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  • 1. What can Google Webmaster Tools can do for you… Webpage Visibility Error Diagnosis Increase Traffic
  • 2. 1. Google account2. Login on
  • 3. • <meta> tag provides information about HTML document: page description, keywords, author of document, last modified, among other data. • Always goes inside <head> element Upload blank Enter URL of Verification HTML doc or sites Paste Meta tagGoogle needs to verify access to domains
  • 4. This is how meta rolls…
  • 5. The secret life of verification… AlterationManage Protection Verification
  • 6. Once site is verified…. Access website profile in WBMT OverviewInformation Information Information Different webmaster tools
  • 7. Tools: Where the “meat” is HTTP URLS not linked Errors RestrictedDiagnostics URL Issues by robots.txt PAGE NOT Time out FOUND Or Unreachable
  • 8. More “meat” Top search How users get to site from a Google search queries Crawl stats PageRank ValuesStats Index stats Advance Google queries: Site, Link, Cache, Info, Related Subscriber Syndication and feeds stats, providing one uses stats Google management systems Googlebot How others ink to one’s page and how those links are considered on page content
  • 9. Tools Internal linksLIN PopularityKS External links
  • 10. ToolsSITEMAPS: This is what initially Google Webmaster Tools was built around • Inform search engines of URLs available for crawling. • Include information on SITEMAP SITEMAPS each URL. • Assist search engines to crawl the site more intelligently.
  • 11. TOOLS ANALYZE Protocol Googlebot Web Spiders / CrawlersRobots.txt Program that browses internet in an orderly, methodical or automated manner.
  • 12. TOOLS PreferredCrawl Rate Domain Overview on Display URLs Googlebot’s based on activity preferences Request more pages Interact more
  • 13. TOOLS Enhance Image Search Control labeling of images Compatible with Google Image LabelerNot much can be done yet with points earned
  • 14. TOOLS Resolve issues with noR longer existent pages that create problems on indexe Um Ro Lv s Remove URLs from index so won’t interfere with statse tools such as Google Analytics
  • 15. ANALYTICS AND WEBMASTER TOOLS Analytics• Tracks traffic only from Webmaster users that enabled • Master Tools process Javascript in browsers. additional data, such as• Track visits to pages duplicate content, and visits which have the correct from robots. • Tracks visits via search Analytics Javascript results or web crawlers. code. • Keywords show most• Keywords display total significant words Google number of queries and finds on your site. Adwords keywords. • Its Search Queries page shows total number of keyword search queries related to search results. • Rounds data one or two significant digits.
  • 16. REFERENCESGoogle Webmastertools a Comprehensive Guide Webmaster Central Blog Webmaster tools Wikipedia Webmaster Guidelines Webmaster Tools Webmaster Tools review Webmaster Tools A review Technical SEO