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Designing the Screenless Experience


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The Internet of Things, describes a world where identified objects and connected devices will revolutionize the way we interact with technology. As designers are now challenged to design interactions for physical objects; beyond designing for the touch screen, we are now designing for the experience, and the experience becomes the product. But what are these experiences look like? And how will UX play a key role in the Internet of Things?

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Designing the Screenless Experience

  1. The Internet of Experience Looking beyond the screen #IoTCon
  2. Avi Itzkovitch UI/UX Designer @xgmedia
  3. Microsoft Envisioning Lab 2009
  4. Productivity Future Vision (2009)
  5. Productivity Future Vision (2009)
  6. Productivity Future Vision (2009)
  7. Productivity Future Vision (2009)
  8. Productivity Future Vision (2009)
  9. Microsoft Envisioning Lab 2011
  10. Productivity Future Vision (2011)
  11. Productivity Future Vision (2011)
  12. Productivity Future Vision (2011)
  13. Productivity Future Vision (2011)
  14. Productivity Future Vision (2011)
  15. Productivity Future Vision (2011)
  16. Productivity Future Vision (2011)
  17. Productivity Future Vision (2011)
  20. IOE Looking beyond the screen THE INTERNET OF EXPERIENCE User Experience in the Internet of Things
  21. The Internet of Experience THE EXPERIENCE BECOMES THE PRODUCT
  22. August – Smart Lock
  23. Sensibo – Make any air conditioner smart
  24. The Internet of Experience DEVICE INTERACTION
  25. CubeSensors – Improving indoor living.
  26. Cone, the thinking music player.
  27. Turn to play
  28. Ask for something
  29. Play something different
  30. Dialog is a concept designed to help people with epilepsy gain a deeper understanding of their condition and make better decisions about their care.
  31. Haptic Feedback Draws attention to the screen for medication reminders.
  32. Double Tap Allows the patient to mark the start of a big or small aura.
  33. Small Gesture Allows the patient to indicate her mood.
  34. Big Grasp Calls 911 when the patient is experiencing a seizure
  35. Ring - Wearable Input Device that lets you control anything. Gesture control, text transmission, payment, and more!
  36. Fin : Wearable Ring Make your Palm as Numeric Keypad and Gesture Interface
  37. The Internet of Experience DISPLAYING INFORMATION
  38. Pull Users choose content in real time based on personal choices
  39. Push Provides direct filtered content to users based on preferences.
  40. Ambient Users configure content for display across ambient devices.
  41. The Ambient Orb is a frosted-glass ball that glows different colors to display real time stock market trends, traffic congestion, pollen forecasts, or any other Ambient information channel: weather, windspeed, pollen, and more.
  42. Ambient Umbrella
  43. When rain, drizzle, snow or thunderstorms are forecasted, the handle glows to indicate the necessity of an umbrella. The light pattern changes depending on the severity of the forecasted conditions.
  44. BluFit - The Smart Water Bottle
  45. Proverbial Wallet
  46. The Internet of Experience HUMAN BEHAVIOR AS AN INTERFACE
  47. Nest The Learning Thermostat
  48. The cubes change color from green to orange to finally red as you keep drinking beyond the safety limit. If things get out of control, the cubes send a text to your close friend using your smartphone.
  49. + A multi-device ecosystem
  50. Sense: Know More. Sleep Better.
  51. Contextual Knowledge for Adaptive Design Turning data into knowledge
  52. Designing with Sensors
  53. @xgmedia Thank you  Avi Itzkovitch