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  • 1. MAKE your campaigns MORE EFFECTIVE mediasmart mobile 2013
  • 3. BOARD Michael Kleindl Aquilino Peña OUR TEAM EXECUTIVE TEAM A group of professionals with many years of experience in the telco and digital advertising industries Noelia Amoedo Nuria Alonso Guillermo Fernández CEO CSO CTO Javier Almirante Marta Lopez de Haro Ad Operations Director Business Development DirectorWHO WE ARE 3
  • 4. WORLDWIDE DATA In 2013, mobile devices will suspass PCs as the most common devices to access the Web At the beginnning of 2013: 6,7 B in the world 1,6 B 5BSource: Comscore Mmetrics / March 2012MARKET CONTEXT 4
  • 5. BUT THE INVESTMENT ON MOBILE ADVERTISING HAS NOT FOLLOWEDThere is still a big gapbetween the time usersspend on mobile devices,and the advertising 43% 42%investment on mobilemedia 26% 25% 22%Average time an average users inthe US spends in selected media 15%versus the share of advertising 11% 10%investment in such media 7% Time Spent Share 1% Advertising Investment Share TV Internet Radio Mobile PrintSource: KPCB / December 2012MARKET CONTEXT 5
  • 6. Display PERFORMANCE: BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY FOR GROWTHOn the internet, perfor-mance is the model of dis-play advertising that hasgrown the most in the past 62% 64% 59%5 years. 57% 51%A similar growth curve 48% 46%should be expected for 42% 47% 45% 41% 41%mobile. 39% 37% 33% 31% 17% 13% 5% 5% 5% 4% 4% 4% CPM Performance Hybrid 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011Source: IAB / October 2011MARKET CONTEXT 6
  • 7. GROWTH OPPORTUNITY IN RTB Within display perfor- mance advertising, RTB is an already established market in Internet, and with a huge growth po- 41% of the publishers will integrate RTB with their tential, both in Internet inventory and Mobile. Expected anual global growth of 59% up to 2012, 27% of the global adverti- for RTB investment** sing investmentl* * Forecast up to 2016* Source: IDC October 2012 ** Source: eConsultancy Online Publishers Survey Report 2011 MARKET CONTEXT 7
  • 8. MOBILE: INFLEXION POINT IN THE GROWTH CURVE Inventory availability Fragmentation Ad Exchanges No standard metrics +700K available apps both in Android and iOS + internet access from mobile than PCs Apple AndroidMARKET CONTEXT 8
  • 9. WE SOLVE TWO MAIN PROBLEMS OF MOBILE ADVERTISING Complexity to manage campaigns if you want to maximize reach, due to audience fragmentation Lack of metrics and optimización to maximize engagementWHY WORK WITH US? 9
  • 10. OUR FOCUS: PLANNING BASED ON USER PROFILES, NOT ON PUBLISHERS CPM ($) Premium 40 Secondary Premium Performance 30 20 15 10 1 Ad impressions (Fill rate) 0 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%WHY WORK WITH US? 10
  • 11. OPTIMIZATION BASED ON CONTEXT + BEHAVIOURIn an ecosystem where audience is more and more fragmen- bsmartted, surfing through hundreds of thousands of apps and mo-bile websites, we identify your audience: Games Operator A We create a user profile when we serve an ad for the Connection Mode Interested in Newsfirst time in our network B We enrich the profile Interested in Soccer Mobile OS As the user browses through our network As the user interacts with our ads C We make decisions on which profiles to serve your Mobile OS Gamesadvertising campaign to based on their likelihood to generate Connection Modea response Other ToolsWHY WORK WITH US? 11
  • 12. OPTIMIZATION BASED ON RESULTS Basic traffic optimization Traffic optimization with bsmart Impressions QUALITY CLICKS: Counting only one click Impressions per user per day, no duplicate clicks and clicks that get to the destination URL Clicks Clicks Interaction with App Sales Leads Calls Views social networks Installs What is a click worth? Tangible value for advertisers (Up to five events per campaign)WHY WORK WIT US? 12
  • 13. MAXIMUM REACH WITH A SINGLE INTERFACE We serve ads on both mobile web and apps, both on Smartphones and in Tablets. BIG PARTNER PUBLISHERS WHO SEND REMNANT INVENTORY (SPAIN ONLY) SMALL AND MEDIUM DIRECT PUBLISHERS (SPAIN ONLY) AGENCIES ADVERTISERS AD NETWORKS CPC OPEN NETWORKS (MOBALOO) AD EXCHANGES- RTB (NEXAGE, MoPUB, SMAATO, ADIQUITY, AdX, MOBCLIX, PUBMATIC)We can also measure clicks and post click events outside of our network, so that you can track the results of all your campaign in a single inteface, amd you can compare mediasmart with other publishers in your plan WHY WORK WITH US? 13
  • 14. OUR TECHNOLOGY: bsmartAdmin Front-EndWeb interface that provides access to bsmart configuration tools, statistics whichallow for manual traffic optimization, as well as report generation for clients.Campaign Configuration/Ad ServingComponent that manages campaign configuration and ad serving, which accepts mul-tiple segmentation variables.Self Learning/Performance Engine CampaignComponent that annalyzes campaign results and optimizes traffic based on such configuration/Ad Servingresults on different sources of inventory and different user profiles.ReportingComponent which stores all the information, both campaign information (confi- Self Learning/ Admin Mediationguration, creativity and results) and user profile information. bsmart allows trac- Performance Front-End Layerking of not only impressions and clicks, but also up to five “conversion” events Engineper campaign. Such conversion events can be defined by advertisers via trackingpixels which directly call bsmart´s reporting component.Mediation Layer ReportingComponent which aggregates all of our inventory and is responsible for identifyingall traffic and users. The mediation layer identifies unique users and extracts bothcontextual information from the inventory and behavioural information from userprofiles.technical platform 14
  • 15. Advanced ad formats SIMPLE BANNER DYNAMIC BANNER Static images or animated with a max of 3 frames. html5, technology, with more visual Geared toward Direct Response Actions: click to call, effects click to be called… (http://vimeo.com/41551147)Formatos Publicitarios 15
  • 16. Advanced ad formats VIDEO BANNER STICKY BANNER INTERSTITIALS Integration of a short video Any of the banners descri- Overlayed formats within the banner bed stays stuck in the screen (http://vimeo.com/41550714) (http://vimeo.com/41551152) when teh user scrolls (http://vimeo.com/41697863)Formatos Publicitarios 16
  • 17. AND, AFTER THE CLICK? Click to expandible creative WITHIN THE EXPANDABLE CREATIVE: Presentation: Games, Lead genertation, Carousel, Swipey, Scroll, 360 View, Click to landing page Video, Animation Games: Click to video Puzzle, Wipey, Painty, Gyro, Countdown, Draggy & Basket Lead Generation: Store Locator, Map, Form, Call, App Click to app download download, Save the Date Social Media: Click to call / click to be called Share on Facebook, Twitter & G+ Feed* Expandable banners can expand automatically after a certain time, without any user interactionAD FormatS 17
  • 18. Gif Format: max 3 frames if animated gif max weight 15KB for Smartphones y 35KB para Tabletas minimum sizes for Smartphones: TECNICAL 728 x 90 px 300 x 250 px 320 x 50 px 320 x 480 px SPECIFICATIONS, 300 x 50 px 480 x 320 px Banners Minimum sizes for Tablets: 728 x 90 px 320 x 50 px 300 x 250 px 160 x 600 px Vídeo banner: mp4 peso máx 1 mgAD FORMATS 18
  • 19. TARGETING VARIABLES A CONTEXTUAL: B DEMOGRAPHIC: Operating System Country Version of Operating System Region Operator Gender Mobile Web vs Apps Age: Connection Time: WiFi vs 3G · Between 13 and 17 Week day · Between 18 and 24 · Between 25 and 34 Range of times during the date: · Between 35 and 44 · Between 23h and 7h · Between 45 and 54 · Between 7h and 12h · More than 55 · Between 12h and 16h · Between 16h and 20h · Between 20h and 23hFrequency capping: The number of impressions that a user sees can be limited to a maximumnumber of times, both per campaign and per day within a campaign.TARGETING VARIABLES 19
  • 20. TARGETINg VARIABLES: InteresTS The interest of a user can be determined thans to both the information provided by the publisher (both contextual and historical) and the interaction of the users with the campaigns. We recommend opening the target of the campaign as much as possible, given that bsmart´s algorithm automati- cally finds the profiles that best work for the campaign. INTERESTS: News Culture Woman Sports Social Media Men Finance Real State Entertainment Society Lifestyle Travel Polítics Luxury Games Science Food and Drinks Shopping Education Weather Animals Tecnology HealthTARGETING VARIABLES 20
  • 22. BUSINESS MODELS The goal is to serve a fixed number of impressions as part of a branding campaign. Rich Media cam- CPM: paigns are sold in this model. CPC: The goal is to serve a fixed number of clicks, independetly of the measurement of any other type of response or conversion. MIXED MODELS IN CAMPAIGNS WHERE WE MEASURE ENGAGEMENT The goal is the engagement with the mobile app. We can measure when the app is opened for CPApp: the first time, as well as other events triggered within the app. The goal is any event that takes place in the landing page or in the mobile web site: search, video CPL/CPV: viewing, product catalogue viewing, calls, leads, purchases, etc... In addition, we can measure clicks and post-click events in other publishers, so that advertisers can compare mediasmart results with those of other publishers. This service has a cost per click, although it can be free if there´s a minimum investment in mediasmart´s network.BUSINESS MODELS 22
  • 24. THANK YOU! Noelia Amoedo 627 486 335noelia.amoedo@mediasmart.es www.mediasmart.es