Oracle SOA 11g Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad India


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Online Training Materials provides the best Oracle SOA 11g online training institutes from India by real time experts. For demo sessions call us to +91 9010214733, +91 9010280922 or else mail to

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Oracle SOA 11g Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad India

  1. 1. Online Training Materials Near Image Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad Ph No: +91 9010214733, +91 9010280922 Oracle SOA 11g Online Training Course Content Module – 1 Overview of SOA and SCA Concepts Describing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Describing Services and key standards Explaining Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Object (SDO) Describing Event Driven Architecture (EDA) Module – 2 Designing Composite Applications with Oracle SOA Suite 11g Explaining the Oracle SOA Suite 11g architecture and components. Implementing an SOA application design approach Describing interaction patterns Module – 3 Creating a Composite Application Creating editing, and deploying a composite application Creating composite components, such as Mediator, BPEL, Human Task, and Business Rule components. Module – 4 Managing and Monitoring a Composite Application Managing SOA composite application by using Oracle Enterprise Manager. Deploying a composite application. Un-deploying a composite application. Moving a composite application to a production environment Module – 5 Creating Adapter Services Introducing the adapter framework. Configuring Adapters Identifying types of adapters. Working with DB Adapter, JMS adapter, File Adapter Module – 6 Working with Mediator Components Creating a Mediator component. Adding Routing Rules. Creating XSL Transformations with the XSLT Mapper.
  2. 2. Creating content-based routing filters Message Validation using Schematron Module – 7 Developing a BPEL Component Creating BPEL components. Describing the Types BPEL Process Structure. Structuring a BPEL Process with Scope activities. Working with dehydration Module – 8 Orchestrating Services with BPEL Describing conditions for business process orchestration Providing and accessing services from BPEL Importing XML schemas and setting message types Creating and configuring a Partner Link Invoking a service synchronously and asynchronously Module – 9 Implementing Coordination and Interaction Patterns Implementing parallel processing by using a Flow activity Adding and configuring Flow activity branches Exploring request-response interaction patterns Suspending a BPEL process with a Wait activity Module – 10 Handling Exceptions in Composite Applications Describing basic error handling and propagation in SOA Composites Describing the SOA fault management framework Creating a WSDL fault and message for a synchronous service. Creating messages for asynchronous faults. Module – 11 Managing Transactions with Services Describing transactions with services Managing transactions with the Database adapter Describing and accessing Service Data Objects with Entity Variables Understanding compensation handling within a BPEL process Module – 12 Developing Business Rules & Human Task Explaining business rules concepts. Describing the Oracle Business Rules architecture. Creating rules and decision tables by using Oracle JDeveloper Rule Editor. Working with Human Task Developing module using Human task for human interaction Module – 13 Testing and Debugging Composite Applications Creating test suites for composite applications
  3. 3. Testing initiation of inbound messages, emulating outbound, fault, and callback messages. Creating test cases with value-based and XML-based assertions. Evaluating techniques and tool for debugging applications. Module – 14 Designing and Managing Business Events Describing the Event Delivery Network. Explaining the Event Delivery Network Configuration Types. Creating a business event. Publishing an event. Subscribing to an event. Module – 15 Introduction Oracle Service Bus Architecture OSB. Defining Proxy Service. Defining Business Service. Demo. Module 16 Working with BAM Understanding BAM concepts Working with data objects Working with sensors Demo For more details please click on this site: