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Fitness review ppt


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Fitness review ppt

  1. 1. Physical Fitness • Physical Fitness: Ability to do daily activities without becoming tired, short of breath, or sore.
  2. 2. Components of Fitness Muscular Endurance Muscular Strength Flexibility Body Composition Cardiorespiratory Endurance ACTUAL
  3. 3. Muscular Strength • Amount of Force muscles apply EXAMPLES: PULL-UPS CURL-UPS
  4. 4. Muscular Endurance • Ability to use a group of muscles over and over without tiring
  5. 5. Cardiorespiratory Endurance • Ability of your heart and lungs to work efficiently during physical activity EXAMPLES: RUNNING WALKING BIKING SWIMMING
  6. 6. Flexibility • Ability to use joints easily (involves muscles, tendons, and ligaments) EXAMPLES: SIT AND REACH TEST
  7. 7. Body Composition • Ratio of weight of fat to the weight of bones in your body
  8. 8. How do we maintain physical fitness???
  9. 9. Exercise!!! • What is exercise??? – Any activity that maintains or improves your physical fitness • Ask yourselves now…. Why do we exercise? What are the benefits??
  11. 11. • PHYSICAL BENEFITS – Stronger – More flexible – Better working heart and lungs – Burn fat – Better coordination – Prevents diseases (heart disease, obesity, diabetes) • SOCIAL BENEFITS – Meet people – Make friends – Teamwork – Surrounded by people who influence you in a good way – Support system in your team – People cheer for you, rely on you • MENTAL – EMOTIONAL BENEFITS – Releases endorphins (chemical that makes you feel calm, happy, awake) – Improves blood flow to your brain – Think more clearly – Feel more awake – Improves self esteem – Reduces stress – Relieves tension