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Manage your Workforce - Fall 2010 Requester Product Update
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Manage your Workforce - Fall 2010 Requester Product Update


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This presentation outlines new Worker management features released by Mechanical Turk in September 2010.

This presentation outlines new Worker management features released by Mechanical Turk in September 2010.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Manage Your Workforce
    Worker Management Features
    Fall 2010 Requester Product Updates
  • 2. What’s Inside
    An overview of the new features that are being introduced:
    Workers Statistics: Data on who is doing work for you, their performance on that work.
    Manage Qualification Types: Create new Qualification Types in the UI and assign them to Workers to create Qualified Worker groups.
    Worker Management Tools: Bonus, Block and assign qualifications for a specific Worker.
  • 3. Worker Management Benefits
    Our goal is to make it easier for you to find Workers who are good at your HITs.
    These new tools will:
    Identify good workers by giving you data on who’s in your workforce and how they perform so you can easily.
    Allow you to easily manage Workers and Qualification Types.
    Save you time by providing information so you can prioritize your audit systems and send work to your best Workers.
  • 4. Key Concepts
  • 5. NEW - Workers Tab
    See a list of all Workers who have submitted Work to you, their Qualification Types and Block status. Make modifications via CSV.
    Customize your view by selecting the Qualification Types to be displayed (select up to 5).
    New Tab! Found under the “Manage” tab.
    Download a CSV of all your Workers.
    You can assign a Qualification Type, change a Workers Qualification Score and modify their Block Status in the CSV and then Upload the CSV back to Mechanical Turk to process the changes.
    Click on a Worker ID to take action on an individual Worker.
  • 6. Making changes via CSV
    Download the CSV Worker file. Upload it with your changes.
    Many Requesters use Excel to edit the CSV file.
    Block a Worker by changing their Status to “Block”, to remove a block update to “Unblock”
    Change the score assigned to a Worker. Assigning a score, assigns the Worker the Qualification Type.
  • 7. NEW - Individual Worker pageAccess any worker with their ID at this URL:<workerID#>
    This page summarizes a Worker’s performance on your assignments.
    Stats shown represent all work done to date (lifetime).
    Click the buttons to Bonus or Block this Worker. To send a bonus you will need the ID of an assignment the Worker has submitted to you.
    Edit a Worker’s Qualification Score.
    Revoke a Worker’s Qualification by clicking the icon.
  • 8. Block & Bonus a Worker - details
    Must include an Assignment ID (can be from any assignment completed by this Worker, usually found in a previous HIT file).
    Include a reason which is shared with the Worker.
    Requires an explanation (not shared with the Worker).
    In order to reject & republish work, you will need to click on the Worker ID while reviewing Batch results.
  • 9. NEW - Qualification Types tab
    Create your own Qualification Types so you can route work to specific Workers.
    See name, ID, # of Workers with the Qualification, creation date & description
    New Tab! Found under the “Manage” tab.
    Dispose by clicking the icon.
    Disposing will permanently delete the Qualification.
  • 10. Creating & Disposing Qualifications
    To create a new Qualification Type add a Friendly Name and a Description – both are visible to Workers.
    Assign to Workers via CSV or on their individual Worker page.
    Disposing of Qualifications Types is permanent and removes it from the system.
  • 11. Using Qualifications in HITS
    When you create a HIT template use your Qualification Types to route work to specific Workers.
    Select a System Qualification or one of the Qualification Types you have created.
    Define the score criteria required for a Worker to be eligible to do the work.
  • 12. Have Questions?
    Post to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Mechanical Turk Forums:
    Contact Us