Oliveira Ctf Creation Mozambique 31 03 09
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Oliveira Ctf Creation Mozambique 31 03 09



Oliveira, CTF Mozambique

Oliveira, CTF Mozambique



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Oliveira Ctf Creation Mozambique 31 03 09 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Mozambique Conservation Area Trust Fund Establishment Project By: Tomas Oliveira Facilitator/Coordinator
  • 2. 1. Background
    • Throughout the time a number of policies and strategies were developed in the different sectors related to the conservation of biodiversity in Mozambique, namely Ministry of the Environmental Affairs, Agriculture, Fisheries and Tourism.
    • Need to have coordinated efforts and a holistic way and framework for the biodiversity conservation issue.
    • Proposed solution: Creation of a Country Conservation Policy.
  • 3. 1. Background
    • Harmonization of all policies concerning conservation.
    • Establishment of an agency to coordinate and control all Conservation Areas
    • The establishment of a sustainable financial tools.
    • This led to the First Conference on Sustainable Financing for Conservation Areas in Mozambique (Maputo, 21 e 22 November 2007)
  • 4. 1. Background
    • Recommendations in the Area of Conservation Funds
      • Task force to design TORs for the establishment of a Conservation Trust Fund.
      • Feasibility study to consider different options for the establishment of the Fund and its relationsship with other existing bodies like FUNAB( Environment Fund) and FUTUR/INATUR (Tourism Institute)
  • 5. 1. Background
    • Conference Recommendations in the Area of Conservation Funds
      • Follow up on the feasibility study by the Conservation Group (Composed by all stakeholders in this process, Government, Private Sector, Civil Society, Donors, etc).
      • Conservation Group should seek experience of FUNBIO and REDLAC in this area.
  • 6. 2. The Project
    • This Project in funded by AfD, KfW and CI – GCF through WWF – USA.
    • Countrywide Trust Fund to cover the gap between actual income and total expenses.
    • All conservation areas in the country (forests, animals, marine, etc)
    • Government Commitment.
    • Some signals from WB and GEF/UNDP funds
  • 7. 2. The Project
    • Familarizing with past work on conservation
    • Meetings with main stakeholders
    • Creating a number of legal, strategic and operational tools for the establishment of the fund
    • Training: Basic Training on Conservation Trust Funds, Business Planning for Protected Areas and Exchange visits.
  • 8. 3. The Mission/Vision
    • By 2015, the good management of the conservation areas in Mozambique no longer depend on public funds or externally funded projects, but on a well structured and sustainable financing system.
  • 9. 4. The Fund – Operational Needs
    • Funds needed to cover funds operations
      • Between $200,000 and $300,000 per year
      • Once established and up and running 30% of the total portfolio, but with experience can be brought down to 15%.
      • Seed funds of $5 million and at a conservative 5% return would result in in $250.000 annually.
      • Fund would live from these interest.
  • 10. 5. The Fund – Conservation Areas Needs
    • A pilot study was done to assess CA needs: income, expenses and the gap between these in conservation areas in Mozambique.
    • This shows that the annual needs are on average $200,000 per conservation area.
  • 11. 5. The Fund – Conservation Areas Needs
    • Using an appropriate model we concluded that to manage conservation areas in Mozambique, excluding agency operational costs, we would need approx. $5 million per year.
    • Thus, we would need seed funds of $100 million at 5% annual return.
    • This would result in $250,000 for annual management of the Conservation Areas.
  • 12. 5. The Fund – Conservation Areas Needs
    • The annual $5 million needs result from a community based conservation area system.
    • A capital intensive model would require 5 times more, ie, $25 million.
    • Thus average needs lie at $15 million.
  • 13. 5. The Fund – Conservation Areas Needs
    • Summary for Seed Funds Needs
      • Minimum amount $100m results in $5m
      • Maximum amount $500m results in $25m
      • Average amount $300m results in $15m
      • These figures are based on a number of assumptions
  • 14. 6. Status of the Project
    • Drafts of profile and some operational instruments (Investment strategy)
    • Drafts of TOR for Consultants, Board of Directors, Executive Management, Advisory Committees).
    • Clear about all the steps and legal framework.
    • Trying to establish the Founders Committee(Criteria and TOR available).
  • 15. 7. Training Needs
    • Stakeholder engagement and communications
    • Fundraising, fundraising strategy, including identifying sources of funding
    • Development of an investment policy
    • Strategic planning
  • 16. 7. Training Needs
    • Operational procedures, including administration and grant-making
    • Monitoring and evaluation of institutional performance and biodiversity impact
    • Developing funding proposals
  • 17. End
    • Thank you for your attenttion!