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Technology Products as Timeshare VS Reading and Sports


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Tech Products as Timeshare VS Reading and Sports

Published in: Technology, Travel
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Technology Products as Timeshare VS Reading and Sports

  1. 1.        Technology has been around since dawn of time Key to evolution and survival Ancient times Fire Iron Stone tools Domestication of animals
  2. 2.    Technology at present More advanced Sophisticated
  3. 3.  “Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to produce machines and equipment for practical purposes”
  4. 4.        Cell Phones Laptops LCDs, LEDs DVD Players XBOX, PSP Tablet PCs like IPADs Internet
  5. 5.   We love our iPads, iPhone, Android and laptops a lot. We crave the Internet and feel disconnected whenever we’re away from the comfort of our virtual world. “Tell a teen that “Facebook” is banned and watch their eyes bug out in horror”
  6. 6. The fact is that we are so much surrounded by technology that it has become impossible to live without it
  7. 7.   Imagine a life without Cell phone! Imagine a world without “Google”, “Twitter” and “Android”
  8. 8. “He broke her heart and she broke his iPhone…….. Who cried harder?? V/S
  9. 9.    How do you spend your leisure time? Remember the last time you played any outdoor sports? OR Read “The Kite Runner”, “Aleph” or “PEER-EKAMIL”.
  10. 10.   Huge impact on our leisure activities Football to FIFA
  11. 11.  Newspaper to E-paper
  12. 12.  Amazon announced in August 2012 that its eBook sales had exceeded that of their print counterparts.
  13. 13.   At one point in time, we used to hangout with our friends and family. Now it's only socializing on the internet
  14. 14.  Privatization of Leisure  No more time for clubs and societies.  No time for Sports  Better “Commentators’’ instead of better “Players”
  15. 15.  Save time and cost  A connected world  Information available on fingertips
  16. 16.  Faster and Easier Business  Easy Access to entertainment  Online Education  Video Conferencing
  17. 17.  Too much dependency  Social Isolation  Psychological effects  Cultural Diffusion
  18. 18.  Health related issues like obesity and stress
  19. 19.  No doubt technology has brought enormous changes in our social live and hobbies  We need to keep a balance between using technological products and our social activities.