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Agency Symposium - Ayal Steiner, Outbrain


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • The rise of social media made constant creation and distribution of original and curated content a must for any brand, equipping them with content skill sets they didn’t have before.Facebook’s move to the Timeline model only emphasizes the "editorial" nature of brand pages.
  • It all comes down to trust.
  • is where you can now help them ‘Discover’ your content in a native manner.d
  • Thank you.
  • Transcript

    • 1. The Role Of The Media Agencies In A Content Driven World Ayal Steiner, GM Outbrain ANZ
    • 2. 2013… I don’t want to be that guy…
    • 3. 2009…
    • 4. 2003…
    • 5. 1999…
    • 6. I don’t want to be that guy… BUT!
    • 7. Something is happening…
    • 8. The Role Of The Media Agencies In A Content Driven World Ayal Steiner, GM Outbrain ANZ
    • 9. Content Discovery… ….Working with global brands
    • 10. “Content marketing is key to creating an emotional connection with customers.” 74% 83% “Content marketing is more effective than advertising for customer engagement.” Source: Content Marketing Survey Report 2012, eConsultancy
    • 11. Planned Spend On Content in AUS Over next 12 months Source: ADMA 2013
    • 12. I don’t Know…………. Why is this happening???
    • 13. The Ad-Factory is broken
    • 14. You’ve got an audience… now what?
    • 15. Getting content discovered
    • 16. Back to the drawing board…
    • 17. The distribution of valuable content to engage people
    • 18. Content marketing is storytelling
    • 19. It’s not going anywhere
    • 20. Challenges
    • 21. Challenges Opportunities Create Format Distribut e Measure
    • 22. Challenges Opportunities Create Quality Velocity Skills
    • 23. Curate if you can’t create
    • 24. Challenges Opportunities Format Text/Video Own / Earned Device
    • 25. Leverage trusted sources…
    • 26. Challenges Opportunities Audience Content Distribut e Search Social Discovery
    • 27. Outbrain Discovery Organic recommendations drive to other articles/videos from News.Com.Au Sponsored recommendations “from around the web” drive to branded content.
    • 28. Challenges Opportunities Measure Engagemen t Attribution ROI
    • 29. Avg. 10.4 digital touch points …Across devices … Last click attribution
    • 30. I share Social Search I Search I care Discovery I discover I am aware
    • 31. “Content is just for awareness” Content drives bottom line sales Content spikes direct response Social chatter and followers Brand affinity and purchase intent
    • 32. Whom should we talk to? The lines are blurring Creative Media Brand PR Publisher
    • 33. Be the change… Run into the wind… Fly or die… Don’t get biter get better… Evolve or dissolve.. You snooze, you lose… and other boring clichés
    • 34. Thank You