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The slow death of creativity in b2b


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Like a slow boiled frog, creativity is dying a slow death in B2B.

Published in: Marketing
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The slow death of creativity in b2b

  1. The slow death of creativity in B2B Everywherebrand 2014
  2. In fact it’s not just B2B but marketing in general. Everywherebrand 2014 B2B Marketing is in trouble
  3. “[marketing] is run by accountants, it’s lost its way and purpose” (So says Steve Henry, one of the 40 most influential people in British advertising over the last 50 years.)
  4. It’s not pretty: Everywherebrand 2014 Image: American Werewolf in London
  5. “Marketeers have become technicians capable of servicing their client’s advertising boiler, when they thought they were architects” (Matthew Charlton is the CEO of Brothers and Sisters)
  6. Everywherebrand 2014 Image: Dark Alley by Hideyoshi
  7. For the last few years marketing agencies have been wrestling with how to remain relevant. Everywherebrand 2014 Then... agencies starting trying to compete with the £x=y results that you got from Google PPC. Then... agencies had access to all the big data now so needed to talk like they knew what to do with it. Image: Dark Alley by Hideyoshi
  8. Truth was that Big data was like teenage sex: everyone talked about it, nobody really knew how to do it, everyone thought everyone else was doing it, so everyone claimed they were doing it. This is a stolen quote that we’d attribute if we knew who it was from. Image: Porkys
  9. Agencies chose the wrong way to attempt to remain relevant. In devaluing creativity - whilst pretending to have a formula for results in an effort to be relevant to results orientated businesses - they killed the golden goose. (or if not killed then at least fatally wounded it) Everywherebrand 2014
  10. The only hope for agencies is to reverse up. Everywherebrand 2014 We messed up, go back. Agencies need to prove they can deliver insights into human behaviours, be the emotional intermediary between business and their customers, not the accountant.
  11. But after talking results for the last few years big agencies can’t admit that they’ve chosen the wrong route. Instead they keep on adding to the mistakes. Everywherebrand 2014
  12. Mistakes like jumping on technical answers like programmatic (or native) But native advertising is a poor and ugly replacement for insight. It works on the premise that you don’t really have to worry about having the human insight to make people want to read it, as you can just stuff it in their face time and time again until they can’t not read it. And what do you think happens? Too much info = the ability to switch off and visually exclude stuff. Ever wondered how waiters are so adept at ‘not seeing you’? Because they know you’re there. Insight driven work catches people off guard by giving them something they didn’t expect or know. But after talking results for the last few year big agencies can’t admit that they’ve chosen the wrong route. Instead they keep on adding to the mistake. Everywherebrand 2014
  13. Everywherebrand 2014
  14. “Advertising should grab you by the throat, should choke you, your eyes should water, your heart should race, and you should almost pass out.” That’s from George Lois. The only person inducted into all of the following: The Art Directors Hall of Fame, The One Club Creative Hall of Fame, with Lifetime Achievement Awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Society of Publication Designers, as well as a subject of the Master Series at the School of Visual Arts.
  15. Only radical creativity can deliver the experiences that make people Everywherebrand 2014 to look, to read, to listen, to engage with brands.
  16. It’s time for agencies to return to their roots: Everywherebrand 2014
  17. It’s the difference between being driven to connect with audiences compared to wanting to “capture” them. Math men set out to capture. Mad men set out to connect. Everywherebrand 2014
  18. Who’s championing great work? Everywherebrand 2014 Who’s being radical? Where all the amazing ideas are? Where all the creative has gone?
  19. Bad things happen when good creatives do nothing Everywherebrand 2014
  20. For help/advice/joining the revolution And while B2B creativity is dying a slow death, are you passively watching, fighting the revolution... or do you have a knee on its throat? ( ) Everywherebrand 2014