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Setting Up your Google+ Account - Tips, Tricks and Hacks

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Using the New New Google+, this Google+ 101 presentation walks you through set-up steps, how to use hangouts, how to set up google authorship, as well as hacks and tools to use: …

Using the New New Google+, this Google+ 101 presentation walks you through set-up steps, how to use hangouts, how to set up google authorship, as well as hacks and tools to use:
--Setting up a Google+ Account for business
--How to maximize the business value of Google+
--How to grow connections on Google+ and build influence
--How to use Google+ to influence your search engine results
--Tools, tips and tricks to optimize Google+ experience

More in: Business
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  • Wikipedia – Self explained SEL – Danny Sullivan – Industry leading site that covers seo industry Moz – Rand Fishkin – one of biggest names in industry – provider of many great seo tools My definition – More than just web sites or web pages – other assets too – as we’ll see later on. You also saw the word “organic” – let’s talk about the differences between organic listings and paid listings.
  • Source: http://socialmediatoday.com/stephaniefrasco/1332761/google-plus-overview [INFOGRAPHIC]


  • 1. FUNDAMENTALS OF GOOGLE+Mana IonescuPresident, Lightspan Digital@manamicaLightspanDigital.com
  • 2. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -WHAT WE’LL COVERHow to Get StartedSegmenting aka The Beauty of CirclesTips and Tricks and HacksHow to rock G+ for Business
  • 3. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Why Care?More networking = more relationships = more leadsAccess to people you can’t reach any other wayGet more clicks on your search results with authorshipIf you’re not on Google Local you don’t existA clean slate - a space “devoid of automation, insincerity, fatuousness,intersecting monologues, or professional pretenseGet more traffic. Where there’s traffic there’s hope.~@crestodina
  • 4. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -mana@lightspandigital.comCompared to TwitterRand Fishkin,Co-Founder of SEOMozsays Google+ traffic is the same as Twittertraffic despite lower follower count. ThusGoogle+ CTR is higher than Twitter.
  • 5. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Set-upThe Google+ account takes a bitof work•Be ready to compel with yourstory•Use links•Connect all your social networks
  • 6. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Images•Top banner image is16x9 ration, up to 2120 pixels by 1192 pixels•Profile image is round – avoid images with borders•By default, “posts” page doesn’t display top 1/3 of banner image until youscroll up
  • 7. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Get Circling, now“Peopling”Why?• Segment• Target• FocusG+ is the only social network that allows you to:1.Notify up to 100 specific people of a new post•Make a post visible only to specific lists of followers
  • 8. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Find CirclesStep1: Go to: http://ldig.it/CirclesListStep 2: Find/Follow Web Designers: http://ldig.it/webdesignercircle
  • 9. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Journalists on Google+http://www.recommendedusers.com/journalists/
  • 10. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Get Smart – UncircleUncirclers
  • 11. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Get Stats with CircleCount.com
  • 12. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Demographics•70% Male•Tech and science focus•Visually interested
  • 13. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Demographics•International visibility•50% US
  • 14. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -The +1 Connects the WebYou can +1•Posts on Google+•Articles from the outside
  • 15. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Explore Interests & HaveConversationsUse the search bar and left hand havigation to explore:•Trends: #ScienceFriday•Images and Animated Gifs•Communities
  • 16. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Communities•The best of LinkedInand Facebook groups•Light and clear
  • 17. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Events
  • 18. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Find Events
  • 19. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Hangouts•Easy video chat•Collaboration•Quick YouTube Videos
  • 20. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -CollaborateMy contribution Kate’s contributionKate and I drafting a Facebook ad
  • 21. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Create Content
  • 22. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Have Fun!
  • 23. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Create a Business Page
  • 24. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Get Your Page Verified• Your Google+ page must be “official.”• Your Google+ page’s profile must contain a link to yourwebsite.• Your organization’s website must connect to your Google+page, by adding the Google+ badge or a snippet of code.• Your Google+ page must have a “meaningful” number offollowers.• Go to http://ldig.it/GPlusVerify to complete the verification
  • 25. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Set-upIMPORTANT: Only a Local Business or Place can be verified andmerged with a Google Places location. Full info:http://ldig.it/GoogleLocalFAW
  • 26. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Connect Your YouTube Account
  • 27. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Business Best Practices• Segment with circles• Reach out• Create content with hangouts• Post lots of images and videos• Tag others• Write opinion pieces• Use hashtags
  • 28. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Hacks and Extensions• Use Chrome extensions:– Do-Share: Write and Schedule Posts– Extended-share: share G+ post to Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon andmany more
  • 29. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Other Tools• Set up ManageFlitter to automatically post G+ posts toTwitter: http://ldig.it/LDMFlitter• Post form G+ from Hootsuite• Use Google+Blog Wordpress plugin to automaticallycross-post your G+ post to your blog• Create a quasi-custom URL with http://gplus.to/– try gplus.to/manamica
  • 30. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Get Author Rank• Why? Get more clicks• How?Method 1:• Step 1: Include Rel=author on all you write, like this:“Connect with Mana on Twitter @manamica and Google+” [where the Google+link is coded as follows] >>> <a title=”Author: Mana Ionescu onGoogle+”href=”https://plus.google.com/u/1/110149804655622279740?rel=author” rel=”author“>Google+</a>• Step 2: Add the url of your article to the “Contributor to” section of yourGoogle+ profile
  • 31. #wineweb Mana Ionescu - @manamica -Got Authorship? Pro MethodAuthorship