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CES Data Report Day 3


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Check out our report from Day 3 of CES to find out what dominated the conversation at the world's largest technology show.

Check out our report from Day 3 of CES to find out what dominated the conversation at the world's largest technology show.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. THE LATEST SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS FROM 2013 International CES: Day 3 January 10, 2013 Jason Boies Brand Journalist, Salesforce Marketing Cloud @jasonboiesThursday, January 10, 13
  • 2. 2013 International CES Day 3: Over 195,000 Social Conversations 18000 13500 9000 17,393 Peak of social conversations on Day 4500 3. No single event led to an increased spike 0 in conversation; 12am rather, mentions were 4am steady throughout the 9am day 11am Social Media Conversation from Day 3 at CES 2pmThursday, January 10, 13
  • 3. 2013 International CES Day 3: Samsung makes it a three-peat - Samsung leads on the strength of its keynote presentation featuring Bill Clinton, the flexible YOUM mobile phone, and a CNET article covering its 110-inch 4K TV: 11,860 Samsung mentions - Sony is second: 4,271 mentions as Sony its TV division was featured in an interview with Engadget, in addition LG Microsoft Intel to conversation about its Xperia Z smartphone - LG, Microsoft and Intel received over 3,000 mentions each.Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 4. 2013 International CES Day 3: Nobody Steps Away from the TV Televisions 6,500+ Mentions of Tablets TVs on Day 3 Smartphones Televisions from Samsung, Sony, Apps LG and more continue to create buzz at CES, particular the 4K and Ultrabooks 8K TVs 0 1750 3500 5250 7000Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 5. 2013 International CES Day 3: #DigitalHealthCES Takes Over Removing the official hashtags (#2013CES, #CES) as well as generic hashtags (#tech and #technology), we see #DigitalHealth CES generated a great deal of traffic on Day 3. A number of health initiatives were unveiled at CES this 700 week, using technology to make people healthier. 525 350 175 #DigitalHealthCES #PandoraCES 0 #boca #android #fbyl3Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 6. 2013 International CES Day 3: 35-44 year old Males Still Dominate; Female Conversation Upticks Slightly 35-44 year olds lead the conversation with 2,380 posts (34.4%) Males dominate with 64.4% of conversation to Females’ 35.6% Walk around the showroom and you’ll see just how many more males there are at CES!Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 7. 2013 International CES Day 3: It’s All About 50 Cent - Celebrity with most buzz: Rapper 50 Cent (1,030 mentions), who was at CES this week to promote his headphone line, Street by 50 50 Cent - A distant second: Quarterback Tim Tebow, at CES to promote his SOUL Tim Tebow headphones (158 mentions) - #3:, who was still Dr. Oz Maroon 5 receiving buzz after speaking earlier this week (154 mentions) - Rounding out the top 5: Dr. Oz (144) and Maroon 5 (123)Thursday, January 10, 13
  • 8. Thank YouThursday, January 10, 13