacturing base of semiconductor and TFT-LCD. Meanwhile, SIP has attracted a number of electronic castoff treatment companies, turning the wastes into useful materials. A system of resource reclaim has been established.
  23. 51. Golden Lake Bay, the first residential community to win Green Buiding award in Jiangsu province
  24. 52. Landsea International, won Green Buiding award in Jiangsu province for use of underground natural heating
  25. 54. Plantronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, the first industrial project in China to win U.S. LEED Green Building gold prize
  26. 57. China-Singapore Eco-Technology Hub Located in the north of SIP with a planned area of 4 square km and a population of 30,000, China-Singapore Ecological Science Hub a high-tech ecological town integrating R&D, manufacturing, habitation, and commerce, etc. The layout drafting has drawn upon the most advanced environment protection theory and practices of the two countries. By introducing regenerated energies, green architecture, rain collection and neutral water recycling as well as garbage sorting, the town strives to build up a natural eco system with rational eco-structure, adequate service functions and good environment quality, to develop an eco-economic system based on new and hi-tech industries and eco-tech R&D, and to create an ecological living environment marked by perfect infrastructure, good quality of life and high eco-awareness. The ultimate goal is to build an experimental and demonstrative water-bound town in the southern Yangtze delta region, featuring energy conservation, all-round green ecological embodiment, natural and harmonious environment, thriving economy, and social civilization.
  27. 59. Ecological harmony Ecological harmony being the guiding principle in SIP urban construction, the roads in parallel to trees and green grounds, the urban gardens, and the landscaped surroundings blend harmoniously with living environment and form a natural, refreshing and delightful urban ecological environment. The area of green grounds in SIP is now 25 million square meters. The coverage of greens is now 45% with greenbelt per person exceeding 15 square meters. SIP was awarded Best Model Prize of Living Environment of Jiangsu Province in 2003 and 2007.