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How to reduce cs mistake


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How to reduce cs mistake

  1. 1. CS mistakes types + How to reduce? Emma 2012-12
  2. 2. CS mistake types?• Submission mistakes: 1. submit gold scammers. (Gold: promote site: fine 100RMB, bidding site: fine 300RMB) 2. fail to deal with suspected scammer in time(rule:within 7 days) not follow QA / Irinas instrucetions after report suspected scammer remove the fraud tag wrongly (If it cause chargeback later, fine 100RMB) 3. contact info, other site name on the photo, reversed photo, standard member scammer, MM user looks for sugardaddy... (contact info: fine 20RMB, others: fine 10RMB)• Feedback mistakes:1. Wrong reply (fine 20RMB)2. Grammar, spelling error (fine 10RMB)3. Wrong format, such as wrong signature. (fine 10RMB)
  3. 3. SamplesSubmit gold scammers:scammer who filed charge back: to avoid ?Always google photo, about me, about my match, check email historys, ask user to verify, call.Report suspected scammer (normally score is +) to QA / Irina, learn from following bloked scammers:1)
  4. 4. fail to deal with suspected scammer in time (Rule: within 7 days)How to avoid? --> Make your working email address associated to CS account to get response of reports in time.
  5. 5. not follow QA / Irinas instrucetions after report suspected scammer
  6. 6. remove the fraud tag wrongly
  7. 7. Contact info How to reduce? Be careful + search by keywords after submission
  8. 8. Other site name on the photo
  9. 9. Reversed photo Note: Users may upload the photo taken by smart photo, sometimes, even staff rotate the photo, the photo is still reversed. In this case, staff should go to search, then download the photo, edit then upload again for user.
  10. 10. Wrong reply:staff may deal with feedback totally wrong.•
  11. 11. CS staff send wrong refund requst: when the feedback is about the membership, staff should be careful. Please check the refund rule as follows seriously:
  12. 12. Grammar, spelling error: How to reduce? Click the "Check spelling"
  13. 13. Wrong signature:
  14. 14. Others: for example: insert 2 templates to reply
  15. 15. How to reduce CS mistakes?• When submission 1) When submit gold, if 2+ suspicious points or the profile score is 4+, investigate seriously, then report to QA / Irina. Follow their instruction after report. 2) Be careful when submit normal profiles, pay attention to the red part system warns. 3) After submisson, you can go to search contact info keywords and reversed photo to review.• When deal with feedback: 1) If you are not sure about the new feature users consult, check websit immediately 2) For site bug or problem users report, submit suggestion to fix. If you are not sure, consult on duty engineer. 3) If you can not solve users issue by email, ask Toronto staff to call. 4) For difficult feedback, you can refer QA or toronto staff for help 5) Be extremely careful when you deal with refund, or potential chargeback.
  16. 16. • Be careful! P.S. Public email gather all cs mistakes: masonsoft)• Submit suggestions to improve our system: check masonsoft) , search sug-censor, or sug-chargeback to learn