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Bike Boulevards - Conquering the Last Mile


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Craig Wooldridge

Published in: Education
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Bike Boulevards - Conquering the Last Mile

  1. 1. Bike Boulevards-Conquering the Last Mile
  2. 2. Background  The Netherlands Influentials Tour 2014  Dutch experts visit in March 2015  Ministerial Roundtable Dinner  Imagineering Workshop  Outcome-$3m demonstration bike boulevard program for 15/16  High level buy in a must have
  3. 3. Early Development  Working Group formed with LGA’s and advocacy groups  Dick van den Dool (GTA) engaged for Bayswater and Vincent-keeping the Dutch connection  Flyt Integrated Transport Strategy contract extended for Belmont  Route options explored and ranked  Concept options explored and developed
  4. 4. What is a Bike Boulevard  30km/h local road  School Zones drop to 30km/h as demonstration projects  Maximum vehicle volumes approx. 1,500 per day  Provides connections to local amenities and higher order cycling facilities such as Principal Shared Paths  Target is short to medium length trips  Cycling for most ages and most skill levels
  5. 5. City of Vincent Project-1km-$0.835m
  6. 6. City of Bayswater Project-4.5km-$1.8m
  7. 7. First Concept-City of Bayswater
  8. 8. Concept and Animation-City of Vincent Safe Active Streets Program
  9. 9. City of Bayswater/Vincent Concept
  10. 10. City of Belmont Project-4km-$1.75m
  11. 11. City of Belmont Concept
  12. 12. Consultation-Stage 1  With elected members  Minister launches program and consultation, animations released  Very strong media interest and coverage  With residents and community via town hall meetings  Many phone calls and emails after  Stage 1 extended to January 2016
  13. 13. Consultation-Stage 1 Key Issues Raised  Location of slow points  Intersection treatments  Lose of parking  Area wide traffic management  Perceived traffic redistribution  Property prices will go up/down  Where are the cyclists
  14. 14. Consultation-Stage 2  Concepts revised where possible based on feedback  Another town hall meeting for Bayswater  Drop in session in the park for Vincent  Residents voted-60% support  Similar issues raised to that of stage 1  All three projects endorsed by April for implementation
  15. 15. What’s next  One project has hit construction, two more are nearing construction and planning for future stages continues  30km/h standards to be developed with minimal signage and line marking  Additional funding of $3m pa in 2016/17 and 2017/18  7 new bike boulevards in the planning stage in 2016/17  Before and after studies underway for the three 2015/16 projects
  16. 16. Key Learnings  High level buy in and support is a must have  The Dutch experts visit and High Level Ministerial Dinner were a game changer  The original timeframes were too ambitious  Developing new innovative standards can be a challenge
  17. 17. Key Learnings (cont)  The program has consumed two resources, without additional resourced being allocated and this has been challenging  The website has worked well  The engaged approach taken by the State/Local Government and advocacy groups has worked well  Ideally, a whole of network approach should be taken
  18. 18. Perth Events for 2016  Perth 2050 Bike network Plan released on 29 July  International Cycling Workshop with Dr Marco te Brommelstroet on 12 October  National Bike Boulevards Workshop in Perth on 13 October
  19. 19. More Information  Full website at: streets-program.asp
  20. 20. Questions?