How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. Our trailer which is the main product and set the theme for both the magazine and the poster, a lot of the ideas stemmed from something that is featured within this trailer and I have tried to create direct links between this film and my ancillary tasks as best I can, as shown on this PowerPoint.
  3. 3. This is my film poster and as you can see there are similar links between it and the trailer for example, the fade to black transitions that are used consistently throughout link to the background colour, the main protagonist is also featured wearing the same hoodie that he is wearing in one of the shots featured within the actual trailer. The tagline featured in the trailer is also on the poster (my message has been spread across to my print platform). The font is also quite similar and gritty across both which links to the members of our target audience who are already fans of the genre as the font prepares them for the potential grittiness of the trailer. In terms of marketing all of these links between the poster and trailer come in handy because when people who have seen the trailer but not the poster see these links they should be reminded about the trailer instantly thus reigniting their interest within the film or vice versa. I feel I have made it easier for the audience to associate the two products which makes it a lot easier to advertise on a broader scale. The target audience for the trailer is the same as the poster because again I have used the image of the younger protagonist to interest the younger portion of the audience alike in the trailer itself and to attract the older/higher educated audience I have used the awards (two step theory) in order to show the films value and what it can offer to the audience like the use of the BIFA’s in the trailer. I would argue that my poster falls down on advertising because there isn't any of the narrative featured in the trailer which could discourage the broader proportion of my audience who perhaps do not carry much information as to what is featured within a social realism film and they may just assume it to be something that they dislike thus deterring them from going to see it at the cinema for example.
  4. 4. Alike my poster my magazine also acts as a marketing technique for my trailer because the front cover includes the director who also has a short cameo within the trailer so this strengthens the association between the magazine and the film. It also appeals to my more knowledgeable fans within my target audience as they care more for the people behind the scenes than those on the front in some cases due to their extensive love for the genre. The ‘Sight and Sound’ front cover portrays the film in a more serious light than the poster which again appeals to the more educated members of the target audience. The poster allows us to broaden our audience due to the ambiguity surrounding it (it could relate to a lot of people young and old). Whereas the magazine front cover allows us to speak to the members of our target audience who have been researching the film and waiting patiently for its release (and the big social realism fans), by refining our magazine front cover and including extra detail we are giving our audience what we want, it gives the audience another outlet in which they can stay interested after they have seen the trailer. One area that I think makes my marketing less effective is the colour scheme because although it is similar on my poster and magazine it slightly different in the trailer which could detract from the brand because people may associate the poster and magazine together but not the trailer and this could have a very negative impact on our marketing techniques.
  5. 5. Overall I would state that I have been effective in linking my film trailer to my ancillary tasks in terms of my target audience as I feel that a lot of the similarities between all three projects help to attract/include my target audience, obviously there are some areas where the links to my target audience may not be as strong as I would have liked, but I feel that is a part of the process and something that I can take forward into my next project. As a whole I feel all three show a strong correlation, which can broaden our audience which was our aim and I feel that has been achieved (as a collective they are also easily marketable).