5.3 Rapid Re-Housing for Single Adults (Foster)


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Working to achieve rapid re-housing with low-income adults experiencing short-term homelessness can be challenging. This is because they typically have severely limited incomes due to lack of public benefits and low wages from work, and often do not qualify for any type of housing assistance. Participants will explore rapid re-housing services focused on single adults experiencing homelessness. Speakers will offer tips for addressing challenges in assessing, targeting, and evaluating outcomes. Special consideration will be given to how to move people off a short-term subsidies.

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5.3 Rapid Re-Housing for Single Adults (Foster)

  1. 1. HPRP Innovative Strategies for Housing Single Adults <br />Abode Services<br /> Rapid Re-housing Program<br />Alameda County, CA<br />Sage B. Foster, MA, MPH<br />National Conference on Ending Homelessness<br />Hyatt Regency Hotel, Washington , DC<br />July 12-14,2010<br />
  2. 2. Rapid Re-housing<br /> Abode Services<br /><ul><li> The goal of the program is to deliver Rapid Re-housing </li></ul> assistance to households in Alameda County. 400-600 <br /> households will receive this assistance through September <br /> 2012.<br /><ul><li> Rapid Re-housing operates out of 5 Housing Resource Centers </li></ul> strategically located throughout the county.<br /><ul><li> Rapid Re-housing partners with multiple non-profit and </li></ul> jurisdictional agencies and private and non-profit developers.<br /><ul><li> Rapid Re-housing provides financial assistance to move families </li></ul> toward housing stability and self-sufficiency. <br /><ul><li> Rapid Re-housing utilizes multiple funding streams: HUD, State </li></ul> of California, and TANF/ CalWORKs.<br />
  3. 3. Single Adults Seeking Rapid Re-housing in Alameda County<br /><ul><li>The homeless single adult population has very few options for low-income housing and shelter services.
  4. 4. Of the 185 households served by Rapid Re-housing (11/2/09-6/30/10), 50% have been single adults.
  5. 5. Of the single adults served, 50% are between 15%-30% of AMI.
  6. 6. Of the single adults served, 85% have yet to meet the Income Goals of their Housing Stability Plan at the time of their 90 day Reassessment. </li></li></ul><li>Leveraging Housing Authority Subsidies for Single Adults<br /><ul><li> Abode Services has partnered with the City of Oakland, Oakland </li></ul> Housing Authority, Lifelong Medical Services (medical and mental <br /> health services) and Operation Dignity (outreach) to leverage Rapid <br /> Re-housing assistance for specific populations:<br /> 1) Individuals living in homeless encampments (40 subsidies & five <br /> S+C vouchers), and<br /> 2) Re-entry (40 subsidies)<br /><ul><li> Rapid Re-housing will pay security deposits, outstanding utilities </li></ul> and moving costs when, if not for this assistance, the individual <br /> would remain homeless. This also applies to veterans with VASH <br /> vouchers and individuals with Section 8. <br />
  7. 7. Housing Search and Selection<br /><ul><li>The Housing Specialist will show individuals 3</li></ul> housing options<br /><ul><li>Encourage individuals to conduct their own search
  8. 8. Distribute updated affordable housing lists
  9. 9. Target safe neighborhoods with well maintained properties
  10. 10. Individuals have 60 days from intake to move in
  11. 11. Conduct credit checks and share with individual prior to submitting application for unit</li></li></ul><li>Innovations Targeting Low, Low Income Singles (often exiting homeless shelters)<br />Single households that are low, low income, not working, or under-employed may require extremely affordable housing options:<br /><ul><li> Single Room Occupancy non-subsidized housing
  12. 12. Shared Housing
  13. 13. Room rental in private home
  14. 14. Subsidized housing
  15. 15. Very affordable private market housing
  16. 16. Senior housing
  17. 17. Housing for individuals with disabilities</li></li></ul><li>More Innovative Strategies<br /><ul><li>Meet with shelter staff and population to introduce Rapid Re-housing Program eligibility and parameters
  18. 18. Have shelter staff prepare necessary documentation for the intake appointment
  19. 19. Maintain a presence at community events
  20. 20. Share success stories with funders and media
  21. 21. Partner with employment development opportunities</li></li></ul><li>Contact Information<br />Sage B. Foster, MA, MPH<br />Rapid Re-housing Program Manager<br />Abode Services<br />Eastmont Town Center Abode<br />7200 Bancroft Avenue Administrative Offices<br />Suite 262 40849 Fremont Blvd<br />Oakland, CA 94605 Fremont, CA 94538<br />510.552.6927 510.657.7409 x 215<br />sage@abodeservices.org<br />