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Comment marketing

  1. 1. Comment Marketing
  2. 2. 1: What is comment marketing?• Leave comments with clone name on as many as related blogs, news, articles, videos or other resources.
  3. 3. 2. How to do comment marketing?• An example on•1. /2/3/130080156228.gif• 2. The username is my domain.•
  4. 4. 3.Bidding resources and open resources• Bidding winners can use them for 6 months (from 9/22 to 3/22)•, Maggie, 50 rmb.•, Michael, 300 rmb•, maggie 50•• ---------------------------------------------------------------• ( Kaly, 6020 rmb•, Michael,150 rmb•, Sammy, 50 rmb•, Judy, 140rmb• They can use it for 6 months (from 10/19 to 4/19)
  5. 5. • Resources no staff bid it.•,• 7:00-17:00 (,• 17:00-24:00 (,• 24:00-7:00 (,•,•,•,•,•,•,•,•,•,•,•
  6. 6. ••••••• http://www.stylelist.com111,•,•,•,••,
  7. 7. •••••
  8. 8. 4. Resources that caused serious complaints(Banned resources):• 5. Resources that caused serious complaints(Banned resources):•••••••••••••••••••••
  9. 9. 5. How to search comment resources.•
  10. 10. 6.What are the rules about comment marketing?• 1) Fine 200 rmb once we get any complaint from webmaster or (for all marketing ways, including social sites).• 2) Avoid repeated comments. For the same project, only allow one comment on the same page under one topic. For different projects, the space between two comments will not be less than 9 comments.• 3) For resources bidding by different time periods, the space between two comments will not be less than 5 comments.• 4) Forbid to comment on bidding resources unless you buy resources from winners and resources we have stopped.• For 2), 3), fine RMB10 per message.
  11. 11. • 5) No fine if the two comments are made within 5 minutes (including 5).• 6) Keep the same fine for new staff who comment for veterans if s/he can pass the probation, otherwise ignore the fine.• 7) For veteran staff who hire students or have marketing assistant, S/he should let them be well aware of comment rules. If students or marketing assistants comment on banned resources and get complaints outside the company, the veteran staff will bear half of the fine.• 8) If we get too many complaints, we can shut down the clone.• 9) The reporter can get report bonus accordingly.
  12. 12. • 10). You can use your own ID to create a redirected URL to comment, but you are forbidden to use other staffs ID to do it, or we will consider it as cheating. And redirected URL is the same as clone site, so if your redirected URL violates the comment rule, you will be fined too.• 11). If we receive webmasters complaints for two times, or we find that staff use porn words to promote his / her clone site, we will take back the clone site and fine that staff 200RMB. The clone site will be transferred to other staff in the team through bidding.• 12). If there is an evidence to show that A staff posts many non- marketing messages to cover B staffs comment so that A staff can post his own comment, B staff can charge A staff for up to RMB 1,000 damages. Judges for the past 5 weeks set up arbitration to decide whose fault and what kind of damages.
  13. 13. 7.Rules on bidding system:• How does bidding system work?• In order to decrease complaints and make more staff to find new resources, we authorize big resources to some staff by bidding. The highest bidder will get the usufruct of the resource for 1 month / 6 months. And we will re-bid the resource after the period. Staff can check "Open Resources" and use any resources overdue except banned and bidding resources.
  14. 14. • Rules on bidding system:• 1. For other resources, staff can comment on any expired sites except banned and bidden ones.• 2. Bidding winners can accept money from other clone sites to use their resources. But any 200 RMB penalty will go to the winner if we find other clones abuse the resource. They have to be very careful to select clones.
  15. 15. • 4. Other staff (including small sites ceo) cannot comment on any bidding resource, or the same fine with staff. Allow small sites ceo to join the bidding.• 1). Only winners can report violations and get the money. Fine RMB 30 per comment. But staff can buy resources from bidding winners.• 2). Only winners can report each comment with RMB 30 fine on the same news especially hot news.• 3. Any staff can report bidding winner with screen shots for not fully using the resources to marketing department, if marketing department receives the complaint 3 times , that resource will be rebid.