Know all about 'EXERCISE'


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Exercise: Why, What, Where, When, How & How much???

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Know all about 'EXERCISE'

  1. 1. EXERCISEWhy, Where, What, When & How? Pradnya Pisolkar Fitness ExpertDirector (BFIT & Tejas Fitness Centres, PCMC) LIMIT Your Risk Initiative
  2. 2. Current Scenario…• Fast Life• Physical & Psychological Stress• Technology induced inactivity• Early occurrence of lifestyle diseases
  3. 3. Current Scenario
  4. 4. Exercise: Why?
  5. 5. Exercise: Why?• Increases endurance & strength• Increases flexibility• Increases energy levels• Helps weight management• Stress buster• Improves sleep!!• Stabilizes BP, blood sugar• Strengthens heart• Improves blood cholesterol• Improves quality of life
  6. 6. Exercise: What?1. Cardiovascular ExercisesImprove the body’s ability to take in and useoxygen to produce energy.Aerobic activities make you breathe hard &they increase your heart rate.Examples: - Jogging - Walking - Swimming - Bicycling
  7. 7. Exercise: What?2. Weight TrainingImprove the strength and endurance ofyour muscles.Benefits:Improve performance & body compositionInjury preventionImproves self imageExamples: - Weight Lifting - Push-Ups, Pull Ups
  8. 8. Exercise: What?
  9. 9. Exercise: What?3. StretchingImprove the ability to bend joints and stretchmuscles through a full range of motion.Examples:- Yoga- Suryanamaskara- Warm-up & Cool-down Stretches
  10. 10. Stretching Exercises
  11. 11. Exercise: What?4.1 Mental Fitness
  12. 12. Exercise: What?4.2 Mental Fitness1) BRAIN EXERCISESIncrease the power to-Receive, Retain, Reproduce2) Increase AWARENESS aboutBody, Thoughts, Emotions
  13. 13. Be Cool!• Don’t React.• Improve Relationships.• Avoid gossips & labeling.• Be with yourself at least ½ hour daily.
  14. 14. Exercise: Where?1. Open Air2. Fitness Centers3. Office4. Home Anywhere! You just need- MOTIVATION!!!
  15. 15. Exercise: When?
  16. 16. Exercise: When?•Body is capable of exercising at any hour•Early morning- More Regularity•Evening- More Flexibility•The best time to exercise is-when it works for you.
  17. 17. Exercise: How & How Much?
  18. 18. Exercise: How?• Consult your doctor & trainer• Wear comfortable clothing & shoes• Always warm-up & cool-down before and after your workout• Drink extra water• Pay attention to any discomfort you may feel during exercise
  19. 19. Exercise: How Much? The “FITT” Principle• FREQUENCY (days per week)• INTENSITY (how hard)• TYPE of Activity• Time (how long to go)
  20. 20. Exercise: How Much?
  21. 21. The training must be-1. Goal oriented2. Progressive3. Keep an exercise diary
  22. 22. When Not To Exercise• Body temperature >101.0 degrees• Newly diagnosed/ untreated illness• Pain• Blood Pressure >180/100• Unstable sugar levels
  23. 23. Exercise Myths• Lifting weights will make women BULKY• You can choose where you lose weight (spot reduction)• No pain, no gain.• To have a good work- out, you need to sweat• Exercise will transform fat into muscles
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