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Alumni Presentation - 2011 AFLV Central Fraternal Leadership Conference

Alumni Presentation - 2011 AFLV Central Fraternal Leadership Conference



We presented this material in a Hot Topic Session at the 2011 AFLV Central Fraternal Leadership Conference....

We presented this material in a Hot Topic Session at the 2011 AFLV Central Fraternal Leadership Conference.

Link to our Prezi used for the session:



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  • Images: Sunday and Mary Kate as new college students

Alumni Presentation - 2011 AFLV Central Fraternal Leadership Conference Alumni Presentation - 2011 AFLV Central Fraternal Leadership Conference Presentation Transcript

  • AFLV Presentation Building strong Alumni Involvement and Alumni Advisors
    • Mary Kate Lobough Sigma Sigma Sigma, Eastern Illinois University
    • Courtney Stone
    • Sigma Sigma Sigma, Eastern Illinois University
  • The Presenters
    • Mary Kate is currently completing her masters degree in College Student Affairs. She formally served as a Panhellenic Advisor, working for the Greek Life and Housing Departments at Eastern Illinois University. Currently she works with SureSister.com as an Ambassador working with prospective sorority members and Panhellenic recruitment. She also serves as a Membership Development Advisor. Previous presentation experience includes Pathway and Hot Topic presentations at MGCA, including presentations on membership development.
    • Courtney is a former traveling consultant for Sigma Sigma Sigma. She is also a National Officer, currently serving as the Convention Planner. She has worked closely with Tri Sigma's extension planning and has extensive experience with sorority recruitment. She is also currently serving as an Alumnae Recruitment Advisor.
    • Courtney and Mary Kate are both involved in Alumnae Chapters in the Chicagoland area. In addition, Mary Kate currently represents Tri Sigma in the Chicago Northwest Suburban Alumnae Panhellenic.
  • Overview
    • Alumni involvement can be a struggle. It can be hard to create strong alumni programs yet alone recruit and retain strong alumni advisors.
    • However, a strong alumni program and involved advisors creates many opportunities for a chapter to grow and have additional resources. We will discuss how to grow alumni involvement and the resources we can provide alumni so they stay involved in a chapter.
    • Chapters
    • Councils
    • Inter/national organization
    • Whether you want to improve your alumni involvement in your own chapter, all of the chapters on your campus or your national organization we will provide resources for you
    • Recognizing the responsibility of each of these constituents and the resources they each offer, too
  • In this presentation . . .
    • How to recruit strong alumni to get involved
    • How to train and educate alumni so they can support a chapter and help develop strong members and programs
    • How to create relationships and friendships among the alumni, collegians and advisors so they can work well together and aid each other
  • What do you want to accomplish?
    • Clear goals for your Alumni program
    • What are your goals?
      • Are you looking for engaged Alumni?
      • Alumni attendance?
      • Volunteers for events?
      • Volunteers committed to advising?
      • Donations?
  • Set expectations
    • Set expectations for your volunteers - be clear on what you are asking from your Alumni
    • Having clear goals will help you communicate better
    • And often times do not want to "step on toes
      • They had their undergraduate experience, they should not be reliving their undergraduate experience b
  • WHO?
      • Don't always assumes it will be a past leader in the chapter
    • Be selective - be sure HQ or at least current advisory board, Greek Life Office, whoever you can turn to help you select advisors
      • Self appointed advisors can spell disaster
  • WHO?
    • Need to keep Alumni databases – again go to your HQ
      • They should be a part of this process, especially choosing advisors
    • Need to start keeping your database up to date now!
    • And how about identifying future advisors now?
  • WHO?
    • Look outside the box
      • Recruiting non members
      • Faculty
      • Parents
      • Univ Staff
  • Non members?!? Discuss Alumni Initiates
    • Potential alumni initiates include :
      • Campus administrators, faculty and staff members
      • Friends and relatives
      • Personal mentors
      • Community leaders, volunteers and noteworthy citizens
      • Former collegians who pledged a collegiate chapter, but were not initiated
      • Men/women interested in a social, service and/or mentorship experience
      • Men/women who have given their time and talents to a collegiate or alumnae chapter
  • Benefits for Alumni
    • Networking
      • Interaction and support from a national network of men
    • Social engagement
      • Alumnae chapter membership
      • Social engagement and service learning opportunities through membership in an alumni chapter.
    • Mentorship
      • An opportunity to serve as a mentor to collegians, one on one or through a Chapter Advisory Board opportunities
      • Opportunities to find your own mentors
    • Inter/National volunteer
      • An opportunity to utilize your time and talents as a national volunteer through ongoing committee work, special projects and/or advisory roles.
    • Professional development
      • Leadership and skill development opportunities at Conventions and Regional Conferences
    • Even more conference opportunities within Greater Fraternity & Sorority Life
      • Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values
      • Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors
      • North American Interfraternity Conference
      • National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc.
      • National Panhellenic Conference
      • National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations
      • MANY opportunities to volunteer, network and for professional development
  • Benefits for Alumni
    • Organizations resources
      • Magazines
      • Articles on website and in other resources
      • Online networking and other databases
    • Service and philanthropy
      • An opportunity to participate in service learning projects in the local community
    • Scholarships/grants
      • An opportunity to receive scholarships for continued education
    • Civic involvement
      • An opportunity to participate in congressional lobbying in Washington, DC.
  • How How do I reach my Alumni?
    • E-Newsletters
    • Blogs – have students blog their experience
    • Resources page – website
      • Events! Dates, info
    • Social networking
    • Audio – podcasts, mp3
    • Share videos – sites like YouTube/Vimeo
    • On campus workshops/training
    • Offer Webinars
    • Choose Key Alumni plan events in major cities
      • Work with your Campus Alumni Association and Foundation
  • How do I reach my Alumni? Social network
    • Yes, social networking is great
    • BUT you need to be able to reach your audience!
    • So I suggest linked in, too
    • And some Alumni will still want to receive snail mail
      • Mailings can be expensive but may be a good way to collect information – ask Alumni to respond to share how they would like to be contacted
  • Event/Program Ideas
    • Networking events
    • Golf Outings
    • Pair with Parent/Family weekends/events
    • Money an issue? It’s okay, Alumni don’t always base their decisions on which meeting is going to offer free pizza, ok some do.
      • Having events that cost some money can still draw a crowd
      • Ask restaurants for deals – Hello, GROUPON!
    • Scheduling/Planning
      • Weekends – be mindful of planning on certain holidays, etc.
  • Event/Program Ideas
    • Events that will help Alumni
    • Career Services - work with career services on your campus
      • Career mentoring for your members, for Young Alumni
      • Internships, etc.
    • Council's Role
      • Appoint someone to your governing board to communicate with Alumni, Advisors, Alumni chairs and help set up these programs
  • Advising
    • What interests the Alumnus? What fits their experience?
      • For example, you are in desperate need of a financial advisor but find the right fit
  • Developing/Training Advisors
    • Offering opportunity for advisors on you campus and in your organization to meet and share ideas
    • Including you advisors in your chapter training
    • Offering training that advisors can use in their daily life
      • Resources
        • www.strengthsquest.com
        • www.truecolorscareer.com – this one is free!
  • How to create a successful advisory board
    • Retention of advisors
      • Out experience with building a successful advisory board
    • Back to communication
      • Communication is key
      • Avoid frustration and frustrated advisors
  • Building Relationships
    • Expectations of advisors and alumni in general
      • Friendship is a two way street
      • Respecting that alumni and advisors sometimes have to be the disciplinarian and hold the chapter accountable
    • Appreciation of alumni
      • Thank you goes a long way
  • Mentoring Program
    • Mentoring programs
      • Engages member and alumni member
    • Mentoring should start now
      • This idea should be engrained in your members from day one with their big sis, big bro, new member educator - they should be taught from the beginning they are a mentor
  • Final Notes . . .
    • Again, building a strong Alumni program can begin with the collegians now
    • Burn out - if you are burning your members out now they aren't going to want to even attend their local monthly alumni meeting, no matter how fun we tell them it is
  • Your turn.
    • Why do your current programs struggle?
    • What are your current goals?
    • What do you find successful?
  • Passing it on . . . Letter
    • We want them to . . .
      • Know they made an impact
      • Update their information
      • To go to website and share their resources
      • Pass it on
  • Conclusion/Wrap Up
    • We have hopefully equipped you to . . .
    • Recruit strong alumni to get involved
    • How to train and educate alumni so they can support a chapter and help develop strong members and programs
    • How to create relationships and friendships among the alumni, collegians and advisors so they can work well together and aid each other
  • Let us help you
    • Share your stories of reconnecting and getting Alumni involved
      • Share ideas at this conference!
    • www.alumhub.webs.com
    • http://www.facebook.com/Building Strong Alumni Involvement
    • Questions?
    • Contact us.