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Company Profile PT Mitra Hijau Indonesia

  1. 1. PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA 2012 INTRODUCTIONOVERVIEWPT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA is a subsidiary Services Offered by Achmad & Associatescompany by ACHMAD & ASSOCIATES Environmental Consultants Group.Environmental Consultants group, was founded in1997 by the Director, Achmad Supi’i. Since that  ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTtime, the consultancy has grown by successfully  WATER & WASTE WATER MANAGEMENTproviding expert scientific services in the areas of  ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIESecology and environmental management to a wide  SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENTrange of clients.  FEASIBILITY STUDYThe consulting group comprises of an integrated  WASTE WATER TREATMENTteam of environmental scientists, incorporating  AND WIDE VARIETY OF CONSULTANCESspecialists in botany, zoology, bush regeneration, SERVICESGeographical Information Systems (GIS),environmental legislation, mapping, economicaspect and sociology. The collective expertise of Services PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA.this established team is exceptionally well suited to  ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENTthe provision of environmental services for (Bahasa: Analisis Mengenai Dampakplanning and environmental management project Lingkungan; AMDAL)Our company philosophy recognises the need for  FEASIBILITY STUDYaccurate and appropriate information aboutnatural resources and social conditions to enable  SOCIAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (SIA)informed decisions to be made and to allow  ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT PLAN ANDplanning for effective resource management and MONITORING (Bahasa: Upaya Pengelolaanconservation. We have extensive experience inproviding appropriate and justifiable Lingkungan – Upaya Pemantauanrecommendations for Environmental Impact Lingkungan; UKL-UPL)Assessment (EIA) throughout Indonesia.  ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITOur company goals are to provide our clients with  ENERGY AUDITaccurate information, to analyse our findings usingthe most appropriate scientific methods and to  QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMprovide practical justifiable management solutions  ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMthat enable our clients to meet both their ownobjectives and their legal obligations. This we  TOXIC & HAZARDOUS WASTEachieve by dedicating an appropriate team with MANAGEMENTthe required expertise and experience for eachproject.  SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  COMPREHENSIVE ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT AND MANAGEMENT  POLLUTION CONTROL SYSTEM
  2. 2. PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA 2012 COMPANY INFORMATION PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA, in English Languange has a meaning “Indonesian GreenPartner”. We have a philosophy to be a consulting company that is friendly to the environment.We committed to providing a practical and logical solution to projects that have the potential toimpact on the natural environment. We believe in maintaining an open mind while undertakingeach project, assessing each on their individual merits and fully understand the principles ofecological sustainable development. PT. Mitra Hijau Indonesia is also committed to providing ahigh quality product at a competitive and reasonable price. Based in Surabaya, the capital of East Java Region in the middle of Indonesiaarchipelago, we have a strategic position to provide services all around Indonesia fromSumatera island to Papua. By middle of 2012, we have some branch offices in Sorong-WestPapua, Bali, and Jakarta. Next step, we have goal to provide services abroad, especiallySoutheast Asia region. Company Name : PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA Addreess : Perumahan Galaxy Bumi Permai Blok N3/1 Surabaya - East Java, Indonesia Workshop : Jl. Medokan Asri Tengah No. 177 (MA IIID/30) Surabaya - East Java, Indonesia Tlp / Fax : +6231-5924526 / +6231-8710986 Email : / / Director : Achmad Supi’i Contact Person : M. Furoiddun Nais (+628117309424 / +6281539277855)
  3. 3. PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA 2012ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT FEASIBILITY STUDY Is an assessment of the possible Feasibility studies aim to objectivelypositive or negative impact that a proposed and rationally uncover the strengths andproject may have on the environment, weaknesses of an existing business ortogether consisting of the environmental, proposed venture, opportunities and threatssocial and economic aspects. as presented by the environment, the resources required to carry through, and In Indonesia regulation, Environmental ultimately the prospects for success.Impact Assessment has been applied in allregion to reduce negative impact from PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA providesustainable development. service to perform feasibilty studies for wide variety business. We have many experts in Only those who have certification from the fields of engineering, environmental,Indonesian Government are allowed to make economic, social, cultural, ecological, etc. Itdocuments of Environmental Impact makes the study we are doing veryAssessment (AMDAL), both for personal and comprehensive and interdisciplinary. So theconsultant company. decision / direction can be produced more PT. Mitra Hijau Indonesia already precise.certified by Environmental Ministry ofRepublic Indonesia by Number0036/LPJ/AMDAL-1/LRK/KLH. SOCIAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT We have wide variety experiences to Activity in mining and agriculture planwork in Environmental Impact Assessment need in depth-planning for human aspects.throughout Indonesia with various clients. While mine and agriculture expand wide area of lands, it has potential conflict with local residents. We do some Social Impact Assessment to ensure that local residents or local government accept the development plan on their territory. The methods to collecting Social trend by interview, Focus Group Discussion, social approach, and distributing questionnaires.
  4. 4. PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA 2012ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT TOXIC & HAZARDOUS WASTE MANAGEMENT Environmental auditing is a tool ofinternal management as their action of their Our services specialise in advicingresponsibility in managing and controlling commercial, industries and governmentenvironment. Environmental auditing is not a clients about toxic and hazardous waste theykind of common examination, which is produce.obligated by government, but it is a proactive Indonesia has extremely stricteffort with awareness to identify potential regulations on the management and handlingenvironmental problems, which could be of toxic & hazardous waste materials. weprevented immediately. The results are very provide services to help business owners getuseful because it’s capabilities to: a permit transport, management, stockpiling, and processing for toxic and hazardous waste  Identify the environmental risk / material.  Be a basis and plan of environmental In East Java, PT. Mitra Hijau Indonesia management is the only consulting firm with experience in  Prevent lost financial the study of Toxic & Hazardous Waste (B3)  Prevent the force of sanction generated from all industries in East Java. We  Become an evident of environmental conducted the study in 2010 in collaboration execution in court with the government of East Java Province.  Increase the sense of responsibility of their commissioner in environment  Identify the potential of fund efficiency ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM through energy conservation and waste recycling Since the environment is becoming an important issue in todays modern world, ISO  Provide audit report for company, 14000 is one of the important tools in NGO, government and mass media sustainable environmental management. We  Provide a complete information for provide services to assist companies and assurance interest, money institution organizations in preparing documents and and shareholders ISO 14000 certification. PT. Mitra Hijau Indonesia have a lot of Our team is fully supported by leadexperience in the preparation of auditors who have experience in handlingenvironmental audits in Indonesia withreference to the applicable regulation. dozens of companies throughout Indonesia.
  5. 5. PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA 2012 QUALITY ASSURANCE Is an assessment of the possible positive or negative impact that a proposed project may We offer consultancy services either independently, or as part of a multi-disciplinary team for a major project. Serving a wide and avoid the trial and error approach. We seek to provide appropriate solutions to our clients problems, taking full account of the human, economic, technical and environmental dimensions of projects. At the same time, we are in the forefront of the application of technical developments. We use modern method of working, including computer-aided analysis and design to save time and to provide accurate detailed results. Where necessary, we can call on the assistance of our Technical Advisory Panel to provide an unrivaled service in all aspects of engineering and pollution control. Quality assurance procedures ensure that work is carried out to the best quality, completed on time and within budget. As a multidisciplinary consultancy, our company maintains a balance of engineers, scientist and management professionals covering the range of core discipline necessary to service the needs of our clients. The company encompasses every phase of work including project management, planning investigations and feasibility studies, engineering design, construction management and performance monitoring and auditing.
  6. 6. 2012PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA CLIENTS’S EXPERIENCES In every project, we always prepare a small team responsible for the client’s experience through:  Understanding our content and clients needs by spending time with clients and other research.  Taking part in pre-sales calls and visits, especially for but not limited to custom research.  Feature and functionality analysis.  Managing the process of converting this knowledge to user experience solutions communicated through agreed artifacts for developers.  Ensure the work is completed on time.
  7. 7. PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA 2012 CLIENTSCEMENT INDUSTRIES. PALM OIL INDUSTRIES - PT. Semen Gresik (Persero) Tbk – East Java - PT. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia –East Kalimantan - PT. Semen Bosowa Group – East Java - PT. Sari Agrotama Persada – Jakarta - PT. Best Agro International– East Java - Wilmar Group – Throughout IndonesiaAGRICULTURE & PLANTATIONS - SMART Group – Throughout Indonesia - PT. Perkebunan Nusantara X – East Java - PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XI – East Java - PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XII – East Java WOOD & STEEL - PT. PP London Sumatera, Tbk – North Sumatera - PT. Sumber Makmur – East Java - PT. Masrur & sons – East Java - PT. Gunawan Dianjaya Steels – East JavaPULP & PAPER INDUSTRIES - PT. Hasil Karya – East Java - PT. Suparma, Tbk – East Java - PT. Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa – East Java - PT. Surabaya Agung Pulp & Paper – East Java PROPERTYOIL & GAS - PT. Gramedia, Tbk – Throughout Indonesia - Exxon Mobil Ltd – East Java - Ciputra Group – Throughout Indonesia - Mobil Cepu Ltd – East Java - PT. Panca Usaha Wira Jatim – East Java - PT. Pertamina (Persero) Tbk – East Java - Intiland Group – Throughout Indonesia - PT. Gasuma Federal Indonesia – East Java - Jawa Pos Group - Throughout Indonesia - PT. Bahtera Abadi Gas – East Java - PT. Misi Mulia Petronusa – East Java OTHERS - Ministry of Public Works Republic of Indonesia - Ministry of Transportation Republic of Indonesia - Ministry of the Environment Republic of Indonesia - East Java Provincial Government - Surabaya City Government - West Papua Provincial Government VISION We always maintain the quality of work and relationships with clients, so that the relationship continued throughout the years. We have the the philosophy, the clients is not target market should be pursued, but it is a friend and a part of a large family of PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIA. We do not provide product such as documents, government permit, or any other equipment. But we provide solutions.
  8. 8. PT. MITRA HIJAU INDONESIAAddress: Workshop:Perumahan Galaxy Bumi Permai Blok N3/1 Jl. Medokan Asri Tengah 177 (MA IIID/30)Surabaya – East Java, Indonesia Surabaya – East Java, IndonesiaTlp/Fax : +6231-5924526 Tlp/Fax : +6231-8710986