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How to deal with cs work

  1. 1. 1.What is CS work?CS means Customer Service ≠ Counter – Strike2 Why should we do CS work? Like many other dating sites, our revenue is mainly from users’ membership fee. Customer is our king. We should treat their feedback seriously and timely. The quality of user’s profiles is quite important and it affects other users to pay directly. So we need to submit user’s profiles carefully and timely.
  2. 2. Checking rules and submission tips(With Demo):Note: You are ONLY allowed to use your own account to do related CS work. Using others account without permission will be considered as cheating and will lead to being fired.1) Rules on profiles, messages,comments submission and photos:Personal attacks or harassments. Nasty username. Delete a user looking for teenagers and “sugar mommy". Contact information. Other sites names. Inappropriate photo, reversed photo. Standard member scammer profile. The criteria for low quality profile:Poor English in describing wordings.Fake photo.Porn wording / picture.Proxy score is 1+.Share IP with other blocked profiles(exclude AOL user).Suspected fraud tag.Reported by others with reasonable evidence.From undesired countries.
  3. 3. Submission and feedback checking timeDuring working time, QA check CS work every day at 4:30 pm.For any holiday / weekend / traveling / activity. QA check CS work at 4:30pm from the second day of the holiday / weekends / traveling / activity. Staff should arrange his / her CS by himself / herself by biding the CS work to others or asking help from others. If the whole teammates involve in the traveling / activity, leaders send application to related QA for the delaying (no more than another 8 hours).
  4. 4. How to submit profiles?New profiles have to be approved in the censor before being found in search results by others.1) Profiles are divided into “Undesired” and other types at censor.• “Undesired” are from Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa countries (except South Africa, Egypt). Also include country IP code is from undesirable countries, i.e. United States (IQ), IQ stands for Iraq. Most of them should be deleted.• “Normal” are profiles from normal countries or their IP.2) Remove email addresses, websites names, phone numbers, unknown codes and inappropriate things in profiles and photo descriptions. Users can contact each other only through our sites.3) For users claiming to have very high income, be careful.• For profiles with age below 23, make it “Prefer not to disclose” or "Please ask me".4) We accept users above the age of 18, including 18. (Except Gothicmatch 14)5) We can keep photos of pets and cars for all users, but the main photos should be a personal image. If the main photo is not personal image, it should be changed.6) We can keep user’s other photo with no face as long as there is no porn content and there is a body.
  5. 5. What kind of profiles should we delete?1) Some guests look very undesirable to other users. Delete them to maintain good quality level of our sites. Otherwise they will turn away potential gold members.2) Delete profiles related to porn or sex solicitation. Delete guest’s profile with porn photos.3) If the user is looking for a sugar daddy or sugar mom or offers “escort”, delete.4) If a less-developed country profile has few or bad contents, delete it. They are not serious.5) Delete profile from non-developed country with only repeated words & wrong code. Delete such words or code only in profiles from developed country.
  6. 6. Fine rules:Submission: Randomly pick 4 projects on every Monday meeting, and inform staff@ the picking results. 2). QA only check two-days cs work in the pass week.Fine 50 RMB for each CS mistake including submitting and feedback.(wrong profile / message / reply / grammar mistake).Staff should correct the confirmed CS mistake within 2 working days after get notification from QA. If not, doubleDelay of submission and reply: 100 RMB fine: any of the required-submitting items on censor or feedback exceed limit(15) or any of them delay over 2 days.Failure of gold membership cancellation: 100 RMB fine on the staff who made the mistake. If cant find that staff, fine goes to the team.Phone complaint: 100 RMB for each one phone complaint for a
  7. 7. What are the tips for Ranking 3000 or 4000 or none?"Rank 3000" or "4000" for profiles with beautiful pictures raise gold membership rate. If main photo and profile are good enough to be ranked, just choose “Set rank 3000”. If user’s another photo is better than the main one, then switch main photo first before ranking.1) For profile with nothing in "About me" and "About my match", no ranking.2) Try not to rank users from small or less-developed countries and Russia.3) Rank 3000 is for good-looking users and average-looking gold members, rank 4000 for very good-looking ones. Each site could make adjustment according to female/male ratio to increase the matching chances for gold members.4) If the user looks for discreet relationship or mentions "discreet", “ married”, do not rank it;5) For an ordinary-looking user with high annual income (above $500k), excellent and detailed introduction, we can rank it 3000.
  8. 8. How to approve Comments on profiles?Not approving negative messages or comments make users angry with us. Replace negative comments with "Others can contact me for more information"; only submit positive comments; no porn, vulgar words, personal attacks and harassment; no contact information.Note: “Support”is for our feedback mailbox support@. Account“Support”should be hidden and should not be on hold at censor. Otherwise ask engineer to fix it.
  9. 9. Censor password is very confidential information available to the team members and QA. Please ask corresponding QA staff or leader to test suggestions on censor to keep password confidential.What should you do if you can’t open censor page or censor is too slow?• Use our proxy: Port: “3128”.• Port: “1080”.• Visit• Username: support• Password: cd124Then enter a URL ( )What should you do if you can not finish submission due to site problem?Please double check it. If it still doesnt work, email related QA cc temmatesvin advance using this format:Title: (1/5) MM can not finish submission before 4:30 PMSite:Date:Reason:
  10. 10. What to do if you find any scammers?For Paypal suspect scammer, report to Irina and cc related QA for all the time.For other non-Paypal user, please follow this rule:During working time, report it to related QADuring weekends and holidays, report suspect scammer to directly. QA will check it timely.Staff can mark unsure profiles as suspect scammer, but need to deal with them within 7 days thereafter. Otherwise these profiles will be taken as submission mistake. 50 rmb fine per one
  11. 11. Over for part one!
  12. 12. Feedback rules:Obvious grammar mistake / wrong spelling / wrong format in the replies.Vague / unclear / unrelated replies.Fail to answer feedbacks in time.Staff fail to cancel gold membership in time according to users request.100rmb fine.Staff are not allowed to use abbreviation words while answering feedback from users, such as "asap". For investigations, staff should get back to users that within how many days we will get back to them with investigation results. If staff want to use “we will get back to you soon”, he needs to add "normally within X working days." together with it.
  13. 13. Feedback tips:1. Do not tell user’s password directly to avoid hacker. Send to them from censor link.2. After blocking a confirmed scammer, send email to, cc leader and support@ for refund ASAP.
  14. 14. Feedback tips:3. Add your English name + First letter of your family name in email signature. For example, “Sammy W”, “Bob Q”.Use this as signature:Sammy W,Customer serviceSuccessfulmatch/xxx.comCustomer service email: support@xxx.com24/7 Customer service & support: 1-(416)-628-1072For more information, please visit “Help/Faq” link on our website.
  15. 15. Feedback tips:Also remove spamming emails first after opening webmail.4. Check all folders at webmail. Answer all feedback from users in time. Do not remove any emails without leader’s approval.5. Deal with feedback folders in order:Gold Live Support  Feedback  inbox Report abuse Wink  Billing stop  Leaving reason auto fail  Trash(How to distinguish gold and standard user in email?)
  16. 16. Feedback tips:7. If cannot deal with feedback in time, send an email to related QA, cc all teammates and state the reason. Use this format:Title: (5/1) MM can not finish feedback before 4:30PMContent: MM can not finish feedback before 4:30PM today. Reason: xxxx8. For bug reported by users. Test first. If true, send to on duty engineer with screenshot, your test
  17. 17. Feedback tips:9. Emails we do not need to reply if no other requests in email(For our reference or system will send auto-email):Verification requestRefund confirmationBilling stoppedLeaving reasonFailed paymentAuto-reply email
  18. 18. Feedback tips:10. How to add or edit folder at webmail (Do not touch it without leader’s permission. If the filter setting changes by mistake, emails in all folders will cause problems)11. How to Add / remove templates at webmail.12. Feature of wink.Standard A  Standard B , sender is support@domain.comStandard A Gold B, username@Gold A  standard B username@Gold A  Gold B username@
  19. 19. Feedback tips:12. Email feature for standard member:They can reply to emails from gold members. Send free wink. But they can not initiate emailing to others.13. Remember to cancel auto-renewal if users request this clearly in email. 100rmb fine for violation.14. Always use “Dear member,” as greeting. No spelling / grammar mistake or wrong, vague answers. Or 50rmb fine per one.15. Ask and answer examples:
  20. 20. 1. What is Chargeback?2. How deal with users who requested chargeback, chargeback bonus, identify scammer (item23, 24, 29) 55/cust3. Chargeback tcb
  21. 21. Have a Nice Day!