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Water questionnaire

  1. 1. Water questionnaire 1) What water system do you have? a) Central water b) Local (well) c) Drivenwell (shared by several families) 2) What kind of sewage system do you have? a) Local b) Central c) Polluted water is driven into the nature (ground etc) 3) How do you wash up? a) Under running water by hand; b) By hand but without letting the water run c) Using a dish-washer 4) While brushing your teeth, do you .... a) Let water run b) Use a glass of water c) Either, it depends 5) What do you use for getting washed? a) Take a bath b) Take a shower c) Go to sauna d) Other 6) While taking a shower, do you ... a) Let the water run all the time b) When I am shampooing/soaping, I turn it off c) Both, it depends 7) What kind of toilet do you use? a) Economical WC b) 1-system WC c) DC (dry closet) 8) How much water do you use per month? a) Less than 10m3 b) 10-25 m3 c) More than 25m3 9) What’s your monthly water bill? a) We don’t pay anything b) b) under €10 c) €10-50 d) Over €50 10) Do you experience water shortages? a) No, never b) Rarely c) Almost every year d) There are constant problems 11) How would you evaluate the quality of your drinking water? a) Very good b) Satisfactory c) We use a water filter
  2. 2. d) Very bad12) Do you use bottled water? a) Not at home b) A few bottles a week c) We use only bottled water for drinking13) Do you collect rain water for your household? a) No b) Sometimes c) Often (for watering the garden, washing the car etc)14) What’s your family’s attitude towards saving water? a) We often talk about it b) Mostly parents mention it from time to time c) We don’t think about it15) How much of the Earth is covered by water? a) 71% b) 51% c) 91%16) How much of the Earth’s water is drinkable? a) 1% b) 10% c) 30%17) What is the largest source of fresh water? a) Surfice water (rivers, lakes) b) Glaciers c) Resources of ground waters18) How much of all the world’s populations can’t access fresh water on daily basis? a) 1/5 b) 1/3 c) ½19) In industrialised countries how much water is used every day per person? a) 220 litres b) 320 l c) 500 l20) In developing countries how much water is used every day per person? a) 3 litres b) 7 l c) 10 l21) How many years does the renewing cycle of fresh water take? a) 1,400 years b) 100 years c) 5,000 years22) How many years on average does it take until water renews in lakes and rivers? a) 16 years b) 60 years c) 600 years23) Where do we find the biggest water consumers? a) Agriculture, industry and private households b) Industry c) Agriculture24) How much of the world’s electricity is produced by hydro-power? a) 20% b) 30% c) 50%
  3. 3. 25) In the 20th century the water consumption increased 2 times more than the population. Considering the increasing population and today’s resources what can people use in 2025? a) ½ less b) 1/3 less c) 1/5 less