The Fundamentals of Strategic Planning


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Mike Felmlee, CEO of The Prouty Project in the Twin Cities, gave this talk to a group of entrepreneurs and business owners as part of a speaker series sponsored by Venture Bank. Radiate Presentation Design helped Mike develop the visuals and the narrative structure—comparing the 1960s "space race" to the fundamentals of strategic planning.

Felmlee had this to say about working with Radiate:

"Michael helped me develop a very creative, engaging and visually impactful 60 minute presentation. It received rave reviews and generated leads for several prospective clients. Working with Michael was easy and fun. And, I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome!

If you have a presentation coming up and you really want to WOW your audience, I would recommend you utilize Michael's talents as he is one very creative person."

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The Fundamentals of Strategic Planning

  1. 1. The Fundamentals of StrategicPlanning
  2. 2. Prouty Logo
  3. 3. Moon Photo
  4. 4. The Fundamentals of StrategicPlanning
  5. 5. Current Reality
  6. 6. Jack Welch Quote
  7. 7. Strategic Plan
  8. 8. Funnel Diagram
  9. 9. Potential Pitfalls
  10. 10. Potential Pitfalls
  11. 11. Man safely on the Moon
  12. 12. Earth from Moon