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Social mediaworkshop19 01_2012

  1. 1. Social Media Advanced
  2. 2. BDM access a number of funding streams in order to bring youcost effective training, this course has has been brought to youcourtesy of funding provided by AWM and the West MidlandsBusiness Operations Leadership Project in conjunction withBDM. ‘Improved Business Performance through Improved Personal Performance’
  3. 3. Your Social Media course isdelivered by Jean Maund in with Just askJean. Twitter: @justaskjean Linkedin:
  4. 4. Timetable10.00 Introductions, objectives10.30 General principles How to choose your social media Activity 111.40 Twitter & Facebook12.40 – 1.30 LUNCH1.30 Linkedin Activity 22.30 COFFEE BREAK2.45 Google +3.30 Next Actions Activity 3
  5. 5. Objectives• Introduction to social media – What is social media – Why we need it in our businesses – How to choose which social media to use – General points to consider – How to manage and monitor social media – Specific hints and tips on how to use the major social media sites
  6. 6. • Twitter – The importance of your profile – Twitter jargon – Finding people• Facebook – Creating a business page – Groups – creating and joining
  7. 7. • Linkedin – The importance of your profile – Finding key people to connect to – Questions, events and groups• Google + – Understanding and Using Circles – Business pages – Hangouts
  8. 8. Concerns? Questions?
  9. 9. Why bother with social media? • Statistics • Know, Like & Trust factor
  10. 10. General Guidelines• Pick the right tools• Know what you want• Keep your branding consistent• Use analytics• Be social• Dont always be selling
  11. 11. Connect the dotsFacebook Twitter Blog Google +/ YoutubeLinkedin etc
  12. 12. Choosing the right SM Activity for you and your business• working_websites
  13. 13. Overview of Major Social Media Sites• Facebook• Relationship-based users• Social/Business• Google+• Content-based users• Business-based users• Business/Information• Twitter• Topic-based users• Celebrities (at least in their own niches -- or minds!)• Business/Information• Business/Self-promotion• Branding• LinkedIn• Business-based users• Business/Branding• Availability
  14. 14. Twitter/Facebook
  15. 15. Similarities• Personal• Visitors are more likely to be looking for entertainment rather than business.• Other people can – Share – Comment• Can be VERY distracting
  16. 16. • 140characters •Micro-blogging siteAnatomy of a Twitter page :!/stephenfry
  17. 17. Language• Names @justaskjean• Tweet• # hashtag – #FF Follow Friday• RT Retweet• DM Direct Message
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Facebook
  20. 20. Use to• Make offers /discounts etc – Burt’s Bees• Other examples: – – – 512193557
  21. 21. Business Pages
  22. 22. Things to consider•Friendly URL e.g•Have more than one admin•Check security and sharing settings
  23. 23. Understanding LinkedInThe Social Network for Business Professionals
  24. 24. What Is LinkedIn?• A social media network where business people grow their networks and expand their business connections
  25. 25. The Benefits of LinkedIn• Talk directly with decision makers• Accessible from any computer, any time of day• Identify, research, contact, follow up, engage & maintain your prospects all in one place
  26. 26. Creating Your Profile• Your profile = resume, business card & elevator speech all rolled together• What type of image do you want to project?• What type of prospects do you want to reach?
  27. 27. Creating Your Profile• How will you position yourself and contribute your expertise?• How are other leaders using LinkedIn?• Check out your competitors’ profiles• Adjust your profile as necessary
  28. 28. 5 LinkedIn headline tips• Think value proposition - how do you provide value? Be as specific as possible here and remember the old saying: "the nicher, the richer".• Think target audience - whom do you provide value for and who will read this? Its not always the end customer that is the decision maker.• Unique selling point - you are likely to be stacked up against your competitors and you had better have your USP in the headline already to stand out.• Now think keywords, pepper your headline with the keywords that you think people will do searches for. The more technical terms here the better (software, standards, certifications etc).• Finally, think memorable. Your greatest challenge online is to be remembered so be creative and/or funny so that your headline sticks with the people that matter.
  29. 29. Customizing Your URL• Customize your URL for branding purposes• Easy to remember• Promote your signature on your blog, Facebook pages & email signatures to drive traffic to your profile
  30. 30. LinkedIn Answers
  31. 31. LinkedIn Groups• Strengthen connections in an exclusive forum• Where LinkedIn members share common skills, experiences, industry affiliations, and goals• Private groups have the authority to accept or deny your request
  32. 32. Google Plus•
  33. 33. Bringing it all together• Your marketing plan• Monitoring and control – Google Alerts• Managing/scheduling – Hootsuite – Bufferapp• Linking with each other and your blog/website
  34. 34. Recommended reading• Know me, Like Me, Follow Me – Penny Power• Groundswell – winning in a world transformed by social technologies – Charlene Li and Josh Berrow• Crush It! – Gary Vaynerchuk