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PR plan template free

PR plan template to help you plan out your Public Relations - the key elements for writing a PR plan.

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PR plan template free

  1. 1. PR Plan Template Free If you are intending to write a PR (Public Relations) plan then there are some key elements to consider including. These are set out below with a brief explanation. Section in plan Description Introduction Background to where you are now and why PR is being planned Objectives What you are setting out to achieve and why Audiences The primary and secondary audiences you want to target and what you know about them Messages The overarching key points/information you want to get across to your key audiences Strategy How you are going to achieve your objectives Tactics The specific ideas to implement the strategy Tools The specific communication tools you will need to support your activity Target media A listing to the press and media you will target Evaluation The evaluation tools you will use to monitor and measure your progress and success Next steps Timetabled action plan with responsibilities identified Once you’ve put your PR plan together, what next? You now need to put it into action. Frustrated with your PR efforts? Competitors getting all the media exposure? Concerned your business needs more media profile? If you want more help on putting you PR plan together and putting it into action or more PR help and tips, then go to: Or call me now on 01923 606223 Or email me Copyright ©Debbie Leven 2013