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Grace’S Scrapbook Of The 60’S
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Grace’S Scrapbook Of The 60’S



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  • 1. Grace’s Scrapbook of the 1960’s
  • 2. Created By: Grace Hilo
  • 3. Make Love Not War.
  • 4. The Family. My Daddy and I. The whole family on thanks giving. My older brother and sister.
  • 5. Cars of the60’s
    • My daddy loves cars. He owned his own dealership. Well before that he was a mechanic.
  • 6. Toys and games
    • I turned six years old w
    • I got that roller-skate
    • skate monkey.
    • 20,00 Leagues under the
    • Sea was my brother favorite game.
  • 7.
    • Marvin Gaye, Brian Wilson, and the Beatles which were my favorite.
    • The beetles which came about in the early 60’s made the history of Rock N’ Roll.
  • 8. Events
    • Some plane was shot over the USSR but the plane was one of ours.
    • Malcolm X was assassinated.
    • First man on the moon.
  • 9. Events continued,
    • Johnson wins presidential election.
    • USA and USSR sign nuclear testing ban treaty.
    • American combat troops arrive in Vietnam.
    • Martin Luther King was assassinated.
  • 10. Famous People.
    • Elvis was one of the most known. He was my mommy’s favorite.
    • My older sister loved Twiggy’s clothing
  • 11. Popular culture
  • 12. Inventions
    • Kerosene Lamp was invented in the early 60’s.
    • James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright of Monsanto Industries co-invented Astroturf
  • 13. Sports. I was In Softball for all of my high school years. I’m the catcher
  • 14. Art.
    • The 1960s was a tumultuous decade. It saw the Vietnam war and the Peace movement
    • Color Field Abstraction melted pools of luscious color or formed hue rainbows, and in the hands of Morris Louis or Kenneth Noland, did so on a very large scale.
  • 15. Art continued.
    • Abstract Expressionist painting being produced by well known artists like Robert Motherwell, Lee Krasner, and Barnett Newman. Plus, earlier traditions were being continued.
    • The figure was reborn, as was geometric and painterly abstraction, and so many aspects of life during that wild ride known as the Sixties.
  • 16. Newspaper articles.
  • 17. The end