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What is Water Scarcity?

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  1. 1. WaterScarcity
  2. 2. Ratio of Water and Land on earth: 30% Land 70% Wate r
  3. 3. Not enough ofwater to Drink?
  4. 4. What is Water Scarcity?Is lack of water to meet the demand( Quantity)or lack of access to safe water. (Quality) Economic Scarcity Physical Scarcity
  5. 5. Economic Scarcity:Developed world finding reliable resource of safe wateris often consuming and expensive.lack of compassion and good governance that allows the condition to persist.Does not have the necessary monetary to utilize an adequate source of water.A unequal distribution of resources. Political and ethnic conflict. etc
  6. 6. Physical Scarcity:Some area lack of water is more profound problem.Physical access to water is limited.The demand outstrips the lands ability to provide the needed water.Happen in dry part of world or arid region.
  7. 7. “Cause ofWaterScarcity”
  8. 8. Population growth
  9. 9. Cause by| Climate change
  10. 10. Legislation and waterresource management
  11. 11. Water Quality
  12. 12. Water demand
  13. 13. „Affect of Water scarcity‟ WITHOUT 2
  14. 14. Health |Life |disease| Agricultural
  15. 15. Health |Life |disease| Agricultural 1 out of every 4 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease.
  16. 16. Health |Life |disease | Agricultural 80% Illness cause by unsafe water and Sanitation condition in world.
  17. 17. Health |Life |disease| Agricultural One quarter of the global population also live in developing countries that face water shortages due to a lack of infrastructure to fetch water from rivers and aquifers.
  18. 18. Health |Life |disease| AgriculturalMore than 10% of peopleworldwide consume foodsirrigated by wastewater thatcan contain chemicals ordisease-causingorganisms..
  19. 19. FOCUS| Lack of unsafe water „Imminent Water Crisis in India‟ Nina Brooks, August 2007 ‘’India currently has the world’s second largest population.’’
  20. 20. Manmade problem Extremely poor management, unclear laws,government corruption, and industrial Human waste have caused this water supply crunch. #Indian government must balance competing demands between rich and poor, the economy and the environment.
  21. 21. REFERENCE| water scarcity