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A run through on how SearchWorks Digital can work with a PR agency

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PR Agency Presentation

  1. 1. And
  2. 2. Clients know influence is now online
  3. 3. Is Google influential?2,000,000,000searches a month, from the UK alone.
  4. 4. When someone wants to findsomething online, 90% of themuse Google.Search engine traffic is wheresomeone doesnt know what sitethey need and trusts Google toget them to the right place.35% of all traffic to sites in the UK,comes from search engines.Google is the Internet navigation point.
  5. 5. Google is how people find info onproducts and services??PR Influence:• Offline radiating to Online• Thought leadership• Reviews from:o End userso Thought Leaders• How to and Help
  6. 6. The influence ofsearch engine usage.
  7. 7. The influence ofsearch engine usage.
  8. 8. The influence ofsearch engine usage.
  9. 9. The influence ofsearch engine usage.
  10. 10. OverviewWants Online Influence.Goes to...Who work with...Influencing on behalf ofthe client. ClientRelationship / BrandcustodianSubject specialist: SearchmarketingAptitudesSpecialisationsRelationships / Ideas /ProcessData analysis / Process /Industrialisation ofprocesses.
  11. 11. Structure for SEO relationshipActivity Split Out: 70% PR Company / 30% SearchWorksSearchWorks SEO Planning 10%PR Agency : Content Origination -20%PR Agency: Content Production -20%PR Agency: Content Outreach:Goal A: Awareness/InfluenceGoal B: Affect SEO: weblinks 30%SearchWorks:Low level link building. 20%SEO plan inlaid into your influencestrategyIdea generation, source material forcontent, continuity with brand andinfluence strategy.Content creation, whatever media suitsthe plan.Build up influence relationships withMainstream Online Media related to thebrand. Be the online gatekeeper.Lower level linkbuilding that is donesimply for rankings, is done withSearchWorks
  12. 12. 10% for planning
  13. 13. 20% Link buildingFor far more detail on link analysis, see here:Advanced Linkbuilding Methodologies PPTSite Research:- Data Analysis- Human ChecksContentSEO PlanInfluence Plan Outreach Team WebmastersContent & ££ forlink placementTargetedLinksGoogleRankingsOnlineInfluence
  14. 14. Conclusions• Google is the most influential site on the internet. Clients know this• Content needs to be in the right places on Google to create influence• PR creates the right content to influence• SEO steers content to the influencing places on Google.• PR and SEO make very good companions.Influence Keywords used to findcontent that influences...
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