Brands and Turbulence | Patrick Collings 2010


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This is a presentation I gave at the opening of the 2010 Branding Conference in South Africa. The 45 minutes allocated was too short to go into much detail so the presentation just touches on key issues in managing brands in turbulence, something that brand managers and strategists are going to have to get used to doing. Some of the slides require a talking head in front of them, but I hope that the general message of the presentation comes through. The use of a strategy canvas to develop a brand positioning is based on the excellent Blue Ocean Strategy work of W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. I also used Philip Kotler and John A. Caslione's Chaotics as a reference book.

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Brands and Turbulence | Patrick Collings 2010

  1. managing brands in times of turbulencefourth annual branding conferencejohannesburg26 - 27 may 2010patrick collingssagacite by Ryan Gallagher
  2. turbulence wasn’t confined to the recession by alex e proimos
  3. the world is facing increased turbulence over the next decade and beyond Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World released by the National Intelligence Council
  4. all of which impacts on brandswhich are also confronted with
  5. relentless innovation
  6. demand for results
  7. and the realization thatpast glories are just that
  8. Disruptive Technology / Issues Impacted IndustryRapid emergence of e-readers Media, publishing, advertising Google TV / Hulu Television, advertising Smartphone games Game developers Car manufacturers / housingEnvironment / climate change developers Volcanic ash cloud Airlines / video conferencing
  9. turbulence is the new normality
  10. “We postulate that turbulence, andespecially heightened turbulence, with itsconsequent chaos, risk and uncertainty, is now the normal conditions of industries, markets and companies” Philip Kotler John A Caslione
  11. what brands need todo to prepare for andsurvive, even prosper, in turbulence by kevin dooley
  12. Maintaining the brand coreChanging one’s mindsetReevaluating the brand positioningHaving a conversation
  13. and to explain these concepts we aregoing to look beyond the marketing toolkit
  14. brand core is whata brand does by david prior
  15. not to be confused with current offerings, it is why the brand has those offerings
  16. 3M To solve unsolved problems innovatively To help leading corporations andMcKinsey & Company governments be more successful Merck To preserve and improve human life To experience the joy of advancing and applying Sony technology for the benefit of the public
  17. a brand’s core can be changed overtime but it must not be rushed and never at time of heightened turbulence
  18. “Companies that enjoy enduring success have core values and a corepurpose that remain fixed while their business strategies and practicesendlessly adapt to a changing world” Jim Collins Jerry Porras
  19. we need a new mindset by maessive
  20. one that accepts that we can’t predict the future and should concentrate on beingflexible enough to successfully engage it, in whatever form it may take
  21. essentially need to jettison therationalistic mindset that there is onecorrect long-term solution for a brand
  22. central to many theories andmethodologies how build this “capacity for uncertainty” is the concept of scenario planning
  23. borne out of military strategyand effectively used by Shell to deal with the oil crisis in the1970s, scenario planning helps us deal with uncertainty andplot realistic alternative futures photo by dirk ingo franke
  24. scenarios allow us to seebeyond the headlights photo by victor cavazzoni
  25. uncertainty forecast scenarios hopenow distance into the future
  26. different approaches but generally
  27. 1 enroll diverse, expert opinion within and outside the organization. get senior buy-in.2 identify the question that you want answered and gather the information.3 identify the drivers that influence events and compose realistic plots for the scenarios.4 engage in ongoing strategic conversations and constantly test the scenarios.
  28. scenarios are a lot like chess image by edwin dalorzo
  29. positioning a brand is relevant tocompetitors and consumers in the market
  30. turbulence tends to upset the positioning
  31. blue ocean strategy is about positioning image by somebody
  32. introducing the strategy canvas image by pedro ribeiro simões
  33. strategy canvases are efficient ways of defining the key aspects of a market and identifying the positioning of brands within the market
  34. ranking key factors
  35. Strategy Canvas of US Wine Industry Late 90s Price Terroir / Awards ATL Marketing Aging Heritage Wine Complexity Varietals Premium Wines Budget Wines
  36. four action framework
  37. Which of the factors that the industry takes forgranted should be eliminatedWhich factors should be reduced well below theindustry’s standardWhich factors should be raised well above theindustry’s standardWhich factors should be created that theindustry has never offered
  38. image by brian auer
  39. Eliminate RaiseTerroir and awards Price versus budget winesAging qualities Retail store involvementAbove-the-line marketing Wine complexity Easy drinking Wine range Ease of selection Heritage Fun Reduce Create
  40. Strategy Canvas of [yellow tail]Price ATL Marketing Heritage Varietals Ease of Selection Terroir / Awards Aging Wine Complexity Easy Drinking Fun Premium Wines Budget Wines yellow tail
  41. Cirque du Soleil image by whoalse
  42. Strategy Canvas of Traditional CircusesPrice Animals Multiple Arenas Thrills & Danger Stars Aisle Con. Fun Venue Major Circuses Regional Circuses
  43. Eliminate RaiseStar performersAnimal shows Unique venueAisle concession salesMultiple show arenas Theme Fun and humor Refined environment Thrill and danger Multiple productions Artistic music and dance Reduce Create
  44. Strategy Canvas of Cirque du SoleilPrice Animals Multiple Arenas Thrills & Danger Theme Multiple Production Stars Aisle Fun Venue Re ned Artistic Major Circuses Regional Circuses Cirque du Soleil
  45. in times ofturbulence and chaos, don’t stop talking
  46. your clients and your staff want to hear from you and be reassured